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Huitzopoca is one of the Nine Macabraic Spirits ('the ones who came into being'), being the macabraic of wind (Ehecatl), or air (Ihyiotl, 'breath', 'spirit') in movement (Ollin). Huitzopoca is known as a major interventor over the creation, being attributed to him the development of the heterotrophic chains and the primal weakness which trigger one's insufficiency to live by its own strength, what differs a god from a mortal. But even him, as a god, lives upon others, as he thrives where there's blood ('Atl-Tlachinolli' in Nahuatl, literally "sacred water"") to be drunk, hearts (Teyolia) to be eaten. In battle he's undefeatable, when he doesn't terminate his foes, he holds his captive enemies by the hair, holding in his hands their Tonalli (which translates both as heat or fate, and was believed by the aztecs to be present on the people's brains).

Huitzopoca has been one of the Teteoh (gods) who founded the Cebotec Confederation of Aztlán, and is one of the oldest and most powerful of them, having been him own the one who chained the Huehuenahual Cipactli to form Aztlán out of its body and the one who keeps feeding upon Cipactli's constant suffering. Huitzopoca is also the progenitor of the Cuetzpalin species and the patron of the warriors, the city where he resides, altepetl Yaoyotepetl, located behind Cipactli's flower, was for many years the capital of the Confederation, until Nanahuatzin rose as Tonatiuh.

Huitzopoca is one of the few Macabraics who retain power over the conquered Huehuenahual, besides Cipactli, he's also seized and exploited Kukulcan and Yaxcocahmut, and uses their vital energy to keep his control over the artificial atmosphere of Aztlán. Although Huitzopoca is 'pluri-present', he can take many bodies (being himself regarded as the first nahual, or shape-shifting sorcerer, also patron of dark magic among the Cebotecs), his main body is that of a feathered Cuetzpalin with a bird-shaped mask of obdisian and turquoise, made actually with the skull of a fallen Chronpuchian warrior who fought with one of his 'avatars', Tepeyollotl.

Huitzopoca has as his weapon the fiery and thunder-like striking, double sided Macahuitl 'Xiuhcoatl' (fire snake). Huitzopoca is the god of wind, war, blood sacrifices and dark magic. He has defeated the Centzonhuitznahua in Coatepec to defend Coatlicue, he has slayed his sister, Coyolxauhqui, and has also destroyed the cities of other rebel tribes, such as the Cihuateteoh from Chichihuacuauhco, among other deeds of military prowess and bloody conquest.

Another recurrent name to refer to Huitzopoca is Titlacauan ("we are his slaves"), for he made the living beings unable to live by their own.
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