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Cuetzpalin Paynal

CUETZPALIN PAYNAL means "fast lizard" in the nahuatl language*. It's the name of the protagonist of my original story, called IXIPTLA**

* - derived from the classical nahuatl, spoken by the pre-hispanic Mexica people, a.k.a "Aztec" people, alongside other neighbor communities. Today, more than a million people in Mexico speak different versions of nahuatl
** - "impersonator" in nahuatl
. It refers to a category of sacrificial victims, usually war captives, who during specific festivals impersonated the gods and lived luxurious lives during their last days, before they were sacrificed in the end. It plays a major role in this story. BTW, Paynal, which mean "fast", is also the name of an IXIPTLA, impersonator, or messenger, of the War God Huitzilopochtli, that's also the Fifth Sun and the patron of Mexico.

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    The story of IXIPTLA starts in August 8th 2008, when 14 years old William M. earns the power to transform into a super fast lizardman, right after escaping his death at the hands of bounty hunters / armed gunmen sent by local farmers to prevent him from freeing some hens out of their cages, in a remote town on Brazil's northern region (a particularly violent place, neighboring the last remnants of the Amazonian Jungle, where capitalism shows its ugliest face at the increasing deforestation, genocide of indigenous peoples/first nations and non-human animals, and the enslavement of impoverished populations, including children, to plant monocultures and breed cattle under the worst conditions imaginable, just for some people in the cities to enjoy some steak).
    With time, William starts discovering the true nature of his powers, and the fact that he's actually living in symbiosis and sharing a telepathic link with an ancient "CUETZPALIN" ("lizard", an ancient race of reptile humanoids who shared the Earth with humans before their extinction): MOCTEZUMA, the late Aztec ruler himself. Moctezuma isn't just the source of his power, he also shares his mind, and knows a lot of things which challenge William's view of history. But how will the past king fare by sharing a body with a young anarchist, who's also a vegan and self-proclaimed anti-speciesist, hell bent on using his powers for the purpose of ending animal exploitation and all people directly involved with it?!
    Needless to say, William will become the public enemy number #1 through his actions, not to mention will start or at least influence the rise of a lot of conspiracies - by revealing to people the existence of a non-human species which once coexisted with human civilizations - so to hide his identity, in his new awesome form, he eventually adopts the identity of "Cuetzpalin Paynal", partially in honor to Moctezuma, who's quite sure that not all Cuetzpalin were extinguished. Moctezuma expected to wake in the paradise of the warriors from Aztec Myth, and for his (bad?) luck he wakes in a completely different world, where Mexico is run by corrupt cartels more interested in the riches promised by foreigners, and where apparently, people forgot the gods and the comprehension of nature he used to have. William himself is a skeptical atheist, whose new powers and telepathy still doesn't convince him of Moctezuma's faith. The former king will have a hard time, but will fit into this new world while seeing through William's eyes.

Be it in the Amazonian jungle, on pasture land elsewhere, or in the urban metropolis, Paynal won't stop his quest in granting the non-human animals an honourable, enjoyable life - even if he has to use violence against people who profit from, or work on the animal exploitation industry. All those who dare to raise hands against sentient animals shall face death at the hands of Paynal.
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