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Nina and Bill

This is a timeline of sorts, featuring OCs (Original Characters) "Nina" and "Bill" (an anglicized version of the character's original name, "Byduchy", which in turn  is a corrupted version of an older character's name, Yuchi, the short version for Yuchilactaran. I don't recall if back in the day I was aware that Yuchi is a name used to refer to a traditional pre-columbian/Native American/First Nation community, the Coyaha. Either way, Yuchilactaran and his people were loosely inspired in the Classic Maya from Central America) in different timelines/continuities. These are redesigned versions of these characters, who were part of a series of stories I created as a kid (I was 8-9 years old in 2003), set in different continuities but linked by common concepts. As years flew by, I used to revisit some of them in updated versions, in some cases, even adding details to these stories. I won't go much further to explain its' depths, but I'll give you some background if you're interested. From what you can tell, they used to be rivals, but were also friends, "secret" love interests and eventually, romantically involved. Does this count as something for valentines? Yes, it does, but I have something else up the sleeves to show when that date comes.

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Originally conceived around 2003, situated in a modern/present time, on the same universe of a previous story which was situated in the past and featured
    This story takes place in 2001-2002, when Nina and Byduchy are 11-12 years old, and study in a Hogwarts-esque international Academy/School full of students from different cultural backgrounds. Nina descends from the Nibelangs (a culture which drew loose inspiration from medieval era European nations, but also pre-christian Slavic ones) and Kakists (a civilization previously known as Klokork, ruled by Yuchilactaran "The Poet King", loosely inspired by the Classic Maya) alike. She's a hardworking, industrious girl and best friend to Ann G. Waters, the most popular girl of school. She's got the best grades and reputation among the academy's staff, and has established a rivalry with Byduchy, who's equally smart, albeit much less obedient. Nina enjoys poetry and literature, especially that of the Kakists. Her views on them, though, contradict Byduchy's. Byduchy is a Cebolitic (inspired by the Mexica, a.k.a "Aztecs", a warrior culture) who keeps several of their tradition in modern times. He aspires to become an archaeologist, and on free time has found some Cebolas, ancient artefacts of power where entities are stored. In the past, Yuchi and his father (whose name is either Kano or Apostek) also revered the Cebolas, arguably, they were involved with the formation of the Cebolitic tribes, though history usually place the Kakists and Cebolitics as fatal rivals - a rivalry which resounds to these younglings. With the power of the Cebolas, Byduchy gets to fight some threats, like the figure impersonating Cidkák, a Kakist God, and who was hunting down the Cebolitics. Byduchy's best friend is Aplô, a Tinteno-Criticazoikan (which may either refer to Minoan/Cretan or even Atlantean). He has a number of other friends, too, who were more or less influenced by punk lifestyles. Back in the day, I didn't give them nationalities, but it's possible to say that Nina comes from France (the academy they study in might be located anywhere in Western Europe) and Byduchi came from a town named Tuxmal, after Uxmal, a Mayan site near Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. So it's safe to assume he's Mexican.
    This story's latest chapters ended with Byduchy and Aplô being involved with the destruction of the AG Island city, a modern metropolis in invaded territory originally home to the Apolokhen Tribes. This city-state was funded and managed by Archibald Graham, the father of Ann G. Waters, Nina's best friend. Back in the day, Ann used to be the "super heroine" (more like vigilante, or even worse, private enforcer) Shell, while Nina was the WASP, and in several occasions they used to clash. The WASP's greatest enemy, though, was Professor Blood, whose secret identity was no one but the very principal of their school, who showed a twisted obssession with his best student.

