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I produced this illustration / digital painting based on a sketch which I created during October '17, as part of the INKtober Challenge.

Apuqochan means "Lord of the Lake" in quechua, and is a title given to the creator deity Apu Qon Tiqsi Wiracocha (which full name rhoughly translates as "Lord of the Firmament and the Sea Foam"), from pre-Inca and later Inca cosmologies and religious traditions in the Andes and other areas of what would become the Tahuantinsuyu ("Four Regions" in quechua, the original name of the "Inca Empire"). This title appears in Inca poetry, such as the hymns attributed to Pachakuti, 9th Sapa Inca (Inca ruler, or ruler of the Kingdom of Cusco) and Tahuantinsuyu's founder.

In my original fiction story project (that mixes science fiction, fantasy, mythology and especially pre-columbian influences), currently titled IXIPTLA (from the nahuatl, meaning "impersonator"), Apuqochan is an ancient city, and one of the major urban centers in the planet of Topakhon (which original name may have been Tupaq Qon), from the distant K Pacha solar system, where it's own space-faring civilization has flourished, at least for some 6300 years from now. Apuqochan was populated by human and non-human sentient animals, and eventually turned into a bureaucratic hierarchy characterized by magocratic principles. In that age, this civilization, among others from the said planet, were observed by Tupaq, the Primordial Dragon and Elemental God of Darkness. 

    In the story of IXIPTLA, this scene happens in May 2010, and is part of the second major chapter, NAHUI OLLIN.

TL, DR: The original characters here featured are:
  • THE DARK EAGLE (upper right side) straight from the Aztec Cosmology, reputedly associated with the northern direction and Mictlampa (or Mictlán), region of the dead and home to the dreaded Centzonmimixcoa ("Four Hundred Northerners", associated to the northern constellations, literally meaning "Four Hundred alike the Cloud Serpent" the Cloud Serpent being Mixcoatl, a pre-Mexica god of hunting)
  • CAPAC HUARI (left side), the immortal Tupaq Chasqui (Messenger of Tupaq, the 15th Century Inca ruler), Tupaq's illegitimate son whom he intended to be his successor, but who has been persecuted by the queen (Mama Ocllo, Tupaq's sister) and her allies. He's a sorcerer and dragon rider, and a member of the secret Saqraruna Organization.
  • OLLANTAY M. VALTHERAN (left side, bottom) powered by the Philosopher's Stone, the dormant form of the entity known as the Baphomet, traditionally controlled by the Palarokhian Order and currently by the Saqraruna, Ollantay is a Chilean/Belarusian soldier who grew up to the rank of KGB general in the Belarusian division. He's a member of the Saqraruna and followed his father's (Vadim Valtheran) footsteps, before his father betrayed the secret organization and its' leader, Tupaq. Originally seeking to prove himself to his uncaring father, and later, as a mean to "undo his wrongs", Ollantay has grown inside the Saqraruna hierarchy, however the conflicts he endured, including against the Cuetzpalin (lizardman) Cuauhtemoc, infiltrated in dissenting para-militias, have costed him part of his body. He made a pact with the Baphomet in order to "extend his utility", and remains as a fierce agent, necromancer, and political figure for the Saqraruna.
  • TUPAQ AMARU III (center) named after the 16th century Inca ruler and the 18th century indigenous resistance leader, in IXIPTLA he's the head of state in the Socialist Republic of Tahuantinsuyu from 1979 up to 2000, and before that the leader of the guerrilla organization which founded the modern state of Tahuantinsuyu through the defeat of the Peruvian self-proclaimed emperor Urcon Verbo, a CIA-puppet. After Urcon's fall, other latin american cities and states, moved by independent or not so independent initiatives started to be coopted by the growing republic of Tahuantinsuyu. He disappeared in 2000 during a travel to a Mexican island, where a supernatural event took place. He returned in April 29th, 2009, and haven't aged a bit - he was trapped in the dimension of absolute darkness, and unknown to most, survived as such for some 9 years because he's actually the incarnation of an ancient God of Darkness - later he'd take his position as a prime minister in the restored "Republic of Tahuantinsuyu" that has been partially freed from the communist party's influence since his disappearance, but this move has been received negatively by the international community, and followed a series of violent riots on Tahuantinsuyuan streets, so he stepped down from a political and public life. He's the secret mastermind behind the Saqraruna Organization, and has been using resources gathered from the Tahuantinsuyuan population to convert Earth into an automated, artificial mass destruction mobile satellite powered by a self-sufficient Black Hole and possessing it's own atmosphere.
  • WILLIAM M. (right side, bottom) a 15 years old boy able to transform into a super-fast Cuetzpalin, who since August '08 has been causing trouble for animal exploitation industries, social order, and has grown into a feared threat to the status quo, either left or right spectrum of representative politics, and also diverse economical sectors. His goal is the liberation of all sentient beings, the destruction of civilization and mass society, therefore of hierarchy and overpopulation. He's a vegan (despite he kill some enemies, he doesn't eat or consume them) and a self-proclaimed "anarchist inspired by the critique of civilization and labor" and keeps his identity secret. He has been struggling against the Saqraruna for a long time and is possibly one of the few aware of their existence, goals and actual power in turning Earth into a near lifeless, fully-automated, mobile satellite of mass destruction.

