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The HORNET is an original character who plays a role in my original story, the IN LAK'ECH Mythos. Details (and SPOILERS) of the story follow:
The Hornet is the seventh member of the Insect Syndicate, a semi-official military group funded by the secret Saqraruna Organization with international actions but based in Chinchaysuyu (equivalent to the Northern Peruvian Coast), part of the State of Tahuantinsuyu (named after the Inca Empire) that wear customized versions from some of the super-powered symbiotic ALPHA-OMEGA armors salvaged by them from its original owner, the AXIS Institute, and its eventual new owners, throughout the story's progress.
The Insect Syndicate's customized design over pre-existent Alpha-Omega series armors can be noted for its biomimesis and inspiration from insects, arachnids and other arthropods (despite the name, Insect Syndicate, not all of its members are named after insects, though the majority is).

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HORNET's armor is a customized ETA, what allows its user to turn intangible. The last time the ETA was sighted before its capture by the agents of Saqraruna was during an operation led by AXIS called Mission: Atlantis, that took place in a mysterious land mass located in the Bermuda Triangle.

        This mysterious archipelago in the Bermuda triangle was later found to be called by its natives as "Nahui-Atl", an interdimensional link between the planet of Tredius and the realm of Aztlán, this island is paradoxically located in both "planets" since a catastrophe unleashed by the Aztec goddess of water, Chalchiuhtlicue, to destroy the Centzonmimixcoa - "shadow demons" - invading the island, many centuries ago.
        By the time Mission Atlantis was launched, between April and May 2010, the armor was used by AXIS' agent Daniel Fawkes, who died on the occasion, killed by a Centzonmimixcoa. The island's current inhabitants, the Cuetzpalin from the official Aztec military organization, were leading a pack of slaves they acquired from the Tredius (a.k.a "Anahuac" or "Earth")-based secret "Jötunn Scientific organization" and its unofficial associates across the globe, ranging from bounty-hunters, private enforcement organizations, even national armies and UN troops set to forcefully "migrate" entire populations, from immigrants to semi-nomadic native indigenous communities labeled as "less useful" to governments across latin america. The Aztec Confederation, which existence is unknown to the UN, couldn't care less for the origin of their slaves, they were just concerned with the increased demand for workers in Aztlán after the recent liberation of Cipactli caused a major destruction and needed to be repaired soon, if the Confederation (call it "social contract", "social order", "stability", "societal harmony" or "dictatorship", it all means the same) and its gods (call it "governors", "celebrities", "respectful authorities", "benefactors", "philantrhopists", "forces of nature", "representatives", "true born leaders", etc) were ever to survive. They recurred to the Jötunn because some of them (or as their head of organization claims, an unofficial split cell, the "Einherjer") were involved in the attack that set the millions of years old monster free and caused death of countless people. This was a pact of a non-aggression and a tax the Jötunn would pay for the life of the Einherjer (that despite called a split cell, were the most valuable agents of the Jötunn organization). Still, it didn't take care of the demand so the Cuetzpalin and some of their fellow aztecs, the Centzontotochtin, recurred to earthly Anahuac captors, who hunt down whatever unlucky community to keep them as slaves in Aztlán (including some indigenous communities protected by independent Cuetzpalin vigilante Paynal, the same who has been partially responsible for the liberation of Cipactli). The AXIS, unaware of Aztlán, the existence of a Cuetzpalin civilization, or even the Jötunn that pulled the strings of several of AXIS' permitted actions, were merely activated because Ymir, the head of the organization, would pay them to get their slaves back without making use of any Jötunn in the process. It still didn't prevent the Einherjer from invading the island, and a war would be imminent.
        Paynal followed traces and investigated the disappearance of several indigenous from their communities across Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia up to North America, and while this is common in the so-called "post-colonial" governments, he found out there was more at stake, as he realized there were Cuetzpalin coming from Aztlán to take people from Anahuac. Gathering allies such as the Cuetzpalin Cuauhtemoc, Montezuma, Omepaynal, Xbalanque (a nagual shaman from Aztlán's underworld) and the African-American biologist and geneticist Jacob Mills, who got his hands over a stolen Gamma armor, Paynal followed to Nahui-Atl, where they planned to release the captives from the hands of the Aztec Confederation Army and lead them back to their respective territories. In the end, the AXIS believed to be in a "rescue mission" as much as they were, but each others' path met yet another beligerent, the Centzonmimixcoa and agents of the secret Saqraruna organization, including some formally acknowledged as high ranking public security figures, such as some Mallki guardians of Tahuantinsuyu.
        In the end, the island was destroyed by Huitzilopochtli, who after losing much of his army and after having the slaves (that weren't just going to work for rebuilding Aztlán, they were going to feed new forms for Huitzilopochtli) liberated from his grasp, decided it would be better to bring the island on top of his enemies, so he used the nemontemi stone to finish it off, including some allies of his own. Three AXIS agents escaped, but four never returned, and those who'd return only returned to see the end of their previous institution. Fawkes was among those that didn't return, however his armor made it to the hands of the Saqraruna Organization, that picked an individual to wear it and fight for the Syndicate.