Originally conceived in 2004, as the direct continuation to MYSTERY, yet also involving a number of multiple timelines in a dystopian future
As the direct continuation to MYSTERY, "BYDURAK" isn't set in a different universe, albeit it involves different universes, more than one set in the future, and including cyborg versions of some common characters. In the present, it takes place in 2003-2004, when our main crew is 13-14 years old, and they've moved to the Bykear Institute, a school in the fictional town of Ashville, in California, after the academy where they used to study was closed -and the identity of Professor Blood, as well the human rights' violations he kept in his school, were revealed to international authorities-. The BYDURAK is a legendary lizard-man from Cebolitic lore, and one Byduchi (at this time I started writing his name as Byduchi rather than as Byduchy. Why? IDK) acquires the power to transform into via the symbiosis with a spirit, the Mutroid (a biomechanical being who hails from a swampy planet, though he's originally introduced as a "perverse Cebola", something different from the usually tranquil Cebola spirits). More than that, though, Byduchi's a super-fast Bydurak who also gets to control electricity. A super-fast lizardman?! Does THAT sound familiar?! but only after he was captured and transformed by his greatest enemy yet, the alien SPECTRO, headmaster of the eponymous, intergalactic and over militarized secret organization known for creating cyborgs and weapons of mass destruction in a dystopian future that is always getting closer to the present time. Eventually, like other gifted students from his school, Byduchi gets to know Aztek X, a cyborg who claims to be Byduchi's "future self", and who's working in a resistance, in the future (or one of many possible futures. I say possible, but you must know all of them are dystopian somehow), to prevent his time from coming into being. That means he'll disappear alongside it in a selfless effort, right? Right. But the forces of evil always want to grant us a future and promises of hope, extending our suffering, so not letting there be a future generation is always the more reasonable decision.
    Nina is still acting the WASP and trying to be Ann's best friend, because this time Ann's not just the school's most popular girl, she becomes a pop singer, rockstar sensation and also a famous actress. That turns their life downwards, as Ann also get involved with drugs and other obvious dark stuff. As for Nina, she has to cope with the strange feelings she has for Ann, and eventually, she learns that in several of the futures which her classmates are seeing she's not present, as there's an interdimensional hunter hunting her down. Why? Because she's jealous that she's Ann's best friend, of course (BTW, this hunter, Plasmaex, a.k.a Plasmie, is a robot girl created by SPECTRO who eventually becomes the Vizier, or counselor of a cute, yet tyrannical ruler from the egyptian-themed future metropolis of No Faiase. Guess who's this ruler? It's Ann's future, one Ann doesn't want to end up like, but her father does). More than that, "Plasmie" steals the Spear of Time from its' owner, the time entity known as The Crossbill (originally introduced as an enemy to Byduchi / the Bydurak). Eventually, with her new powers, Plasmie resets the timeline, and only three people (one of them Nina), save for another mysterious time-travelling vigilante are aware of it.
    In this series, the principal of the Bykear Institute is also corrupt, perhaps not as bloodlustful like the Academy's principal, but arguably more corrupt. With the help of professors who were also mentors to Byduchi and his friends before, he creates a time machine that also harvests dreams from people in order to gain power. This has his students investigating and some turning against him, eventually, but from one of those dreams - that of Byduchi's future, Aztek X's - a new cognitive existence come into being in this universe, one who's unaware of her past, and eventually, becomes a (pot smoking, revolutionary) social sciences teacher in the school. I'm talking about Aurelia, who's Byduchi's ultimate love interest, and much later revealed to be a possible future for Nina. Many things happen in Ashville, which police force is run by Archibald (who wants revenge against Byduchi and Aplô), and also includes a misogynistic, crazed serial killer among its ranks (like any police force in the world).
    Byduchi's main enemy, though, wasn't who it seemed to be, not SPECTRO, who has manipulated even the timeline, but the Moche Cyborg (named after the pre-Inca culture) whose secret identity is Topa Inca. Believed to be the incarnation of the elemental spirit of darkness, he's the supreme ruler of the dystopian metropolis of Mochicopia, capital to the Moche Empire, and despite he's growing his domains through invasion and conquest, his true interest is the elimination of all life. By the time of the story's latest installments, he's almost reaching this goal, all he need is ultimate power, one he may achieve if he's succesful in the Spirit Fight Tournament, an interdimensional competition of techno-shamans hosted by the Crossbill Master in Japan (and after Japan is almost destroyed, in Rapa Nui/"Easter Island"). Byduchi eventually joins a team, composed by him, his best friend Aplô and the mysterious entity (who, conveniently, is also a student) "X". X believes Byduchi and Aplô are the only ones that can save the world from its ultimate fate, destruction at the hands of ION (the prophesied fusion of Topa and Lapôlô, a guy who's the believed incarnation of the spirit of chaos).
    This is undoubtly one of my favorite stories ever, in no small part due to its dark humorous tone and other influences from the 2000s and also other epochs, or fictional works I was constantly exposed to during childhood, like comics (Spider-Man, Spawn, even Dark Horse's Aliens and Predator), manga/anime/tokusatsu (Cyborg 009, Shaman King, among others) and games (Spiderman, from 2000, and Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 3, which used the same game engine!). BTW, congratulations if you got the reference on Byduchi's weapon (the Air Katana) and t-shirt (the BIONICLE / "Three Virtues" symbol). Like me back in 2004, he was a Bionicle fan.