Apuqochan is an ancient city which current location is beneath the Death Valley Desert, Eastern California.

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    For ages, the Elemental Gods have observed and influenced the course of life and death, studied and manipulated the evolution of life throughout all available ecosystems in the universe, in some cases putting them to test, and intentionally or not, in doing so, in fiendishly creating to destroy, each of these nine entities have faceted their own personalities, developed their goals and followed their dreams. Their individual counsciousnesses do exist, however they're not commonly perceived by most creatures, at best, some may be referred as deities or forces of nature which aren't really like they think to be - besides, what's "nature"? There's not a driving force or design behind evolution. The limits of existence are more determined by chance or factors which, despite calculable, are hardly evaluated by most sentient creatures.

    Like most phenomena, this ennead (group of nine) of sophisticated reality manipulators were ontologically determined by conflict, in this case, conflicts of interest. Each of them, more or less motivated and molded by their surroundings, by the diversity or monotony of life & death in certain spots of an universe mostly composed by dark energy, the same force which split particles and hypothetically keep the universe expanding at a constant rate since the possible beginning, have specialized in different techniques of understanding and making reality, and those differencies reflected in their casual allegiances, enmities and also their way of influencing, sometimes incarnating and even publicizing their awesome power to the creation (read it as the sentient beings, like animals, or even non-sentient stuff, like plants). One of such, who has manifested himself in ancient times, is the elemental god of darkness, who calls himsef Tupaq - meaning "noble" in quechua.
    Darkness, though, is a generic name, for the phenomena of invisibility. What is visible or not, however, depend on physiological characteristics of the beholder, as well on the physical characteristics of the environment. The truth is, this ennead of gods may or may not share common traces, origins, abilities and language, their first gathering has been summoned by Tempo the God of Space (or dark matter) in most immemorial times, to capture or destroy an elder race of entities, the Quinames ("giants" in nahuatl), who are reputed by some obscure "magicians" (some of them, more than that, are physicians and chemists) from past & present, to be the closest kind of actual "creative forces" of the universe - thus putting the ennead into the tole of "usurpers". Tupaq, or Tokoyrikoq (quechua for "the all-seeing"), however, is more likely an entity which personifies another energy in the universe: The Dark Energy, or its variant, the Phantom Dark Energy, currently considered an hypothesized energy by several physicians. It's estimated that currently, 68,3% of the Universe is Dark Energy, while 26,8% is Dark Matter and only 4,9% is the ordinary matter, which we see and are part of. This puts Tupaq in an arguably advantage over any of those daring to challenge him, including his "brothers" - even more after the subjugation of the Qunames, a deed influenced by Tempo's own will. Tempo, whose power extends to the second most present force in the universe, doesn't overlook this fact, and also states, after a long study, that Tupaq may be the expanding force of the universe, the separation of matter and energy, made manifest. This force, though, was attributed by Hydros, the liquid God, to an ancient entity, Chaos, who has been trapped by him and whose conch has become the foundation of the plan of Helladeas and all life that flourishes and dies over it. The entity, itself. Chaos itself is another dimension entirely, and very possibly a sentient dimension which flows through the dreams and nightmares of all sentient life. Chaos is also the origin of a younger Quiname, Apep, who has been trapped within Earth's lower levels, and whose entrapment keeps the lava fluids of Earth's crust going on, thus being one of the forces that establish the planet's gravity. Tupaq's mysterious relations to the Quiname which he helped to defeat millions of years ago, however, doesn't end there. Like Cipactli, the oldest Quiname and Apep, the youngest one, he has an Ater Adamantis, a hidden element from which all originated. This A.A. is also an organ which is part of his brain, and that processes his consciousness and memories. His first and original form is the Primordial Dragon, who has been used as a base to develop the later race of Dragons, who are reptilian in likeness, but more elemental and crystalline in composition. What's more, some of them also have hidden element crystals on them and this grant them awesome powers like creating and maintaining their own atmospheres.

