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 These original characters, all belonging to a single original species - CUETZPALIN, named after the nahuatl word for "lizard", play an integral role in my latest, time-consuming original story (which I plan to release through a comic book series and a series of graphic novels): currently titled the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, as well as its prequels: AZTLÁN: War of the Gods (set in a remote antiquity) and AZTLÁN: Nahui Ollin (set in a fictional, fantasy-inspired post-13th Century Central Mexico). You can find more information about me checking my latest works in this account and elsewhere on the "social" media: Behance | tumblr | instagram | facebook

In the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, this species of anthropomorphic reptiles used to live among distinct pre-hispanic mesoamerican peoples at least since the second sun era (the Mexica cosmology and world view divides the time since the beginning of the universe in five sun eras. Ours, as well as that of the Mexica by the time the spanish arrived, and even before, at least since the foundation of Mexico/Tenochtitlán, in the 13th Century a.c, is the fifth. In the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, the second sun era has taken place between the 29th and 16th centuries b.c, which coincided with an age of intergallactic conflict known by some as the Topakhon Wars). The Cuetzpalin have inserted in different human communities throughout different times and ways, influencing more or less the history of said societies, until the century following the spanish colonization - planned by a series of secret enemies of the Cuetzpalin, some as old as the Topakhon Wars themselves, like those later referred as Centzonmimixcoa (Four Hundred alike Mixcoatl, known by the Inca as Yana Phuyu). During this time, most of the Cuetzpalin have been hunt down or taken into slavery, and those who survived have hid as humans in the colonies. From this, the tale of nagual (nahuatl name that refers to a traditional practice of therianthropy) has acquired a new meaning. If you're interested on more particularities of this original species, I'd recommend you to read this. And if you want to know what happened before the fifth sun era, make sure to follow the steps of the Gods and Goddesses of Aztlán.

Among the several CUETZPALIN featured in IN LAK'ECH, some of its main characters are PAYNAL (the series' protagonist, result of the symbiosis between 15th Century Mexica ruler Moctezuma), OMEPAYNAL and MONTEZUMA.

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