Originally conceived in late 2004 and 2005, as a non-direct, possible continuation to BYDURAK. This series featured several of the previous characters as adults, in another time.
This story takes place between 2010 and 2015, when Byduchi and Nina are 20-25 years old. It starts when they're on college, and goes on to the time they become work partners at the Pre-Columbian Studies Institute from New Zealand, specialized in writing archaeological studies and reports of pre-columbian cultures from the American Continent (like the aforementioned Cebolitic and Kakists). This time, despite still able to transform into a Bydurak (it's never clear what really happened to the other series, the most likely option being everyone died, but someone, likely Byduchi, may have sacrificed himself to revert it, thus continuing the story from another point in time and another perspective), Byduchi's main power derives from his ability to communicate with the spirits found in the Guatebo amulets. Fortunately, several of them are found in archaeological sites. Byduchi is a shaman, like before, but this time we're also introduced to his family's dark legacy - they descend from Xibalbans, fallen gods of the K'iché Maya underworld. Early in the story, Byduchi's father Ocelot goes missing, only to later resurface as a dark lord. Something similar happens to his best friend (still Aplô), and later, alongside other allies, they join an intergallactic force of defenders led by the Crossbill Master (remember him? he was introduced as an enemy, but has been "cured"), the "Cosmic Messengers" (read it like "Jedi" if you wish. They weren't just shamans, but also telekinetic warriors with the right to use their very own starfighters). When Ocelot was reverted to his state, he rejoined the messengers, and Byduchi too. One of their enemies, though, was Vellag, Byduchi's grandfather, who also had a dark past - and who, before death, reformed to the light.
    Byduchi uses the Guate suit, designed after the traditional Mexica / Aztec Cuauhtli (Eagle) Warrior garb, and originally owned by his ancestor, "Guatemozin" (an alternative name for the Mexica ruler Cuauhtemoc). Guate is the short version for this name, and also used as the identity of Byduchi's vigilante form. The correct form would be Cuauhtli (eagle), instead of Guate, which sounds like a derivation of Cuatli, the name of a tree which names the country of Guatemala (from the nahuatl Cuauhtemallan)
    The main enemy was still Topa in his many forms and his minions. This time, though, while the crew moved on to New Zealand, Topa still lived in the Peruvian Amazon, actually, in the Ziggurat somehow hid on its' regions. Other enemies from before, cyborgs such as the Condor and even SPECTRO returned, some in new forms. This story was more focused in the hardships of adulthood, bills to pay and the difficult time one has to save the world and work another day, just to see how meaningless one's life and choices are in the face of the greater problem of overpopulation, mass society, late capitalism, or life itself. Early in the story, Byduchi tries to date Nina, but fail to build up the kind of conversation she was hoping for (to begin with, knowing the cartoon, novels and series she likes to read/watch. Byduchi isn't as updated into this crap people watch, and he's still taken as childish or too much humorous when it's Nina that still keep watching crap as an adult, pretending that it's not just some childish shit? World's inverted downwards nowadays). Still, they're good friends at work. And Byduchi get to date Anasthasia, the sister of a childhood friend, for a year or so. Because she's so borderline and fatal, they break up and she return as a villain.
    This was also one of my favorite stories, especially after I grew up. It made fun of the shit of world we seem to pretend to live in the 2010s, when a "Star Wars" carbon copy/byproduct and its even worse sequel become sensations, and the monopoly of entertainment *cough* Disney *cough* seems not only to mutilate the stuff we enjoyed as kids, but also to control more our daily lives - by becoming trending topics seemingly any and everywhere we go - than what we'd naturally allow. Also, people start to see progressive politics anywhere, and believe that the world's changing for the better, while data and reality shows us otherwise. Not only that, the anti-social networks today are revered as the apex of international, human, social, informative connection, when years ago sci-fi books would just call it what it really is, that's censorship and propaganda (therefore it's more alienation than connection, and disinformation than information).

Originally conceived in late 2005 up to early 2007, it presented Byduchi as a high-school teenager, rather than as an adult. The timeline was reset, and this is a new universe, where there are more BYDURAKs, a Bydurak Kingdom on Earth, and magical realms that exist independently of commoners' ("muggles" if you prefer) knowledge.