    Dragons are just one out of several distinct kinds of sentient beings that populated Topakhon, including Apuqochan, located on the planet's Northwestern continent. The Magocracy of Apuqochan was a political authority which flourished simultaneously with different populations, some of them that would centuries later, alongside it, form the ORS OHORELA ("Legislation of Darkness" in enochian), an authoritarian State that had Tupaq as its' supreme leader. The O.O. was divided in four States, centered around four major urban centers, populated by four relatively distinct civilizations which composed, according to Tupaq, a "Single Topakar Civilization", characterized by the generalized manipulation of hidden elements, especially DARR (the enochian word to describe the Philosopher's Stone). Each State, as well, specialized on a certain characteristic of Darr's manipulation, and was overseen by one or two Ta'tal (a possible corruption of Teteoh, often translated as "Gods" but actually meaning "occult, obscure, unknown" in nahuatl) - immortal apprentices of Tupaq. Despite the looks and negative propaganda coming from their enemies - the diverse forces which form the intergalactic "Frashokeretian Alliance" - however the O.O. is very inclusive and was composed by a great diversity of sentient beings, humans and non-humans, such as dragons, Voks (bird-like humanoids), Jötunn ("Frost Giants"), the "Yakuruna" ("water people" in quechua, refers to a kind of biomechanical beings from K Pacha), enlarged arthropods, "Dark Elves" and the shadowy Yana Phuyu ("Dark Clouds" in quechua, a.k.a daeva in Persian, the main language of Ohrmuz, an Empire leading part of the Frashokeretian Alliance that opposed the O.O. and as Centzonmimixcoa in nahuatl, spoken by the Aztec Confederation of Aztlán - a plan created over the corpse of Cipactli, and overseen by a group of local "Gods" more or less manipulated by the entity behind Huitzilopochtli, in the ennead, the "Elemental God of Wind". In nahuatl, Centzonmimixcoa means Four Hundred Northerners, or literally, Four Hundred alike the Cloud Serpent, the Cloud Serpent being Mixcoatl, the nahuatl name for Tupaq. In the Aztec cosmology, the North is an area of cold, death and desert, related to entities such as Mixcoatl and his brethren).
    The Yana Phuyu were created by Tupaq, and follow some of his godly traces, what means they're forms of a sentient darkness, consciousnesses manifested in naught, and according to Tupaq, the ultimate lifeform, the heirs of the universe - after the Dark Energy consumes the rest of the universe, when the acceleration of the universe's expansion runs amok and all matter and energy are dissipated into darkness. The very existence of the Yana Phuyu has been interpreted by Tupaq as a sign that there is life after death, albeit not a material one, only a collective of minds which can be read and manipulated in an harmonic darkness which he has absolute control over, and where he has omniscience. This, because he naturally displays omniscience over a parallel dimension, the Anaghra Lemah, or Dimension of Absolute Darkness, where no light enter or escapes. This is the ultimate fate of the people sucked by artificial black holes manipulated by the magicians who controll DARR and its' combination with the materialization of blackness: the Hucha, a quechua concept later translated as "negative energy". Another term adopted by later alchemists was Duskoplasm, or even miasma. Hypothetically, this is also the ultimate fate of anything or anyone sucked by a Black Hole. Of course, on the other side it will be found in a wrecked state, because of the Black Hole's gravitational power. Yet, on the Absolute Darkness nothing dies just as nothing lives: there's no light or oxydation, and arguably, no motion - save for what Tupaq considers consciousness manifested in Dark Energy - the Yana Phuyu, and also the minds of sorcerers who have over time immortalized themselves by converting their bodies into hucha. One may be led into thinking such form of immortality is valuable, however one must realize it has just transformed itself into the element which Tupaq has absolute control over, thus meaning this sorcerer has become Tupaq's pawn, willingly or not. That, however, is no big deal, as by merely being born we are already pawns of limitations imposed by nature.
    What's more obscure about the Yana Phuyu is that their origin doesn't come from Tupaq alone. In an intent to trap him inside the Dimension of Chaos, Hydros has created illusions which dialogued with Tupaq's hidden memories, and led him straight into that dimension, where Hydros hoped Tupaq would vanish and lose his consciousness (thus possibly absorbing his power - the fate of most people who fall on the Chaos Dimension, besides being mutated into outlandish beings, is losing their minds. Hydros can travel these lost worlds with ease because he possess the Trident, and can turn the unconscious into the conscious, read what isn't supposed to be read. That's the Trident's true meaning, and exactly because of that it has been incorporated by christendom into the figure of God's enemy: the monotheist dogma fear and vilify knowledge, disobedience and independence). That didn't happen, though, Tupaq not only returned, he brought with him knowledge he may have lost in the sea of memories, and also accompanied by new creatures which challenged most laws of physics. These creatures, by the way, finished what he started: not only the formation of the ORS OHORELA and the eventual "independence" of its' States to wealthy foreigner space colonizing forces (some that later formed the Frashokeretian Alliance) - though it meant that each State would become dependent of each other and O.O.'s bureaucracies - but also the development of an artificial atmosphere, the automation of most of Topakhon's "chosen population" (read it as eugenics and genocide of others) and the conversion of the planet's landscape into a territory powered by a self-sufficient, artificially controlled Black Hole, turning the planet into a Self-sufficient Mobile Satellite of Mass Destruction inhabited by cyborgs, and that served as the main administrative center of a destructive, authoritarian State (all States are authoritarian, duh). The proccess by which the Yana Phuyu secured their victory on each region changed accordingly to their political allegiances and propaganda - some states valued concepts of independence in relation to "foreigner threats", others valued forms of nationalism and tribal mindset, and others concepts of excellence, discipline and genetic superiority - despite diversity was inescapable, for their own survival. What was common to all, though, was an idealized overvalorization of technology and progress at all costs. This guaranteed the destruction of the entire natural ecosystems through the eventual modification of its components (read it as sentient beings) into units which filled roles to keep the Black Hole-powered fortress going on.
    But why a weapon? What was O.O's role in the galaxy, and what bound people together under Tupaq and the Ta'Tal?! Tupaq's closest allies, save for the Yana Phuyu, didn't know his true goal - to accelerate the expansion of the universe at a rate which all matter and energy would dissipate - what would leave only the strongest minds remaining, in "complete harmony and balance", and in a state where he had absolute control over - he could read each mind, see through them and their memories, re-live their past lives and all that there was. He valued more memories than experiences, and he could manipulate sensations without matter, without light, merely by memory. His allies, though, were motivated by their own, either by fear of termination, by the reckless, liberating sensation of an enemy's destruction, or by the joy of oblivion.

