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Guate Eagle Warrior

GUATE - redesign of an original character I created when I was 11 (what means, 11 years ago), inspired on the Cuauhtli warriors (Cuauhtli is the nahuatl for “Eagle”. Nahuatl is the language spoken by the Mexica people, a.k.a Aztec Civilization and more than a million people in Mexico nowadays). His name is short for Guatemozin, an alternative name for Cuauhtemoc, the last Tlatoani (ruler) of Tenochtitlán, regarded as a heroic leader in Mexico.

Not to be confused with cuahuitl
(nahuatl for tree), origin of the name Guatemala (from nahuatl cuauhtemallan - place of many trees).
Guate's grandfather was born in Guatemala (or Xibalba?) but Guate himself was born in Mexican territory

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Guate was the protagonist of a story I created as a child, where he was a 23 years old archaeologist and shaman who used amulets containing spirits to create energy weapons and rides (sounds like a green lantern’s ring, right?), besides talking and being aided from the spirits of other animals like a Moa (an extinct mega bird from the Pacific islands). Since he found the “Guate suit” (this bird looking costume), once used by his ancestors, his powers grew and he decided to make justice and save the world.

His major enemy was Topa Inca Yupanqui (named after the historical 15th century Sapa Inca, or Inca ruler), a ruthless overlord who, from his Ziggurat in the middle of a jungle, ruled over a group of cyborgs and a nation called Mochicopia - visually inspired on the often painted as violent pre-Inca northern peruvian Moche culture.

In his journey, Guate discovers that his father, Ocelotl (nahuatl for "Jaguar") and his grandfather Vellag before him were affected by a curse related to Xibalba (the underworld, according to the Popol Vuh and the K'iché Maya tradition, from Guatemala) that has led his ancestors to become minions of Topa some time in their lives. He, too, would be affected by it if his grandfather hadn't got rid of it through his own Vuh (from K'iché book, in this series it had some powers). As a descendant of xibalbans, Guate hasn't become only a powerful shaman but also a necromancer. And despite his heroic journey would have him delaying the world's destruction, he would be regarded as a criminal by several authorities because of his protection of native and indigenous peoples against the increasing greed of several enterprises more or less related to Topa's ally, the inter-galactic SPECTRO Organization.

Find more about Guate here.

This is a "revitalized" design of a character I've created 11 years ago, therefore is a part of the BYDURAK Series
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