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KAMAZOTZ (or Camazotz)- The Death Bat (or rather a collective of death bats) from the Popol Vuh, a K’iché Mayan document that accounts the mytho-historical cosmology and genealogy of the K’iché people; translated to spanish years after the contact of the K’iché from the city of Q’umarkaj (nowadays Guatemala) with the spanish colonizers in the 16th century.

This was my entry for October’s Character Design Challenge held by the page Character Design References, which monthly theme was to design a vampire.
Both the digital painting and the original drawing were done by me during INKtober 2016 (what a busy month!)

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A little excerpt from Popol Vuh introducing the death bats:

“X e koh chik ch u pam Zotz'in Haa
U tukel zotz’ ch u pam chi haa
Hun haa chi Camazotz
Nimaq Chikop.

Kehe ri cha ki tzam,
Ki kamizabal
Hu zuq ch utzinik
Ch opon chi ki vach

R umal hun chi Camazotz
Chi qah”

"Next they (Hunahpu & Xbalanque, the Hero Twins) were put inside the Bat House, which had only bats inside.
It was a house of death bats.
These were great beasts with snouts like blades that they used as murderous weapons.

When they arrived there, they were to be finished off.
They had to crawl inside their blowguns to sleep so that they would not be eaten there in this house.

Nevertheless, it was because of a single death bat that they gave themselves up in defeat.
It came swooping down

Hope you like it! Feedbacks, comments and reactions are really welcome.
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My favourite thing from Mayan mythology! You did a great job.
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This is exactly how I would have imagined him! Excelent work!
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Very cool design, and well drawn :o.
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