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Colonel Drake

Drake is the colonel in charge of NEO ALEXANDRIA's K-9 Corps. As such, he has been tasked with protecting the city from the RESISTANCE attacks and its infiltrated members. The futuristic city of NEO ALEXANDRIA is one of the last remaining inhabitable places on the Earth, inhabited by cyborgs, some who can shift into animal-like versions of themselves, and who are ruled by the empress known as Cleopatra, or Anna Philopator, among some of her servants who know her past identity.

    After a cataclysm of galactic proportions, the sentient life in the planet was forced to become cyborgs, and this gave way to the automation of most beings as well. There are, however, some who have escaped automation, despite becoming cyborgs nevertheless. In this realm, every fallen cyborg is recycled by an underworld, whether Duat, run by different factions of Egyptian Gods, or Hades, run by the Three Judges and their hidden associate Moros. Neo Alexandria is the power of the surface world, in constant battle with the Resistance, which goal is to free the cyborgs from their cycle of misery, even though that could mean the end of sentient life. And outside the world there are still powers fighting for its control: the No Fayan, led by Lapôlô the self-proclaimed living image of the Spirit of Chaos whose power, in first place, was necessary to create Neo-Alexandria; and the Moche, ruled by Topa the dark lord who is part of a trinity of deities who want to convert the universe into Absolute Darkness. The Moche are sponsored by the SPECTRO Organization, an intergalactic group that has also influenced the automation of Earth's sentient life, and also transformed entire planets into mass destruction weapons. Despite the Resistance fights to prevent Neo Alexandria's forces from supposedly giving the same end to Earth, they're secretly sponsored by SPECTRO, whose eponymous leader rivals the creator of Anna Philopator, an interdimensional sorcerer and entrepeneur named Archibald Graham.
    Eventually, after many battles and facing the recycling imposed by the underworlds, forces of Neo Alexandria and the Resistance alike have realized they were living a time loop and that their dimension had little hope of journeying into the future - thus they were living in the end of times - so the only way they could advance their agendas was by changing the past, so they let some of their agents travel back to the pre-synchronization time, when they met their past personas, people who used to live in 2004-5.

    Drake's past self is a 15 years old boy named Wolfera, who's half demon, as he's the son of Amon, one of the Egyptian Gods also seeking to use the power of the Duat. Wolfera, as Amon's heir, is a king in exile, who was destined to rule the Arctic, but who has been expelled from an early age after his city was destroyed by a joint force led by allies of the Moche, the SPECTRO Organization and even some factions from the Arctic, related to the father of the resistance soldier Roibeárd.
    Drake himself, for some time, may have been part of the Resistance, before he has been blackmailed by Anna to join his enemies. The main factor for this is that Drake hopes to get closer to the Oracle, whose past self, Katharina, was originally promised by Amon to become his wife, before his exile. Wolfera, however, didn't remember that, and since he managed to contact his possible future, k-9 cyborg self, he started to see himself as someone fated to become the king of the world, but who has been unjustly deprived of his fate. Together, both Wolfera and Drake hope to restore their promised greatness, even though that's unlikely: Katharina / The Oracle don't see anything special in him, and Ann wouldn't let anyone become the King, other than herself (even though she could just be called a Queen or Empress, calling Ann "King" strangely works fine for the Oracle).

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