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I developed this series of concept arts & characters for my personal project, AZTLÁN, an original, multi-layered story that starts in Aztlán, a Mexica/Aztec cosmology inspired fantasy realm, and loosely follows the traditional Legend of the Five Suns, as it reaches the 16th Century Mexico.
    AZTLÁN begins around the first Sun Era, with chapters set around the 50th-40th Centuries b.C, telling about the foundation of the ancient plan of Aztlán, and follows into the second sun era (30th-10th Centuries b.C), a time when Gods and Goddesses competed, and "Anahuac" (earth) was colonized by some natives of Aztlán, humans and inhumans (including the Cuetzpalin  from the nahuatl "lizard", the name of a race of reptile humanoids that play a major role in the story, and that used to live alongside humans until the spanish colonization) alike. The third and fourth sun eras take place on pre-hispanic Anahuac, respectively the classic Mayan era and the rise & fall of the Toltecs. The Fifth Sun Era accounts the foundation of Mexico/Tenochtitlán by the Mexica (mistakenly referred by many as "Aztecs"), and these characters in particular are loosely inspired on the eponymous conquistadores - but as you can tell by Alvarado's fire hair, Cortés being a centaur and the three of them looking like gazeless zombies, it's in no means supposed to be historically veracious. AZTLÁN introduces the past of an universe I've been creating (writing) for some years now, and is thus part of a larger story, which I currently call the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, and I plan to introduce as a series of comic book stories & graphic novels. As I lack major resources, this will likely be an independent comic and will take a while to be done.

If you're interested, take a better look at Cortés' centaur form 

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