    Byduchi, now Bill, is a 1st year high schooler in 2005. Familiar faces return, including his love interest and friend, Nina. But he's also a Bydurak soldier (what means, he can transform into a lizardman) in service to the Bydurak Kingdom, which is in turn in service to a conglomerate of other kingdoms - the Vohk Kingdom. The Vohk Kingdom's mission is to defend the Time Matrix, which is the Time and Space continuum as it is, from threats such as Time options and alternate timelines created by the forces of darkness and chaos, that want to control time. A great variety of kingdoms, including that of the Byduraks (which mainland is in "Cosmixmal", another planet, though their main place on earth is, once again, located in Mérida), have joined with the Vohks to "protect the timeline" in a war against the Moche Empire (once again, ruled by Topa and based in Peru). One of the main bureaucrats of this Vohk Kingdom is the Crossbill, revealed to be a manifestation of the so-called creator god Tempo, though new characters such as the Soolieh Vohk (whose name was supposed to mean "Sun Knight", thus making Vohk mean "Knight") and the entire crew of the Hall of Heroes also gain a major importance. Despite their allies are diverse in species, culture, ethnicities and backgrounds (unfortunately, by the time, not so much when it comes to sexuality XD. Years later some few characters were re-made into bisexual ones, though), the Vohks were known by their medieval fantasy-styled knight armors, and their "Code of Honor" - not to mention the sometimes dull moralism.
    This story largely covered the heroes and villains' high school life. New important villains include Martin, who loyally works for Topa and believes to be a big deal, but who is introduced as a clumsy, nerdy yet usually dumb character (not more dumb than his deliberately macho asshole friend Dylan). In the first year, Bill tries to date his friend Nina, but once again fails, despite they keep a good friendship (Bill is the kind of guy who sees friendship as a bad thing if the girl in question is his love/sexual interest. Most guys are like that, and like the other side, they've got to accept the way things are... or not). In the second year (2006), though, when Bill turns 16, he gets to save the world from Topa and the Hall of Villains again, for a 20th time (just kidding, it might have been the 6th) and Soolieh Vohk, the current Vohk King, decides to crown him as the next king of the Vohk Kingdom, what kind of forces the Bydurak Kingdom to make him their king as well. The main castle of the Vohks is located somewhere in Andorra, and the Bydurak Temple (stylized after a Yucatec Maya Pyramid) is in Mérida. Despite that, Bill and his crew usually lived/studied in Canada on the 1st year and on New York in the next two. By coincidence or not, sometime after Bill became the king of two major kingdoms of the fantasy-side of the world, Nina has accepted his advancements, and they started a romantic relationship (something that was pushed by another couple, Aplô "Gus" and Ann G, their respective best friends, who have been dating since a year before. Gus, BTW, is the king of the subaquatic Aplôraks), one Bill has been dreaming of at least since when they met (when was that? 2001, when they were 11?).
    Several characters, including Bill of course, had their own set(s) of medieval fantasy-inspired armor and weapons, some even had specific dragons to ride and befriend (Bill's was a ferocious vegetarian dragon named Torchwing, who later inspired Bill to become vegetarian too) and fought enemies old and new a couple of times in modern settings like urban centers, New York, Canada, Mexico, in Latin America and Europe.
    Eventually, another girl stepped into Bill and Nina's happy lives in order to ruin the Vohk Kingdom from inside, and things started to get complicated when friends turned to foes, and Bill's popularity as a king started to decrease. With so much weight on his shoulders, or rather over his head - his crown - Bill was finally losing, not to Topa or the Moche Empire, but to those who gifted him with the power, at the same time cursed him with obligations that weren't his own: the Crossbill, Tempo, and Soolieh Vohk. This story's outcome was never truly finished, but from the scraps I've collected, dating 11 years now, I can tell Bill lost his position in the Kingdom and embarked on a journey for vengeance. I try to focus on the good part of this series, which was one of the first to mature the love relationships of the main characters.

This entire piece took me more time to finish than what I'd like - as you can tell by the linework, I wanted to make it simple and fast, however it has an emotional level, so whatever, I enjoyed it, and whether you are or aren't interested in their story I hope you do as well. Ultimately, these characters have inspired Nina Roux and William M from my current story project, IXIPTLA.
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