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INKtober day 31: Masks

2017 has been another year that I participated in the INKtober initiative (consisting in drawing/producing 31 drawings/paintings with some kind of ink). I haven't posted my drawings here, perhaps I'll do it eventually in my Sketchbook section, but if you're interested on them, you can follow my work at instagram | facebook | tumblr

This is the 31st drawing, and following Inktober's official prompt list, the day's theme was "mask" - I opted to draw the masks of original characters from my story project (IXIPTLA - "impersonator" in the nahuatl language, a category of sacrificial victims, usually war captives, who lived luxurious lives impersonating Mexica / "Aztec" gods before their deaths at the altar, during pre-hispanic times. This concept plays a major role in the story). They're arguably inspired by a wide array of science fiction media, needless to say, the Predator, Star Wars, even Deathstroke. But that's partially because SPECTRO, the first character featured here (from who the others were later created after), was designed back in 2004 when I was a 10 years old kid (exposed to Aliens vs. Predator and Teen Titans, who else grew up with that?). I opted to include this traditional villain into my next stories, and here he is.
    SPECTRO is the interdimensional, alien artificial intelligence who heads the intergalactic Saqraruna Organization ("evil people" in quechua), a mastermind of systematic destruction, who plans to transform all sentient life into automatons, and who has been using, influencing, sponsoring and sabotaging distinct sectors of human societies across centuries.
    As for the second, it's the new mask design for PACASNA, who is a deadly agent, spy and researcher, one of Spectro's deadliest creations.
    The third, CORAX is a galactic bounty hunter who always reports back to the Saqraruna.
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