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This is the second of a series of 14 armors I've designed, part of the "Alpha-Omega series" that have some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery and also follow my work through Behance | tumblr | instagram | facebook

Background Story:

Created by ABEL Inc in 1974
Power: Corrodes most substances, immune to toxics or corrosion
Known users: Kenshiro Shimada (JP)

Originally sold by ABEL to the Yamato government, the armor fell to the hands of Kenshiro Shimada, member from the Zaibatsu Gosuto, a criminal group rival from the Yamabishi Syndicate. During the seventies, Shimada has begun acting as "Bee", an outlaw vigilante that has hunt down several members of Yamabishi, some even protected by the government, exposing through his actions the cooperation between the government and the Mafia. In 1981, he's been finally captured but his execution hasn't been documented. In the same year, during the War of Chichihuacuauhco, the armor has been used by a military agent of the United Socialist States of Tahuantinsuyu, and after the war by a member from the Mallki Council - the organ responsible for the armed forces of Tahuantinsuyu - simply known as "Ichneumon". Since then, the mysterious Ichneumon, that may or may not have some relation to the disappearance of Kenshiro Shimada, has acted in the province of Chinchaysuyu, where there's the city of Moche, capital of Tahuantinsuyu (a position formerly conceded to Cuzco, before the Revolution of 1969, that deposed the Emperor Verbo. Cuzco is also known as "The Empire City").

Because it's in the hands of the Socialist States of Tahuantinsuyu, it's one of the few armors produced by ABEL not to be owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which self-proclaimed mission is "to protect Tredius from demon-related threats" (The AXIS is actually an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created the Alpha-Omega series armors. It's more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing a likely inhuman technology, and doing the firty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits). The AXIS has tried on some occasions to get the BETA armor back, however its plans have failed so far, and both sides are cautious enough to start a World War because of it

Hope you like it, constructive feedback is always welcome
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