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This is a selected detail of a digital painting which a map to the realm of Aztlán, an entire, major setting from the CUETZPALIN Mythos I'm developing. The entire setting of Aztlán is heavily inspired on the Mexica / “Ancient Aztec” Cosmology, from its sixteen districts (although two of these have Mayan names) to its foundation being the primordial waters’ crocodile-like giant Cipactli.
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In the CUETZPALIN Mythos, Aztlán is an ancient land majorly overseen by Huitzopoca, the god of wind (Ehecatl, or as he prefers to call, Ihíyotl [breath/vital energy] in Ollin [motion]) and war, as well as one of the elemental Macabraic Spirits. The Aztec Confederation is a civilization which lasts for many centuries, even before the ancient Topakhon Wars, and is as well the homeland to the entire kind of the reptilian humanoid Cuetzpalin (the same kind that gives name to the Mythos. Once common in the planet of Tredius, too, after some time they became quite rare except in Aztlán). Not all of Aztlán, however, is managed by the Aztec Confederation and its Teteoh (gods). Most of the Teteoh, by the war, aren’t informed about the existence of the Nine Macabraic Spirits.

Cipactli, the primordial waters' crocodile, is an ancient self-sufficient being as well as an undying source of endless energy that has been captured by the Teteoh Huitzopoca and Chalchihuihtotollin, and acts as the foundation for the entire plan of Aztlán for many millennia. Cipactli's healing abilities have been so far used by the vampiric war gods for generations. Its organism and tissue has helped the development of the reptilian kind of the Cuetzpalin, that part of a warrior culture, breeds several warriors loyal to Huitzopoca generation after generation. It's the suffering of this immortal beast, as well as the sacrifice of the warriors, that both erects and keep moving the civilization. Its existence, however, is unknown to most inhabitants of Aztlán’s upper districts (the underworld cities don’t keep relations with those from above) for a long time, since after the "Underworld wars" (31th to 32nd Centuries a.X [2nd and 3rd Centuries a.I]).

Anyone willing to free this suffering animal would likely destroy the entire century-lasting civilization and crush most of its inhabitants. That’s how civilizations are founded: with suffering and slavery. If anyone is against these things, if anyone do stand for freedom, then this one may also be against its own comfort, and the comfort of many others. The liberation of Cipactli would mean a catastrophe, as well as freedom, and would surely be a violent act which would get out of control and challenge the sovereignty of Huitzopoca, a war god who relies solely on the forms of violence he can control. But the freedom of an individual is a very important thing, and sometimes one must break free from the oppression which society imposes it so that it can free another one. Afterall, freedom is as worthy as it is chaotic and cataclysmical.
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