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PACASNA is the name of an angel from the Enochian Hierarchy which translates as "She who is unchanged by time".
In the Enochian hierarchy, she's a governor and is related to the water element and to ARN, the second Aethyr, the Aethyr of fulfillment.
A similar name, Pacasqa, is a quechua name meaning "hidden".

I stumbled upon this enochian name for this character because several other members of her faction/allegiance in my story - the IN LAK'ECH Mythos - have enochian names, as ORS OHORELA comes from the Enochian "Legislation of Darkness". The ORS OHORELA is a magocratic government divided into four nations, founded millennia ago over the planet of Topakhon, that was converted into an artificial planet powered by a Black Hole, controlled by Tupaq, the primordial Dragon and Elemental God of Darkness, who is also the supreme leader of the O.O.
    The ORS OHORELA counted with members of different species, including humans, the avian Chronpuchians, the biomechanical beings later known as Yakuruna (from the quechua/aymara "Water People"), a race of giant arachnids, Vovin (dragons, in Enochian) and the Yana Phuyu (from the quechua "Dark Clouds", more commonly referred to as Centzonmimixcoa, from the nahuatl "four hundred alike the Cloud Serpent" - Cloud Serpent, or Mixcoatl, being an Aztec name for Tupaq). The Yana Phuyu are beings of darkness who played a crucial role, alongside the Yakuruna, in converting Topakhon into a self-sufficient, mobile mass destruction weapon, what started a period of intergalactic conflict that lasted for rhoughly 1200 years, a period known as "Topakhon Wars", that took place in the Second Sun Era according to the Aztec perception of time. In this conflict, the ORS OHORELA forces rivalred the many powers that formed the Frashokeretian Alliance, including the Aztec Confederation, which army contingent was almost completely formed by the Cuetzpalin lizard people, who monopolized the only means to defeat the Yana Phuyu.
After years of conflict, deceit, strategy and combat, the Topakhon Mobile was finally destabilized, and the ORS OHORELA ceased to be as its leader and most of its population were sucked into the Black Hole after a succesful military operation led by the Aztec Pipiltin (noble) squad. For the next years, the Frashokeretian Alliance dissolved and its powers worked to repair and reap what was left of the O.O. The Yakuruna, based in the K Pacha Solar System, have banished and persecuted what the new Republic deemed as "Topakar culture" related to the O.O; including the crafting and usage of the DARR (from the enochian "philosopher's stone") Hidden Element. For 3000 years, Tupaq and most of his minions would remain in the impenetrable Anaghra Lemah, or Dimension of Absolute Darkness, devoid of life or contact with the hospitable universe. There were others, however, who remained on the surface and started working in infiltrating key positions to restore something like the Ors Ohorela. Among them, SPECTRO the Elder, a war veteran and ancestor to the eponymous leader of the later Saqraruna Organization, that from the 16th Century a.C onwards would defeat the Yakuruna Republic and monopolize most of the Yakuruna society's business, while expanding his business into Earth, where Tupaq returned.

    SPECTRO is a cruel leader of the intergalactic, secret Saqraruna Organization, that lately has been supporting the development of the State of Tahuantinsuyu's security forces. Tupaq's right hand, Spectro is also working on the process of transforming Earth into a new Topakhon - or at least was, in June 2010 most of the progress was dwindled by actions from a certain group of "terrorists". From that time onwards, SPECTRO would support Tupaq in creating a new Topakhon Mobile from scratch (a "plan B" of sorts). And this is where one of his most succesful inventions, the A.I called PACASNA, comes in.

    Designed by SPECTRO in 1997 of the common era (3645 years after Topakhon's destruction), Pacasna has knowledge from entire generations of the Yakuruna people, and instant access to the largest database available to anyone in the galaxy. Trained to be an infiltrator, spy and skilled agent/soldier/warrior, she was meant by SPECTRO to investigate, locate and capture an item of importance to the Saqraruna: the "Spear of Time", the tool used by the Pipiltin Cuetzpalin to override the original Topakhon Mobile's Black Hole. Crafted by Chronpuchians from the island of Nahui-Atl, the weapon can alter the time around its user, and has many interdimensional properties still unknown. It has passed through several hands in history following Topakhon's destruction - from Mayan leaders to raiders, until finally coming to the hands of an indigenous community of Zuni people, in Arizona. The Zunis have trusted this possession to one of their latest guardians, a Cuetzpalin by the name of Montezuma (named after the eponymous Mexican ruler) who arrived in February 2009, centuries after the last Cuetzpalin have supposedly disappeared from earth. Alongside others, Montezuma has opposed the forces of Saqraruna and many more earthly authorities, such as the UN, the US and Canadian governments, and several corporations that threatened the way of life of his fellow indigenous (Montezuma is actually a 23 years old Algonquian man who can transform into a Cuetzpalin).
    Pacasna has only engaged in battle against Montezuma for the possession of the Spear of Time in December 2010, when Montezuma, alongside allies, had travelled to the K Pacha Solar System, in a mission to rescue a dragon named Fafnir, who was kidnapped by an Ors Ohorela agent, Enigma, for he possessed valuable information. As it seems, it was a trap, and Pacasna managed to retrieve the spear of time. Her unquestioning allegiance to the Saqraruna has proved to fulfill most of SPECTRO's plan, including her role in eventually capturing some of the super-powered Alpha Omega armors and delivering it to the Saqraruna, to be modified and assigned to the members of its own enforcement squad, the "Insect Syndicate" in 2014.
    On her mission to retrieve the Lambda armor, legally owned by Canadian private investigator Anna Graham, however, she began questioning her own existence, purpose, allegiances and roles, eventually being able to break the Saqraruna's surveillance over her and deciding she would no longer follow the missions sent by her designer. She would find out, however, she still couldn't pass as a "human", and she started to face the fact she was stranded in a reality she couldn't fuly understand, despite she possessed one of the universe's bigger knowledge bases.
    With the Spear of Time in hands, it's even possible Pacasna will become one of SPECTRO's targets in the near future.

is a role model for a later invention of SPECTRO, the Bounty Hunter A.I. called CORAX (from the enochian CORAXO, meaning "thunder of wrath"), developed in 2006.

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