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I produced this illustration / digital painting based on a sketch which I created during October '17, as part of the INKtober Challenge.

This mysterious, Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) like figure, simply referred to as "The Crossbill", is an original character which occurs in my original fiction story project (that mixes science fiction, fantasy, mythology and especially pre-columbian influences), currently titled IXIPTLA (from the nahuatl, meaning "impersonator"), and several of its' earliest versions, or even other old stories that I partially abandoned (but I often use as inspiration) such as BYDURAK.

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In IXIPTLA, the Crossbill communicates through visions to the protagonist, William M, and the supporting character Paul P, both who later in the story attain the ability to transform into a Cuetzpalin (lizard in the nahuatl language. In IXIPTLA, a species of humanoid reptiles). At first, this figure seems to be related to the Cuetzpalin species, even though Paul considers it a manifestation of the "Gitchi Manitou" ("Great Spirit" in the Algonquian language, a concept which often translates to an omnipresent deity). In truth, this masked humanoid bird is a Vok (a species of humanoid birds who have developed throughout their evolution many special abilities, including telepathy) roaming the space who oversees the fate of the "Time Artefacts", a set of two supposedly powerful tools which ancient Voks have created to end an intergalactic conflict. These are the Spear of Time, held by a group of masked Zunis from the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico - later trusted by them to "Montezuma", the identity which Paul adopted as a Cuetzpalin - and the Mask of Time, belonging to the "Crossbill" himself.
    In these visions, experienced by William and Paul (and possibly, to other sentient animals who may be of some interest to the Crossbill), the Crossbill is floating in the space, where a round platform surrounded by a light purple-ish mist can be seen, surrounded by letters which read as D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N. There's also a graphic shown, and despite it initially has an unknown meaning, after some directed study its' possible meaning becomes clear.

    The Crossbill's intentions are enigmatic, however during the visions experienced by those characters he seem to help them in fighting the forces of the intergalactic obscure Saqraruna Organization headed by SPECTRO, who is later revealed to be an enemy (or casually an ally?!) of the Crossbill. The Crossbill is later in the story revealed to be related to another entity, and member of the Saqraruna, an ancient Vok named Engta'Tal, but more commonly known as ENIGMA who came from the land of Apuqochan and was trained in dark arts of illusion by Tupaq, the Primordial Dragon and Elemental God of Darkness himself. Tupaq is later revealed to be a force behind SPECTRO, and possibly, the enemy which the Crossbill want Paul and William to stop. Eventually, when Enigma is looking for the ME (originally a sumerian concept of "Gifts of Civilization", in IXIPTLA a group of artifacts containing data and memories from the late Anunnaki King Anu, from a race destroyed during a series of ancient intergalactic conflicts), the Crossbill warns our protagonists about the importance of stopping him. Later in the story, though, an agent of the Saqraruna steals the Spear of Time from Paul, and the connection between them and the Crossbill is severed. In the same event, they finally get to face Enigma, whose true allegiance may not be what they expect. The Crossbill, though, know Enigma's true allegiance, and fears it anyway.
    The Crossbill returns much later in the story, when it's finally revealed that he's the current incarnation of an entity once referred to as Makemake, and is an entity overseeing the continuity of space and time, as well the connections of different dimensions across the universe. He's much more than a mere watcher, however, but it will take time for his true nature to be understood.

    In BYDURAK, the Crossbill was introduced as the mysterious overseer of time, originally as an antagonist working alongside SPECTRO (later revealed to be a disguise, used by SPECTRO, impersonating the deity, who was captured. Either way, even after his liberation, the actual Crossbill wasn't sympathetic towards the series' protagonist). He later became the judge of the "Spirit Fight Tournament" [2004], and showed a controversial neutrality in times of war against darkness and a dreaded future. In GUATE, the next continuity of BYDURAK [2005], he was a wise yet still enigmatic mentor to the protagonist and the master of an order of intergalactic defenders which he was part of. In KINGDOM, the next continuity [2005-2006], he controlled the "Time Matrix", the original time continuity or dimension, which existence was constantly challenged or put into jeopardy by interdimensional assailants led by Topa, the incarnation of the spirit of darkness. In IXIPTLA's antecessors, he also possessed a similar role, albeit more antagonic.

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