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From here to eternity

Now this is something more fit for valentines.
These are Anna Philopator and Plasmaex* (a.k.a "Plasmie"), original characters created by me and :icontyphonian-apkallu:, loosely based on old unpublished stories**
*- What kind of name is that? Something possibly thought by a centuries old, interdimensional alien-made artificial brain)
**- This, however, is certainly a later production which redesigns these characters and put them in situations I wouldn't likely think of when I was 10

Anna is a cyborg from the future, where she's the ruler of No Faiase, an ancient Egyptian-inspired utopian (or dystopian, depending on your social class) metropolis (that explains her Cleopatra-esque style). She's considered a goddess among mortals - other cyborgs, as in this future virtually all sentient beings are either cyborgs or synthetic androids, and one who brings joy and peace to the world. But make no mistake, despite her cute face she's a tyrant who doesn't want to be messed with. And her greatest ally is the somewhat obscure Plasmaex, her dearest vizier, who besides a counselor, is also her lover. Plasmaex originally met Anna in the battlefield: unlike Anna, who's a cyborg with some memories of a possible past life, Plasmaex is a synthetic android whose database/brain, perhaps one of the most powerful at the time, doesn't help her personality. She's been raised as a cold, sometimes genocidal weapon by the SPECTRO Organization (her creator, or designer, definitely not a father-like figure, is this secret organization's head, the eponymous A.I. who's usually thought to be an alien instead of an A.I. His goal was the elimination of all organic creatures in the galaxy, and the development of a fully automated, lifeless system of continuous destruction, and machines fighting each other), that at a certain time opposed the sovereignty of No Faiase - once ruled by Anna's inventor and father, Archibald, a.k.a The No Fayan Cyborg. Plasmaex was activated by SPECTRO to attack No Faiase, but she was stopped by Anna. Anna's reasoning deeply changed the Artificial Intelligence's feelings, and she started to feel things she didn't before, to see things in a different way, and she ended up taking Anna's side, and eventually, becoming friends, and lovers. Plasmaex claims that Anna made her generate a heart (while before she only had a brain), and Anna believes her change of heart is just another proof of her own great destiny to become the immortal, kind empress.
    But no matter who Anna believes herself to be, Plasmaex's change of heart is quite calculated, and both of them still lack major notions of society, not because of their nature, if there ever was such a thing, but basically because they don't care to leave their position - the ruling class of a future full of machines. There's way more than that cheap discourse, though: Plasmaex's original goal, as determined by her creator, was to steal the legendary Spear of Time, the tool used by the time entity known as Crossbill to manipulate time, space and reality, or to travel through different dimensions. Both of them are aware that their time or dimension isn't the only one to exist, and after things start to change, they use the spear to travel back in time and meet someone they recognize as Anna's past: the much different, young pop rock singer and "problem girl" Ann G. Waters. The senseless A.I. Plasmaex wanted to transform Ann into her future sooner, but obviously Ann and her friends in the past (present, if you're in 2004) didn't like the idea, and opposed her. What did she do? Besides developing a jealous grudge against Nina, the best friend of the original Ann, Plasmaex has re-set that time, not before unleashing her secret projects - a race of artificial, fiendishly invented demons she claims to be perfect organisms, later christened as Centzonmimixcoa - to destroy all life in that world. As it seems, her goal and methods aren't so different from those of her creator, the difference is that her independence has let her be more or less influenced by her only love - Anna. From that dimension, only three people survived - one of them being Nina - and preserved their memories, so they formed a team with the objective of exposing Plasmaex's threat, and ending her. Later, an obscure fourth figure is also revealed to know about this erased dimension. With the Spear of Time in hands, she has travelled across many time possibilities (in one of them, she, Nina and Ann were part of a team. Like most of the others, though, this dimension disappeared from all's memories, save her own), and tries to ensure that one of them will prevail, one where she and Anna can live in lonely perfection, the two of them and no other creature. That's quite unlike Anna's own dreams (ruling an empire), but she's been carrying out this smoothly.
    As the Crossbill decides to reclaim what is his, though, the interdimensional Spirit Fight gives them and their enemies more chance to attain absolute power, so they travel to the past/present once more, and try to enlisten the original Ann (whom they call Anna's "genetic Matrix", in a clear display of their lack of sense) into their ranks, something which they fail twice as Ann joins her own team, called Let's Rock! So Anna and Plasmaex find another ally, Meg the Succubus, who joins them for political reasons in the HG Team. They know they'll face Anna's "Genetic Matrix" someday, but that no longer worry them. All they have, now, is love for each other. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? How can you judge that?!

Plasmaex has later influenced the development of another character, Pacasna, from another story.
Trivia: their pose is somewhat based on another

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