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IXIPTLA III Battle in Qusqu

I've spent some hours working on this art, that depicts an important chapter from my current story project (called IXIPTLA - from the nahuatl "impersonator"). I hope you like it!

TL;DR version: from left to right, up to down, these OCs are:
  • CUETZPALIN MONTEZUMA - This lizard-man is the result of a symbiosis between 23 years old Algonquian man Powhatan, a rebel from an Algonquian town near Quebec, and Macoel, an ancient Cuetzpalin (from the nahuatl "lizard") who used to live in 15th Century Mexico as a soldier to the Triple Mexica Confederation, before leaving this life for that of a protector of the Taino people. During and after the spanish invasion, he became a resistance fighter who liberated human and non-human slaves, before being last seen, in the 17th century, on nowadays New Mexico. "Montezuma" is a secret identity which both of them came up with, inspired by the late Mexica ruler's popularity among other indigenous communities, or his mythical status as a savior who'd return and end the oppression of foreign rule and ways of life over the people. First appearing in early 2009, "Montezuma" has been inspired by some actions credited to the mysterious Cuetzpalin Paynalton, and his alleged defense of the indigenous autonomy, as well the extinction of the colonial governments that still exist, under corporations posing as democracies. This powerful reptile has taken matters into his own hands, persecuting and killing landlords, businessmen, politicians and pawns that threaten indigenous ways of life, and this earned him distinct allies, as well the ability to organize armed resistance groups all across north america. From his allies, specifically some of the Zunis, he has been gifted the powerful Spear of Time, that grants him super-speed and also alter time around him. Powhatan receives visions from an ancient Voc (a kind of an humanoid bird, perhaps a spirit) that looks like a Crossbill, whom he considers to be Gitchi Manitou.
  • SPECTRO - Head of the Intergalactic Saqraruna Organization, this Yakuruna (from the quechua "water people") alien has been responsible for the termination of several Cuetzpalin throughout the colonial years, and the right hand of Tupaq, a spirit of darkness hid beneath the recently returned chief of state in the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu. His Organization has existed for centuries, but only in the 20th it has become a major supporter of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, controlling most of its goods and industry, following his own, dark objectives - the Human Automation and the conversion of Earth into a self-sufficient, mobile satellite and mass destruction weapon. His pawns range from transhumanist zealots to nihilist bounty hunters, from people who have no clue whose interests they're serving, to those who do and don't really care.
  • E.Y.E - An Artificial Intelligence created by SPECTRO, E.Y.E is the ultimate surveillance system within the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, as well the head of military intelligence operations, who has created a robotic body for it's own, ready to take on upright protesting crowds or individuals - including highly dangerous inhuman ones, like Montezuma & Paynalton. E.Y.E is also the intelligence behind the current Tahuantinsuyuan President, who could be considered more like a hologram (in other words, he's some kind of a "Big Brother").
  • CUETZPALIN PAYNALTON (from the nahuatl "Fast Lizard", named after a Mexica deity) - the story's protagonist, secret identity of William Mattoni, a 15 years old human from Brazil, able to transform into a super-fast "Cuetzpalin" (from the nahuatl "lizard", in this story a species of lizardfolks) due to his symbiosis with the Tonalcoatl (Tonal is a nahuatl concept which can mean either time, fate, heat of the sun, and a vital energy; Coatl is the word for "snake" - on IXIPTLA, a Tonalcoatl is the first and last stage of a Cuetzpalin's life cycle, some can live for a while becoming symbiotes to other vertebrates, and granting them both transformative and telepathic abilities) of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, an older Cuetzpalin and late Mexican/"Aztec" ruler. Moved by his own urge to keep sentient animals from harm and exploitation , and to stop the processes which further exploit them, Paynalton is a worldwide enemy to the status quo, who fights government, corporations and people who profit from the wildlife devastation, the animal exploitation and threatening of indigenous peoples' autonomy and land's rights. His strategies vary, but he employs an wide array of direct actions, with tools, guns and even explosives. He claims to be a vegan - he doesn't consume anything that has originated from an animal - but some people argue that because he kills some people during some of his acts, he's not one.
  • DR. HOWARD FANG - a researcher on telekinesis, who has become a supporter of the Saqraruna Organization after his research has followed similar paths to those invested by the Tahuantinsuyuan Republic's council for advanced scientifical research, the most public facade of the group. His origins are clouded in mystery, yet his knowledge and objectives have matched SPECTRO's own a couple of times, what earned him his position, somewhat kept hidden from most academicals and industrialists who still follow his works - more focused on the energy development & military prowess arenas. For some time, he was employed by the german military equipment enterprise known as Ulhaden, involved with the creation of super-powered armors - the ALPHA-OMEGA series. During this time, he has leaked intel from Ulhaden & it's later sponsored business, a military academy known as AXIS, to the Saqraruna, but before being caught or framed, he has left spies in those institutions, and made his way out, years ago.