The ORS OHORELA was composed by:
  • APUQOCHAN - the Northwestern continent, home to Jötunn, Vok and Vovin (dragon) populations. Supervised by Ta'tal Enigma (Engta'Tal), a Vok specialized in manipulation of darkness, manipulation of reality and casting of illusions. This realm was home to several necromancers.
  • WARY KAYAN - the Southwestern continent, an island home to oversized arthropod creatures which founded their own great civilization. Supervised by Ta'tal Ai Apaec, specialized in telekinesis. The waters surrounding this island was home to a powerful dragon, Subta'Tal, a.k.a Rinchin ("Devil Fish").
  • PALAROKHIEL - the Southeastern continent, home to humans of different origins organized into a magocracy. Supervised by Belobog ("The White God"), an entity specialized in the control of gravity and repulsion. Its' dark forests were home to another powerful dragon, Guerta'Tal.
  • XIBAHPUKON - the Northeastern continent, home to Aulta'Tal and Mysta'Tal, two members of a Yakuruna colony. Aulta'Tal was Tupaq's right hand and the lead researcher in Topakhon's poupulation's automation and the eventual conversion of the planet into a mobile satellite. The later, Mysta'Tal, or Kometa (a.k.a "Citlallinpopoca", literally smoking star, meaning comet in nahuatl), was specialized in teleportation, and can reach light-speed with his powers.

