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IXIPTLA II Battle in Ahu Vinapu

I've spent some hours working on this art, that depicts an important chapter from my current story project (called IXIPTLA - from the nahuatl "impersonator"). I hope you like it!

TL;DR version: from left to right, up to down, these OCs are:
  • APOCATEQUIL (named after an Inca lightning god); a cyborg working for the intergalactic Saqraruna (from the quechua "evil people") Organization that controls most of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu's "Council for advanced scientifical, technological, industrial and energetic development" from behind. In the story of IXIPTLA, the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu (Tahuantinsuyu, from the quechua "Four Regions" is the original name for the pre-hispanic Inca State) is a modern State somewhat inspired by the original Inca Empire - founded after a Revolution led by the guerrilla general Tupaq Amaru III, decades later this panamerican Socialist State turned into a "mixed economy" giant, and despite it claims to restore the autonomy of the indigenous communities, in several occasions the government's developmentist agenda clashes directly with local semi-nomadic traditional communities.
  • NAYMLAP (named after the culture hero of the Sicán and Chimú cultures); the Cyborg General of Cuntisuyu, a region from Tahuantinsuyu around Peru's central regions
  • CUETZPALIN PAYNALTON (from the nahuatl "Fast Lizard") - the story's protagonist, secret identity of William Mattoni, a 15 years old human from Brazil, able to transform into a super-fast "Cuetzpalin" (from the nahuatl "lizard", in this story a species of lizardfolks) due to his symbiosis with the Tonalcoatl (Tonal is a nahuatl concept which can mean either time, fate, heat of the sun, and a vital energy; Coatl is the word for "snake" - on IXIPTLA, a Tonalcoatl is the first and last stage of a Cuetzpalin's life cycle, some can live for a while becoming symbiotes to other vertebrates, and granting them both transformative and telepathic abilities) of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, an older Cuetzpalin and late Mexican/"Aztec" ruler. Moved by his own urge to keep sentient animals from harm and exploitation , and to stop the processes which further exploit them, Paynalton is a worldwide enemy to the status quo, who fights government, corporations and people who profit from the wildlife devastation, the animal exploitation and threatening of indigenous peoples' autonomy and land's rights. His strategies vary, but he employs an wide array of direct actions, with tools, guns and even explosives. He claims to be a vegan - he doesn't consume anything that has originated from an animal - but some people argue that because he kills some people during some of his acts, he's not one.
  • CAPAC HUARI (named after a noble Inca, and an "illegitimate son" of 15th Century Inca ruler Topa Inca Yupanqui with one of his concubines, Chuqui Ocllo, who was executed after being framed for killing Topa - some say, because she wanted to put her son on the seat of power, instead of Topa's other possible heir, Tito Husi Huallpa, later known as Huayna Capac. Whether or not Chuqui Ocllo was involved with Topa's assassination, or even if Topa's sister and main wife Mama Ocllo, Tito's mother, was the one behind it in order to support her son into Incaship is still a matter of debate) - this mysterious figure may have some relation to the exiled, illegitimate son of the late Inca emperor, but in modern times he's a high-rank associate of the Saqraruna Organization.
  • MALLKU (from the Aymara name for the Condor bird - from the quechua Quntur - also, as Apu Mallku, the name of the Aymara rulers. Similar to Mallki, a name used to refer to the mummies of Inca nobility) - Cyborg General of Qollasuyu, Tahuantinsuyu's southern region, extending from Peru into Bolivia, part of Chile and Argentina. Secret identity of a guerrilla soldier who fought side by side with Tupaq Amaru III, and who knows the revolutionary commander's secret identity (Tupaq Amaru III is a name inspired by, or in homage to the late 16th Century Inca ruler and the 17th Century indigenous resistance leader Tupaq Amaru II).

