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This is "Plasmaex" (a.k.a "Plasmie"), a deadly android who stole the legendary Spear of Time and made quite a mess with it (reset the timeline, extinguished life on earth, that kind of stuff). She's an OC of mine, from old stories I had as a kid. But this, of course, is her current version (I'd call it a redesign). On her right, you see a Jockeymorph-like "Alien Queen", who is her guardian spirit. In the Spirit Fight Tournament*, she's part of the HG Team. In a dystopian future she's the beloved vizier of the tyrannical, yet quite self-proclaimed Empress of the Future, Anna Philopator. Plasmaex claims to be an independent A.I; this doesn't necessarily contradict her senseless attitude, but as a matter of fact, she's a creation of the villanious and genocidal A.I. SPECTRO, and whether or not she's working for his purpose, she displays some kind of inheritance.

*- an intergalactic competition of technomancers and shamans, part of the story I created as a 10 years old back in 2004. Does it sound familiar? Yes, it does, as it did back then.

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