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Huitzopoca Concept

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After a while without posting a finished job around here (I have some daily sketches still to be scanned, but I'm somewhat active on my instagram if you wish to follow my daily work) here's some all-new stuff: Concept Art and Character Development practice on both traditional (ink) and digital platforms to design HUITZOPOCA (named after a portmanteau of two mexican/aztec deities, Huitzilopochtli & Tezcatlipoca)

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(more art and a short comic story telling the birth of Huitzopoca)

- - -

HUITZOPOCA is a god of Aztlán, where he rules the altepetl (city-state) of Yaoyotepetl, and by far is the most influential of the aztec gods, having played a major role on deciding and forcing his way into the fate of Aztec civilization for centuries, on crucial moments of the galaxy's history such as the Topakhon Wars (that took place between the 29th and 17th Centuries before Iesu, what the Aztec civilization perceives as "Second Sun Era". The Topakhon Wars' beginning, with the foundation of the ORS OHORELA is used as the Anno Domini in several cultures from the Cuetzpalin Mythos) and the Xiuhcoatl Empire Crisis (During the Third Sun Era. The Xiuhcoatl Empire was a political corpus that took place in Aztlán after the Aztec Confederation earned direct support from the Ahuitzotl of the Underworld and the foreigner God Xiuhtecuhtli. It was named after Huitzopoca's own weapon). Huitzopoca is also one of the very founders of Aztlán, who has jailed Cipactli, the Primordial Waters' Crocodile, and feeds upon its vital energy constantly. He's regarded as the war god and also god of wind, and for some he's also the Fifth Sun (more commonly regarded as Tonatiuh, but others know Tonatiuh is more like a "messenger" of his) who demands blood sacrifice.

This piece of concept art / character design practice will introduce a short comic story about Huitzopoca's birth
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