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This is my latest digital illustration, another character from the CUETZPALIN Mythos as well as a depiction of a Canaanite/Semitic deity.

It's BAAL (meaning Lord, a title given to many deities such as Hadad and Jehovah), one of the forms which Ohrmuz, the Elemental Spirit of Light, manifests. The weapon he carries is the Sharur (meaning Smasher of Thousands) a prodigious "Xiuhcoatl weapon" once carried by Ninurta on ancient times, here used by the Light God's avatar to bring forth the Frashokereti (a escathological event in Zoroastrianism, a moment when the final battle between Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu takes place). This specific form of Ahura Mazda has been originally known as Hadad or Adad, and is one of the many forms it can appear as, others being Anshar/Assur, Zeus, Teshub, Thor and Moses (both have energy horns, carry a serpent-like staff and split up the sea). He presides not only over light, but also the sky, lightning, the muses, reality itself, he is the lord of universe who claims authorship over what he deems as good and is hailed independently on the names which are addressed by the beholder, but rather on its spiritual inclination. He presides over what is seen and felt, over what there is, while his rival presides over what there isn't, or darkness/nothingness.

About the Illustration itself: I'm still looking for a certain style to follow, and as my latest and perhaps best result yet, I believe I will follow on illustrations with a somewhat solid line-art and not so deep coloring. Constructive feedback is always welcome!

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