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    In the day of July 16th, 2009, Paynalton has sparred his third match against Saqraruna Org's forces apparently besieging, or infiltrating the island of Rapa Nui (a.k.a Easter Island) - where the organization held a secret, underground base. This conflict takes place near the ancient fortress of Ahu Vinapú, a Polynesian construction which some scholars believe may have resulted from the interaction of Polynesians and Incas, during a expedition said to have been led by Topa Inca Yupanqui in 1465 - in this occasion, Topa Inca has taken the title of Mahuna-Te Ra'a (supposedly meaning "Son of the Sun" in a local dialect). The main reason for this claim is the architectural similarities between the fortress and the Inca ones.

William/Paynalton & Moctezuma had reached the island two days before, after a short passage through other islands in the Pacific - Paynalton's extreme speed also comes in handy while crossing sea waters. But William had really short time to enjoy his visit to Rapa Nui as a human, as he's spotted Saqraruna employees on the regions he'd get in first: the archaeological sites. It's the first time he met Capac Huari, who was meeting another Saqraruna agent, the Chilean-Belarusian Ollantay Melivilu Valtheran, from Belarus' secret police (the KGB), who also works for the Saqraruna, and who manages a secret laboratory in Kaliningrad. Ollantay is a traditional enemy to Paynalton, having met him more than once, and both of them failed to finish each other on several occasions. Sneaking through this reunion, Paynalton came to know Capac Huari's apparent identity, but still failed to believe it - that he's indeed a direct heir of Topa Inca, living after all this years, one who has been exiled from Cusco into the secret fortress of Ahu Vinapú, alongside other magicians who supported Topa during his rule, and later, following the instructions of Topa's "spirit". Once spotted, after a short meeting, Paynalton ran for shelter, and turning human, went straight into the inhabited towns of the island. His investigation, however, wasn't over.

    The next day, more Saqraruna forces have identified him - what's worse, as a human - in the island, and fought him their way out, this time employing mechanized zombies of Cuetzpalin whom Moctezuma has met in his life - Quappiatl, his Tlacochcalcatl (high General) who has been trained in battle by him since he was young; Itzquauhtzin (a Brachiosaurus-like Tlatoani of the tributary city of Tlatelolco, successor of Moquihuix. Has become the first ruler of Tlatelolco to cooperate with the Mexica Excan Tlahtoloyan - The Triple Confederation of Mexico, a.k.a the government of the "Aztec" Civilization -, and was also the overseer of the public market and tax-gatherer. Has died alongside Moctezuma & Quappiatl in the last battle of Tenochtitlán in 1520) & Matlatzincatzin (cihuacoatl of Tenochtitlán at the time which followed Moctezuma's death, was Cuitlahuac's brother and cihuacoatl); unfamiliar to both William and Moctezuma, his death happened in 1522, what left Cuauhtemoc without someone occuppying the position of cihuacoatl during his reign in exile. Paynalton, following Moctezuma's confirmation that at least those cyborg zombies looked like they have the bodies of Quappiatl & Itzquauhtzin (definitely not their minds), tried to reason and communicate with them, but so far has failed. Either way, and whether or not they still had chances to be alive, or to be saved from this control, this only further confirmed the Saqraruna's involvement in this centuries-old conspiracy against the Cuetzpalin race, hand in hands with the interests of the colonialist authorities, the gold rush, the slavery of indigenous peoples (both physically and psychologically, as through the imposition of the christian doctrines and ideologies) and the powers that be in Europe during the time (kingdoms, churches, the bourgeoisie). These cyborgs, however, were also too powerful to defeat, and Paynalton had to step back once more - he knew he should leave the island if he didn't want to be hunt down in enemy territory.

    The island of Rapa Nui is officially acknowledged as part of Qollasuyu, Tahuantinsuyu's Southern Region, however recently the indigenous communities have further questioned and resisted the value of Tahuantinsuyuan authority on the realm, resulting even in armed conflicts - some say, motivated by other ongoing Polynesian rebellions, and also those happening in Aotearoa - a.k.a New Zealand - & Australia, including one influenced by the deeds of an ex-New Zealandian army soldier, currently known as Akamai, who came to be an ally of Paynalton in some occasions, not the first glimpse of his, or rather his actions' internationalist approach and reach (he's had other allies across the world as well, including the inhuman Triton who has acted both in Minoica/Hellas/Greece and in Australia).

