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I produced this illustration / digital painting based on a sketch which I created during October '17, as part of the INKtober Challenge.

This is the final duel between TUPAQ the Elemental God of Darkness and Primordial Dragon, and CUETZPALIN PAYNAL ("fast lizard" in nahuatl), and takes place in NAHUI OLLIN, the second major chapter of my original fiction story project (that mixes science fiction, fantasy, mythology and especially pre-columbian influences), currently titled IXIPTLA (from the nahuatl, meaning "impersonator"). In this story, this event happens in May 2010, on the underground city of Apuqochan, found beneath the Death Valley Desert, in Eastern California. From this city, Tupaq plans to continue a project which will convert planet Earth into a fully-automated, mobile mass destuction satellite powered by a self-sufficient artificial Black Hole, and start a military campaign against other inhabitable planets and galactic civilizations, as part of a larger plan which aims to accelerate the expansion of the universe and the hypothetical dissipation of matter (The Big Rip). The Cuetzpalin Paynal is one of the few individuals aware of this plan and Tupaq's powers, and plan to stop him in order to prevent the suffering and deaths of billions of sentient nonhuman animals.

You can be introduced to the story HERE!

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Looks badass. Strange that this pic received humble feedback.