    The current user of the customized ETA armor, therefore the secret identity behind the HORNET, has only joined the Insect Syndicate in June 2013, around the time the Saqraruna organization finished its customizations, and personally "picked" the individual they sought to make into the Hornet. While I won't reveal his true identity, I can tell he was unaware of the saqraruna existence before the mission for AXIS on Nahui-Atl in 2010, and even after he was kind of brought back to life (his life in the last three years has been really though, and out sight), he still didn't get to know the criteria used by Tahuantinsuyu to select the members of the Insect Syndicate. He has, however, extensively used the ETA armor in the last three years, and has agreed to join the Insect Syndicate, for the other option was dying and have the armor given to someone else. He at least trusted in his own, if he was still to live as a bounty hunter then he was cursed to live doing the lesser evil for all his life. The identity of the members of the Insect Syndicate are kept hidden even from their own, and while they're allowed to become citizens of Chinchaysuyu, Tahuantinsuyu, having their fees paid as long as they keep up with their duties, they don't know each other among the populace. The Hornet's past experience, however, leads him to believe that the Firefly is Douglas Ryder, former agent Omicron, known as the traitor of AXIS. He also believes the Locust is the former user of the Delta armor, Klaus Neumann, and that the Scorpion is Jacob Mills. But Jacob Mills wouldn't likely join the Saqraruna, and the Hornet knows there's more at stake. The Insect Syndicate has been expanding since November 2012, when The Moth and The Locust were recruited as the respective third & fourth members (its founders are Ichneumon, who works as the Mallki Cyborg Guardian of Chinchaysuyu since 1981, and Firefly, who joined only in September 2009, when the Insect Syndicate was founded), and its continuous expansion made it clear that the Saqraruna or at least a sector of it wanted ownership of all the Alpha-Omega armors. With no surprise, the Hornet was also sent in recruiting missions, in which Insect Syndicate members either steal from or "invite" (this can be done either forcibly or through arguing, when it's not achieved the one invited has to be killed on scene) the current users of some Alpha-Omega armor to join the Syndicate. This kind of persecution defines most of the missions carried out by the IS, and aren't reserved to users of Alpha/Omega armor, nor are they exclusively carried by IS members - before its foundation, bounty hunters either designed by the Saqraruna or simply working for them have been sent on several missions of this nature.
    The recruiting of members for the Insect Syndicate has increased as Tahuantinsuyu approached its most accute political crisis, in 2013, when Tupaq Amaru III was prevented from participating in the legislative power, and members from the former basis of his alliance have rather supported opposition, in a period civil war broke out, and foreigner mercenaries started supporting anti-Tupaq movements, both local ones and those sponsored by foreigner businesses. The Insect Syndicate's allegiance, as well as the secret saqraruna, was to defend Tupaq's administration, so they were activated to hunt down dissenters, while Tupaq has kept himself out of public sight, using the San armor (dubbed a "Moche Cyborg", after the pre-Inca Moche culture from the area later known as Chinchaysuyu) and in some occasions commanding the current members of the Insect Syndicate, along militias allied to the Saqraruna, the official army of Tahuantinsuyu (not the members who became dissidents, rather following the interests of former technology, industry & energy development council member Howard Fang, who intended to internationally expose the fabrication of mass destruction weapons by Tahuantinsuyu, and promoted legitimacy to international intervention and occupation of Tahuantinsuyuan territory where the resources for such weapons were fabricated, what included a large extension of the Amazon Rainforest, in the border between Antisuyu and Brazil). The government labeled Howard Fang a traitor, for exposing confidential membership of the development council and waging war against the social organization, promoting chaos and sacking by international community in cope with his own individual interest which was to own the technological development infrastructure for his own thus preventing it from advancing or from being publicly promoted and shared, as Fang was labeled an american spy. Tupaq and his right hand, the head of the secret Saqraruna, however, knew Fang was supported for years by Spectro's hidden rival, the Yakuruna Blar'Hazix, who somehow made it to earth. The presence of Fang was only allowed in Tahuantinsuyu for he was regarded as suspicious - the technology his industry developed in the eighties was strikingly similar to some exclusively produced by the Saqraruna and its public, legal branches or allies. The Darr-based energy development likely came from a Yakuruna source, or else Fang may have breached Saqraruna security or that of the equally secret, USSR-based Palarokhian Council, and worse, replicated that by his own. Fang would later be admitted into Ulhaden, before he was secretly invited by the Saqraruna. After the time he worked for Ulhaden and the eventual owner of its Alpha-Omega armor, the AXIS institute, he became too influential that Spectro would have no way of getting rid of him, and in 2006, when he left AXIS, Tupaq was absent, what left to Spectro more control over the public management of Tahuantinsuyu.

        The Hornet may be a bounty hunter after all, but he has his own code and will investigate the Saqraruna that is in charge of his life, even if that may risk his own life. By knowing already the identity of some members - something forbidden by the organization - he believes he'll get out of it as much as he left AXIS. But he may not like to find out the Saqraruna's power is deeply rooted in society and history, and that its plans for the future - the Human Automation may be irreversible. Then at least he can save someone he hold dear from a terrible fate he put her into in first place. If he can right his wrongs, and hell he has a little time to do it, then at least he can die in peace. Meanwhile, the people of Chinchaysuyu may remember the Hornet as some kind of hero, while some of his sorry victims may remember him for the bounty hunter he really was.

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