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    In the story/mythos of IXIPTLA, the Cuetzpalin are a race of reptile humanoid beings native from the realm of AZTLÁN that also coexisted, centuries ago, with some of the cultures from ANAHUAC (the name which the Aztecs, or cultures of Aztlán, give to the planet Earth, later adopted by earth's nahua cultures for centuries, to refer to their land, which is the American continent) before being wiped out during the spanish invasion and colonization, partially supported by alien forces related to the dark Saqraruna Organization (from the quechua "evil people") - a secret organization that currently controls most of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu's "Council for advanced scientifical, technological, industrial and energetic development" from behind.     The Republic of Tahuantinsuyu (Tahuantinsuyu, from the quechua "Four Regions" is the original name for the pre-hispanic Inca State) is a modern State somewhat inspired by the original Inca Empire - founded after a Revolution led by the guerrilla commander Tupaq Amaru III, decades later this panamerican Socialist State turned into a "mixed economy" giant, and despite it claims to restore the autonomy of the indigenous communities, in several occasions the government's developmentist agenda clashes directly with local semi-nomadic traditional communities.
    Tupaq Amaru III has been in charge of Tahuantinsuyu's power since he won the first elections after the Revolution, in 1979 - and only stepped out of his position in 2000, a moment when tensions between Tahuantinsuyu and the NATO rose again, after Tahuantinsuyuan armed forces started to patrol a chain of Mexican islands that were reported to be of great interest to oil companies, three years before. In an occasion unknown to most of the world's civilized populations, Tupaq and his unnatural "children" - the Centzonmimixcoa (from the nahuatl "four hundred alike the Cloud Serpent", the Cloud Serpent being Mixcoatl, a name which the Aztecs gave to Tupaq centuries ago) - were captured and trapped into another dimension by some of Tupaq's "brothers" - other Elemental Gods. Under a human disguise, Tupaq is not exactly what he seems to be, instead, he's the First Dragon and the Elemental God of Darkness, whose ultimate plan is the destruction of the universe of matter and energy by accelerating the Big Rip, and either destroying Earth or converting it into an artificial, self-sufficient, Black-Hole-driven mobile weapon of mass destruction - like Topakhon, that existed between the 29th and 17th Centuries b.c in a moment known by some galactic civilizations as the "Topakhon Wars", set in the Second Sun Era according to Aztec and nahua beliefs - which state that the Mexica, a.k.a "Aztecs" of the Earth, as well as us, now, live in the Fifth Sun Era.

