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Moche Ziggurat

NOW THIS is definitely one of my favorite results on digital painting so far - of course, there are things to change here and there, but I liked the overall style and environment.
If you're wondering what this fearsome structure is, let me tell you this is the final and definitive form of the evil that is TOPA (whose fearsome 1st form and deadly 2nd form should be more than enough to defeat Guate, shouldn't it?) - Inspired on characters, elements and sketches from a series of stories I created as a 11 years old. I've updated several pieces of it, and you can find them at the respective gallery. If you're interested on the original source, take a look at this .

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This huge structure, that intentionally draws some inspiration from the burgeoning trends of irrationally aberrant, over-produced, anomalous multi-limb gigantic last bosses of some games, especially on the eastern market (lookin at you, you, you and especially at you), also has a richer cultural background, as several of its murals and paintings take direct inspiration from existing Moche art found at the Huaca de La Luna. The Moche formed a splendid pre-Inca civilization in nowadays Northern Peruvian Coast, which murals, mummies, pottery/ceramics, treasures, masks, architecture and material culture tells us a history of bloodshed and grandiose, as through the use of sofisticated aqueducts they've mastered the life in an arid coast, and through the sea they've reached both their bloody ways of survival and the darkness of the collective unconsciousness. Some archaeologists say, the downfall of such a great civilization may have come from its source: the weather, the sea, the deserts. The larger a population grows, the more difficulties it has to feed all, and the more social responsibilities it has. Unfortunately, all civilizations are built over a highly vertical, pyramidal structure where the nobility exploit those that feed all.

This character is the main inspiration for Tupaq, the God of Darkness and Primordial Dragon, a major antagonist in my current project, the IN LAK'ECH Mythos

Trivia (updated): this is technically my 500th deviation. Because I've recently put some old sketches in my storage, this counts as my 383th deviation instead.
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