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Baphomet Bike II

If you're used to my work, follow it for more than a year by now, and more importantly, PAY ATTENTION, then you can tell who these two are. Either way, I'm going to spoil it for you: they're Alisa Kozlovskaya and William M, two major characters from my orginal story, currently titled IXIPTLA ("impersonator" in nahuatl). William is the story's main protagonist, and Alisa is introduced in the third major chapter, but she plays a greater role in the fourth.

    Long story short, for three years from then William got the power to transform into a super-fast lizardman, and used the identity of "CUETZPALIN PAYNAL" ("fast lizard" in nahuatl) while using those powers to perform series of actions like sabotaging industries which profit from animal use/cruelty/exploitation, breaking prisons and other corrupt institutions like the State and the Church, all while he also lived as a high schooler. This surely, brought him to distant places, earned him powerful enemies, but to make this far he was smart enough to keep his human and lizard identities separate. The consequence of his actions included the inspiration to autonomous groups and individuals in rising against the injustices traditionally perpetrated by the economical system, the nation-states, the bureaucracy, the wealthy class, the industries that exploit human and nonhuman animals alike, the lobbies and politicians keeping the system running, and all that which makes this world a shit. In response, other groups of resentful and shameful, dependent and shallow individuals who liv to serve have also formed, to defend that which destroy them, in hopes that their neighbors would get destroyed first. One of such groups is the Holy Roman Empire, risen from the bowels of the EU and UN, and supported by diverse christian groups, and the money of some States as well (sou you can call it a military, christian-ecummenic organization). Situation got so tense that the HRE earned its' own right to officially persecute individuals and groups labeled as political dissenters within so-called "representative democracies" (who still believe in democracy, in the 21st Century, when money dictates absolutely everything?). They don't, too, and that's why they openly defend an international, christian absolute monarchy/dictatorship. William couldn't just stand by and watch, and this time, some of his international friends got themselves in a mess, so he set out to help them.
    While fighting alongside immortal Black Knights in Russia, William/Paynal met Alisa, a 16 years old Belarusian girl, who's got powers of telekinesis, necromancy, technomancy, teleportation (and limited telepathy) after making a pact with The Baphomet by accident. She was learning under Sorgina, a witch and member of the Black Knights (something like Medieval anarchists) to control these powers, when she learned that The Baphomet, the entity from who their powers originates, was locked down and being controlled by an old secret organization of dark sorcerers, the Palarokhian Order, who were the main enemies of the Black Knights, and that in the modern era have infiltrated the Russian bureaucracy. So they set out to take the Baphomet, or rather its' dormant form, the legendary "Philosopher's Stone", from their enemies' possession, and in this situation William has met the one who'd become his love interest at the time. He didn't want to see her as a fellow freedom fighter, but as something else, so he made an exception, and revealed to her his secret identity. Most people wouldn't like Paynal for the things he do, but she knew he had his reasons, and now, she couldn't help but see the human side of his. But still, nothing of that meant she loved him, and despite William realized that, he thought time and situations of risk would "make her see".

    This pictures takes place in 2011, this is Alisa controlling a stolen motorbike, which she's riding through her technomancy powers, and William right behind her. They're likely escaping a surprise assault by Teutonic Knights, a German task-force associated with the HRE. But... how comes that it's snowing in summer? (in case you didn't notice, look at Alisa's shirt). William has got some help in getting him and his beloved in trouble (only while together and while they can still take it, of course), so that "she may feel the same bonds he feels". His best friend Gus, a fellow anarchist (from Greece), who also transforms into a non-human (known as The Triton), is able to manipulate weather, and in this case, with the premise that snowing could make the Teutonic Knights lose track of them, he made it snow. Of course, Alisa will be needing some human heat after this, one William plans to give, and which Gus hopefully helped him to make it look more "acceptable". Gus may be cold hearted sometimes, but William is like a brother to him.
    Things may sound funny, but they really aren't, and William seems to be taking his personal interests too far. Indeed, it has everything to do with the fact that just recently he learned that if he may keep using his transformative abilities, he may lose his ability to return to his original, human form. That sounded reasonable for him, years before, when he had just started high school, and was not only bored, but also nauseated by daily "human life", but now, he had someone to hold on to, someone he desired to be with. But did she desire it, too? Why didn't he got straight to the point, why do everything has to be done the hard way? How come everything hurts, if nothing lasts?

BTW last year I made a somewhat similar art which you can check here.

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