    During the "Topakhon Wars", the Centzonmimixcoa have been created after Tupaq's own image of darkness, and alongside the ORS OHORELA (the political power over the inhabitants of Topakhon, composed mostly by androids) spread terror throughout a multitude of solar systems, including Earth's own, and that of Aztlán. The Aztec Confederation, led by the Teteoh (a.k.a "Aztec Gods") have more than once teamed up with distinct belligerents in order to retaliate O.O.'s interferences, and with time, the Cuetzpalin have discovered the only weapons able to destroy the Centzonmimixcoa - a combination of weapons made out of a special green jade known by the mysterious, bird-like Vocs as "Yaxchilán" ("Green Stone" in a mayan dialect) and a mysterious substance known as Atl-Tlachinolli (a concept that was milked away, but to the Fifth Sun Era Mexica mean either warfare, holy war, bloodletting, blood, sacred water, or boiling water) - present in the Cuetzpalin's blood, and also that of the Quinametzin, an elder race of beings whose immortal ancestors were enemies to the secret Elemental Gods in the first era.
    The Aztecs, and Cuetzpalin in particular, were reputedly those who caused the downfall of the Centzonmimixcoa and Tupaq, with Topakhon's destruction and their imprisonment for 3000 years in the dimension of the Absolute Darkness, with help of the fabled Spear of Time, crafted with support of the Vocs led by Makemake, who was colonizing nowadays Rapa Nui during the war's later stages. When the Centzonmimixcoa were first released, in the 14th Century's Eastern Europe (precisely, in nowadays' Belarus, at the time, part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), by a group of sorcerers called the Palarokhian Order (named after Palarokhiel, one of the nation-states which composed the O.O.), Tupaq has incarnated as one of them, and raised an army of the dead to take over the Earth, but was stopped by the efforts of rogue knights - the Black Knights - armed with Yaxchilán and Atl-Tlachinolli weapons provided by a mysterious Cuetzpalin named Cuauhtemoc, who roamed Europe and infiltrated the Palarokhian Order, trying to destroy it from inside before they learned how to release the fiendish Centzonmimixcoa. After Tupaq's material death in Iriy (a name given to a larger forest which contemporary remnants are located in the Belovhezkaya Forest, between Poland and Belarus), he'd incarnate on the other side of the earth, in the Inca general Topa Inca Yupanqui, son to Pachacuti, the current emperor, and founder of the greater Tahuantinsuyu (which expanded the Inca authority from Qusqu up to a large territory in South America). Tupaq has felt that in that area, other sorcerers have somehow learned arts from Topakhon (taught during the time of the pre-Inca Moche culture, from the northern Peruvian Coast, by one of O.O.'s remaining authorities, the inhuman Ai Apaec) - so he set out to build an empire on earth that would follow his will, and also to recall ancient allies, such as the Yakuruna aliens (Yakuruna, from the quechua "water people") - learning in the proccess that they had just recently returned the usage of "Topakar Magic", under a scientifical organization - the Saqraruna - headed by SPECTRO, the heir of an eponymous ally of Tupaq, reputed with the development of the original Topakhon satellite. Allied with SPECTRO, the Yakuruna and leading Tahuantinsuyu since 1472, Tupaq was about to fulfill his plans for Earth - if he hadn't met more Cuetzpalin, organized into the warring State of the Mexica Excan Tlahtoloyan (Triple Mexica Confederation - composed by the altepetl or city-states of Tenochtitlán, Texcoco and Tlacopan, the government or political corpus of the Mexica/"Aztec" civilization) - expanding from Mexico up to nowadays' New Mexico and Arizona states, and down to Panama and Colombia, turning the Central America into a jungle battlefield, where the unknowingly heirs of ancient battles carried on the legacy of their own ancestors.

    Despite Tupaq's eventual death by poisoning - caused by his sister and main wife, Mama Ocllo, who feared he preferred to enthrone Capac Huari, his illegitimate son with a concubine named Chuqui Ocllo, rather than their son, Tito Husi Hualpa. Historical accounts report the contrary, however these were written down as a justification for Tito Husi Hualpa's ascension - he later came to be known as Huayna Capac, and alongside his mother, and an uncle who was allied to her, made sure that Chuqui Ocllo was framed for Tupaq's death, and Capac Huari sent into exile. This is when Tupaq's power base and use for Tahuantinsuyu started to tremble, and the war with the Mexica has gave in to a time of relative peace, focusing the confrontation against autonomous communities on nowadays Colombia, Ecuador and northern Brazil regions - Tupaq continued to live, and had not only the Yakuruna & Saqraruna at his service, from his time as emperor, he had employed the aid of Amaru (dragons), his deathless Chasqui (messengers), dragon riders, and the Yacarcae sorcerers. If not in a lifetime, then at two, he'd see Tenochtitlán fall, and Tahuantinsuyu, that had betrayed him, would fall too, but his true allies would remain by his side, and use the next governments as puppets of their will - earth's destruction, but the destruction of the Cuetzpalin first.
    Among, or rather above the Cuetzpalin, the Mexica Tlatoani (speaker in nahuatl), or emperor, was the super-fast Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, who as a young warrior fought bravely against the Inca, their sorcerers, dragons and shadow demons. Today, it's hard to tell if he was born as a Cuetzpalin or as a human, for history has forgotten, but it's true he had both forms, and grew up as a brave, sometimes ruthless warrior and strategist who came to bring Mexico to its greatest power yet, right before and during the first years of the spanish invasion - a time when he didn't anticipate the end, despite dark omens happened to him - Moctezuma would fall alongside Tenochtitlán, but the resistance of the Mexica, their culture, ways of life, and also the Cuetzpalin, would still exist, carried on by survivors like the legendary Cuauhtemoc. Yet, Tupaq isn't the only enemy of the Cuetzpalin-kind, and conspiracies have turned history against these most fabled creatures. That is, of course, before they resurfaced into public knowledge, around the late months of 2008, when a self-proclaimed "CUETZPALIN PAYNALTON" (from the nahuatl "Fast Lizard") carried out actions against establishments, factories, workers, businessmen, politicians, police and military forces involved with the devastation of earth, the exploitation and killing of non-human animals for whatever purpose, and the attacks on the indigenous' rights, their autonomy and lands. As time passed, what started as a domestic "terrorist threat" in Brazil escalated into worldwide proportions - Paynalton claims to be one of the last members of the disappearing Cuetzpalin kind, and also to be an anti-mass society anarchist, critic of civilization, industry and capitalism, and in defense of autonomy, liberty and life quality of sentient individuals, human or not - what prompted distinct political forces to join and invest on public repression, authoritarian regimes, military campaigns and a tense environment took over areas where the land became a battlefield. There were indigenous peoples approached by Paynalton who joined him in the organization of armed resistance, and those who declined what sounded and looked like a suicidal mission, there was trust and betrayal, blood, sweat, tears, fire, oil, hate and war, but overall, within a year, much has changed - and yet, very few enemies and allies really knew what Paynalton was hiding: he's actually a young, 15 years old guy named William Mattoni, who has attained the power of transforming into a super-fast lizardman thanks to his symbiosis with the late Mexica ruler Moctezuma, who has awaken to a completely different, yet somewhat similar world - seen through the lens of William, but still keeping his memories, Moctezuma and his young fellow host will together build up the pieces of the conspiracy which has devastated his kind - and hopefully expose it - not that it would change anything in the world's authoritarian powers, such as every government, every corporation, every bank, every border, every animal exploitation enterprise, every religious organization, the system itself, but that at least would make William, Moctezuma and their allies' goals - and ways to achieve them - clearer.

