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This is another illustration (digital shading & painting using an ink sketch as basis) featuring current redesigns of characters from some stories that I created as a kid (precisely, when I was 10 years old, back in 2004) AND some references & characters you might recongnize elsewhere. Yes, there's that SPECTRO's new look (Ryuji Sakamoto?), plus Morgana "Mona" from Persona 5.

On the top's left corner, there's Topa Yupanqui (named after the 15th century Inca ruler, definitely looking nothing like him), opposed to the young Byduchi (w/ glasses), the story's protagonist. And alongside SPECTRO & Mona, there's Quinamitl, Byduchi's long lost, now returned brother, a.k.a Quincas (Quinamitl means "Giant" in nahuatl). So yeah, this is a crossover of original stuff I resurrected and some fan art/someone else's character. But there's also some more story behind it - let's get started.

Topa Inca is the ruler of the Moche Empire, a futuristic and dystopian force that is the direct continuation to the supposedly destroyed Moche Civilization, urban centers and communities from pre-Inca peoples in today's northern Peruvian Coast/Chinshaysuyu. What happened, in this story/universe, is that the Moche, following Topa (at the time incarnated on one of their own, possibly a Lord of Sipán), the incarnation of Ai Apu Qon (a.k.a "Ai Apukon"), the current Elemental Spirit/God of Darkness, were invading other realms and becoming feared by other people who followed other elemental spirits, such as Huitzopoca (the current elemental spirit of the Wind, at the time, possibly that of the Sun) and Tlaloc (a.k.a "Aporak", the elemental spirit of water, nowadays that of Rain). Unwilling to let the darkness of Topa take over the world, the elemental spirits and their armies, led by the creator, or elemental spirit of space - Tempo, whose avatar is the Crossbill Master - have attacked the Moche, launching a massive elemental assault which destroyed much of their civilization, causing floods and droughts, in a series of ill fated years which we know now as the Mega El Niño. Not all was lost, though, though some would regroup on earth years later and rebuild the civilization as the Sicán and Chimú cultures, some have found shelter in another dimension, and followed Topa there, through a portal, deep into the "Forbidden Universe".
    Even in the Forbidden Universe, the Moche started to conquer and plunder their new neighbors, but also to adopt some of their culture, and eventually miscigenate. Some of the natives were ethnically pale white, and that explain why, many centuries later, Topa would be reborn as white (despite being a Moche). Their return to Earth was also marked by a great military conflict, in 2004 - when the main story takes place - the city of Mochicopia was transported from the recently breached Forbidden Universe into Earth, and took over some coastal Peruvian cities. The Republic of Peru was the first nation to fall to the Moche Empire, and from then, in the present, other states in "Latin America" also began to fall to this partially alien, albeit ancient and too earthly empire. Topa and his other self, Ai Apukon, weren't dormant all this time (the catastrophe of the Moche civilization happened around the 8th century of the common era) however: from the Forbidden Universe, they've contacted other interdimensional allies, including the resourceful A.I. SPECTRO, master of the eponymous intergalactic secret, overmilitarized organization. SPECTRO also had access to time-travelling, and constantly visited the future, to make sure that the way would be cleared for world domination when Topa returned. For years, SPECTRO used to be Byduchi's greatest enemy. That's when the true mastermind has been revealed, and Topa has been finally freed from the Forbidden Universe. He's incarnated in a 22 years old man with a scarred face. This scar, he gained from a legendary swordsman who fought him and his team during the "Spirit Fight Tournament", in a duel to compete not only for the title of ultimate swordsman, but also that of the Spirit of Darkness/nothingness (which Ai Apukon recovered after they defeated their enemies).

    Byduchi is the messenger of Huitzopoca (this used to be a portmanteau of Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca, two different Mexican/Aztec gods which his personality was based on), the god of war, patron of Mexico, the Fifth Sun, and in this story, also the god of the wind. Byduchi is a cebolitic (a people loosely inspired by the pre-hispanic Mexica), who struggles in this modern world as a 14 years old. When he was 7, his brother Quinamitl was forcefully dragged by fiendish forces (unknown to them, Engta'Tal and Mysta'Tal) into the realm of Xibalba ("Place of Fear" in K'iché Mayan language and cosmology, the underworld featured in the Popol Vuh), by orders which Quincas (his "modern" name. It sounds funny in portuguese) later discovered to be the Crossbill's. The Crossbill, though, is widely acknowledged as a good entity, and more than once he has been impersonated by SPECTRO, so people assumed it was SPECTRO's interest that Quincas was imprisoned and kept away from the light for so many years. According to them, this interest had to do with Quincas being considered the Messenger of Huitzopoca (a title which usually referred to Byduchi, his brother), something Quincas later discovered to be Byduchi, at least according to the Crossbill's prophecy. This made Quincas enraged, for he remained alone and suffered for years in his brother's place. He also blamed his brother for failing to save him (but what 7 year old boy could defeat powerful, light-speed fast alien entities?), and ultimately, became an enemy to him. But to begin it all, Byduchi had to find his brother and the location of Xibalba after all these years, and the only way he did, is when Topa "let slip" the Vellag Vuh, a magic book from his part-Xibalban grandfather, into his hands. So he ventured all the way (alongside friends) into the underworld to find and rescue his brother. In order to take a life from Xibalba and send it to the surface, though, a sacrifice should be made, so a girl who liked Byduchi (perhaps, in her own twisted way) sacrificed herself, of course, without Byduchi knowing - or even realizing she may have had something for him. Quincas lived for some days alongside Byduchi and his friends, and seeing how he didn't have any friends or manners because of the years he spent in a dungeon (though he's much stronger and bigger than his brother, one can only wonder how much exercise he made in the underworld), he grew ungrateful and hell bent on avenging the future that he's been kept from. Eventually, his remorse had him siding with SPECTRO for a short time in order just to make Byduchi suffer. But I can assure this won't last for long, and he'll see who his true enemy is. Until then, he'll stop at nothing to twist reality, as he has been twisted by it.

So, in a sense, despite SPECTRO and Topa are pretty much the law in their world, they are regarded as vile by some other people, and as such may be considered outlaws as well. Byduchi and Quincas, by the way, have also committed crimes, as did Morgana, so I couldn't find a better title for this pack. And about Morgana, how does it fit into this story? All I can say is that SPECTRO is currently using Ryuji as a host, and he also claims Morgana is the Deacon for a new kind of being whatever that means.

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Gostei da concepção dos personagens. Ficou muito maneiro!