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I produced this illustration / digital painting based on a sketch which I created during October '17, as part of the INKtober Challenge.

The first is an original character, named Topa Yupanqui (after the eponymous 15th Century Inca ruler) whose taste of fashion is inspired by the Moche culture but as well by a debatable source. The second, I could say, is Ryuji Sakamoto a.k.a The Skull (スカル) from ATLUS' PERSONA 5 Franchise. Sou you can consider this a crossover / fanart. But here, though, Ryuji is just the shell for something else (you can tell, and I did it on purpose, I've slightly changed some details from his skull suit, including the colors of boots, gloves, scarf and I also added a yellow thing on his chest, not to mention his eye colors). Well, that "yellow thing" in his chest is actually a sophisticated compartment containing a brain which controls his body - the brain is SPECTRO's own.
SPECTRO and Topa are the major antagonists of BYDURAK (a series of stories I created as a kid, and which I'm twisting nowadays as a nostalgic adult), best buds together in destroying solar systems and resetting the time space continuum. Here, which is part of the story's 2004 continuity (concluded "a couple of times" in the "Spirit Fight Tournament" event), they find the "Vellag Vuh" (Vuh means book in the K'iché Mayan language, and Vellag is the name of the grandfather of the story's protagonist, a half-human half-Xibalban [Xibalba is the underworld in k'iché Maya Cosmology] man who carries a curse), a powerful book, containing a powerful curse that may affect the story's protagonist, or unlock a secret from his past. These revelations ultimately link this series to the next continuity, GUATE, a continuity where the protagonist is 8-9 years older (no more a teenager eh, now an adult, full with hardships, bills to pay, the adventures of poor modern man) and a galactic defender at the same time. Topa and SPECTRO are still there, troubling people's lives with their minions and machinations, but paradoxically making it better with guns and tvs. These guys are just nasty, but they do inspire some discipline and fear on enemies and allies alike.

BTW, in case you couldn't tell: at the cover of the Vellag Vuh, there are the symbols of different "houses" of Xibalba, the K'iché Mayan underworld. There's a skull, the symbol for Xibalba (meaning "place of fear"), a bat (representing the zotz' haa, or house of bats), the ak'ab'haa, or house of darkness, and a jaguar, representing the balam'haa - house of jaguars).

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