Together with the Yana Phuyu, these enforcers of Tupaq's O.O. have molded the "Topakar civilization", as well its' culture, its' magocratic political system and pioneered dark arts of manipulating the dead, twisting the laws of physics and the minds of their victims. The period between the years of 2900 - 1658 b.C were marked by intense, intergalactic conflict known as the Topakhon Wars, when the O.O. and another coalition of distinct empires and civilizations, the Frashokeretian Alliance, have employed massive enslavement of populations, military research and industry, to bring war and catastrophe to many realms, and put an end to each other. Among some of the powers composing the Frashokeretian Alliance, there was the Vok Empire, the Holy Mazdaist Empire of Ohrmuz, the Aztec Confederation, the Helladean City-states, the Jötunn Scientific Organization and the Anunnaki Association, as well a cell of Yakuruna dissenters. Like every other massive conflict, despite the propaganda and whatever they seek to defend as institutions, these groups involved can't possibly be taken as heroic or moral, as they've rather sought efficiency and profit for their own hierarchies and authorities over the others'. Not by whims of fate, though, but rather by physiological matters, the reptile Cuetzpalin from Aztlán possessed a certain advantage over the overestimated Centzonmimixcoa, namely their usage of Atl-tlachinolli (a substance remanescent from the Quinames, which proved to be fatal to the hucha, the material composition of these dark beings).