    In the day of September 25th, 2009, public unrest has taken the streets of Qusqu. The original capital of the Inca Empire, after it was stormed by the spanish invaders who would establish a colonial government, it lost some of its administrative powers to the new capital, in Lima (Peru) - only to return to its status as the capital of the post-colonial Peruvian Empire, under the dictator Urcon Verbo, in 1938, a time when Peru was a luxurious and miserable colony to foreign affairs and businesses, and an authoritarian regime based on economically liberal values. Qusqu, now the Ciudad Imperial, was once Urcon's seat of power, up to the Revolution of 1969, when distinct groups, among them the guerrilla led by the Communist Party of Tahuantinsuyu's commander, the popular yet mysterious Tupaq Amaru III, have taken the house and executed the despot. Liberal sectors called for the return of Lima's status as the capital, however the communist party of Tahuantinsuyu ambitiously made a coastal town, the city of Moche, the new capital. In pre-Inca times, the northern coast of Peru has been home to giant adobe structures, civilizations and combatants, the glorious yet bloodstained Moche civilization flourished, and once again, the city of Moche would become home to large structures, skyscrapes, pyramids, riches never witnessed during the colonial times would come into being, in an era supposedly guided by new and old values - development, evolution, tradition, equality, cooperation, work, communalism... but also contradictions: authority, duty, surveillance, security, property...
    Now, the city had been occupied by some of its own inhabitants, who once more questioned whom, and why they were working for: a government that employs censorship and only pretends to have the people in charge, where elections doesn't mean anything at all, and where individual and communitarian decisions aren't taken seriously, while bureaucracy rules, where ghosts and dead men, memories of times gone and promises that never will come into being seem to comfort the power and the masses and are given more matter than how life is pursued, where lives are made and taken in an instant if the armed forces of the State are activated. Several people were lost, some were puppets of foreign powers, but there were some who knew that the political spectrum doesn't mean anything at all, just like any notion of nationality, any claim of democracy, these things mean nothing - only the anarchistic will power does. To reclaim one and all's autonomy, stolen from birth, is to bring down all, and start anew - to break the rules, to literally destroy the establishment, banks, police offices, government bureaucratic offices, all...
    When riots started, the lizardmen have been spotted - and even though the brave black blocs torching police cars had nothing to do with those inhumans, this act wasn't closed to any group in particular, nor did they belong to any formal institution - at the moment, they were the materialization of willpower itself - they would be framed for being part of something that never was. The riot police, cyborgs sent after each of them, were the very materialization of authority, blindness, control. History would be remembered by those who were there, not by anyone reading, or even watching, standing by as if part of a scene. The true act of power isn't letting anything happen and accepting authority, power is rebelling, changing, for the most ethical over the most lawful - and the ethical is a burning, destructive act, not just a claim.

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