    Paynalton/William escaped once more, but he wouldn't keep cowering in the presence of enemies - to have important cyborgs all gathered there, he knew the Saqraruna was up to something on the island, and set out to know what it is, before either him or these agents left it. Therefore, on his third day at the island, cornering the seashore right before the fortress of Ahu Vinapú, from where a harbor used by some people from the town wasn't too far away from, the fast lizardman has been spotted by his enemies - not only Capac Huari, but also other foes he was more used to, from previous conflicts: Apocatequil, the lightning god; Mallku, a.k.a the Condor, general of Qollasuyu, and another cyborg general, the undefeatable Naymlap, whose force field seems impossible to break, even with Paynalton's fabled weapons - made of a special kind of jade stone, known by the Itza Maya people as Yaxchilán, and often bathed by the mysterious Atl-Tlachinolli substance, drawn from Paynalton's own blood. It's the only weapon able to destroy shadow demons known as Centzonmimixcoa, who are some of the Saqraruna Org's most powerful allies - yet, it's no use against Naymlap. Naymlap, too, is tied to the operation the Saqraruna was leading on their secret base: they were investigating, searching for and preparing a trap for Montezuma, another Cuetzpalin (who's actually unrelated to the eponymous Mexican ruler present in William's body, instead it's the secret identity of the symbiosis between the Algonquian young man Powhatan and an ancient Taino Cuetzpalin named Macoel) who currently possess the fabled Spear of Time, credited with the destruction of the main man behind Saqraruna's plans: the dark spirit beneath the guise of Tupaq Amaru III, many centuries ago. Powhatan has received this weapon during his passage through the territory of the Zuni people, in Western New Mexico - where he has been received as a new guardian of the people. To whom this spear belongs, and what connection does it has with the Zunis?

    The Spear of time was created by Makemake in Rapa Nui, many centuries ago, in a time planets rushed to end a period of endless war, the "Topakhon Wars" - a time when an artificial Black Hole used as a super weapon, under the guidance of the dreaded ORS OHORELA - the legislation of Darkness, union of four States under the rule of a shadow dragon named Tupaq - has threatened to destroy all that didn't submit, but that met resistance from diverse fronts, including the Cuetzpalin, either in their homeland of AZTLÁN or in their latest colonies at ANAHUAC (Earth). In a desperate attempt, some Cuetzpalin have joined with the ever mysterious bird-like anthropozoomorphic Vocs, and led the development of this weapon on an ancient continent, a larger territory between Rapa Nui and other Polynesian islands - that was invaded by O.O.'s forces, and where a war between distinct native populations and distinct foreigner businesses has caused a continental damage. The Spear has survived, and been carried away by a pack of Cuetzpalin soldiers, led by Popocatepetl. But even after the destruction of Topakhon, the mobile mass destruction weapon, the spear would continue to exist, and be hunt down, not by the small remnants of O.O.'s forces, but by the broken alliance which used to be united during the war. It has crossed to the Atlantic, reached the territory of the Mayas, been taken by the Xiuhcoatl Empire centuries later, and finally falling to the hands of the Zunis' ancestors during the late stages of the Fourth Sun Era (around the 10th Century of the common age), a period set shortly after the "mysterious collapse of the Classic Maya civilization". The Makemake, the spear's creator, has been forgotten by most through time, however he still exists and exercise an interdimensional power - he has introduced himself to Powhatan and William on dreams, where he's known as Gitchi Manitou - and apparently, this mysterious entity seeks to defeat Tupaq, the dragon of darkness, once and for all.

    It took some time for the Saqraruna to realize the Spear of Time had no connection to Paynalton, and as it seemed they caught the wrong Cuetzpalin - but either way he was a worthy prey, for at least they could use his body in another necrocyborg unit - that is, if they're able to catch him first!

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