    After 1242 years of galactic conflict, with entire solar systems destroyed in the campaign, in an assault led by the Pipiltin squad of Aztec Cuetzpalin, led by Popocatepetl, and carrying the fantastic Spear of Time, a fatal blow has been delivered onto Topakhon, destabilizing the weapon and sucking its inhabitants into oblivion, ending the era of the ORS OHORELA, as well the planet of Topakhon, and restoring sovereignty to and competitivity between the forces that make the Frashokeretian Alliance. But the termination of the Topakar threat may have been overlooked. Tupaq and most of the surviving Centzonmimixcoa have been sent straight into the Absolute Darkness, where they'd remain for 3000 years, yes, but Ta'Tal like Aulta'Tal (who adopted the identity of SPECTRO and hid himself in the Yakuruna society, where he became a major importance industrialist) and Ai Apaec (who lived, on Earth, among the human Moche population, in the northern Peruvian Coast, learning and teaching their own techniques of magic) have seeded what would give new life to the Topakar Civilization. Later, in medieval times, an order of magicians would be able to contact Tupaq from the Absolute Darkness, and found the Palarokhian Order, that has spreaded terror in eastern Europe during the Black Death, in the time Tupaq was finally freed. He'd eventually proceed to incarnate on the eponymous 15th Century Inca ruler, who expanded the Tahuantinsuyu to it's height, and do battle against the Mexican Excan Tlahtoloyan ("Mexica Triple Alliance", often mistakenly named the Aztec Empire), where some Cuetzpalin lived.
This fact alone troubled his current plans - to carry on the development of a new Topakhon Mobile and to restore the ORS OHORELA. This plan, however, would only materialize after he gained knowledge that far from the K Pacha System, the city of Apuqochan, that has detached from Topakhon Mobile just about the time of its' destruction, was preserved in relative isolation from the rest of the galaxy by the surviving Ta'tal: AULTA'TAL (SPECTRO), MYSTA'TAL (KOMETA), ENGTA'TAL (ENIGMA), AI APAEC and BELOBOG. Tupaq had hints that in order to the Frashokeretian to have created the Spear of Time in first place, after all these years, it could only mean that he has been betrayed by someone close, who has sold information to the enemy, perhaps by learning his actual plan (the Big Rip) and standing against it. He also deals with the betrayal he had suffered at the hands of his sister and main wife, Mama Ocllo, when he was the Inca ruler - who poisoned him after learning that he'd rather put his illegitimate son Capac Huari, whom he has deemed as stronger than his legitimate one, Huayna Capac, Mama Ocllo's son. She also ordered their brother, an Inca general, to persecute and kill Capac Huari's mother, Tupaq's concubine Chuqui Ocllo, not before framing her for Tupaq's assassination. This kind of personal drama turned into a political intrigue is just one of the many aspects of sentient life which made Tupaq disgusted and nihilstic. This is also a view which he and William Mattoni may have in common - William has it inside him, but isn't fully conscious of that fact: this value for a worthy life more than for a life per se, or for existence itself. Is the fatalist view that existence is unworthy the logical end to the care for sentient individuals' welfare (individual interests, like not merely surviving, but living in relative comfort or joy, conflicting with collective interests that always end in hierarchies, authoritarianism and the suppression of freedom, and which promotes and is constantly renewed by the birth of more sentient beings)?  This negative cycle of life, of more people being born than dying, or just being born for suffering, causing more suffering to others, and finally dying, is the cause for most of the suffering inflicted against sentient individuals. The mere birth of someone enhances the social inequality gap, increases taxes and production, forces slavery and intense suffering especially to nonhumans. It's unethical and irresponsible to put more people, human or non-human, into this world. We can and should care more for those who are than for those who may be (like foetuses, organisms which aren't even conscious but seemingly matter more to religious moralists than fully formed, fully conscious nonhuman and human animals) and those who never were (imaginary friends, like God and Jesus Christ). And care does mean not letting more people being born, for that's not only purposeless (unless you profit from slave labor. Possibly, to a extent, you do. Historically, when authorities promoted or defended measures like monogamy, or reproduction, like the Roman Emperor Augustus, they had in mind their future slaves. That's the root of the pro-life bullshit, consciously or not they want slaves to do the work for them. Across other empires, like the Inca for example, this promotion of procreation was happily chanted by emperors who never had to work as hard as their servants).

    Yet, there's major differences between Tupaq and William's disvalue for coming into being: William values individual, sentient life, in a closed individualist point of view while Tupaq sees it in a different spectrum, that of empty individualism. This millions of years old entity understandably underestimates individuality and reality itself, even sensations of pain, which he consider easily simulated. William is skeptical, but that's because he just can't, biologically, physiologically, structurally and naturally understand Tupaq's point of view. So they'll only set their differences in battle. And those differences deal with the fate of the world.
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Love your oc and world building. U put a lot of effort into backstories not sure from real mythology of ancient cultures or not but its cool either way
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Thanks very much! Most of these back stories are original creations, but are surely inspired by actual mythologies and ancient cultures =)
Yes well we all get our inspiration from somewhere right? Well keep up the wonderful stories!:)