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Anaca Red fan Parrot

The Anacã (a.k.a Deroptyus accipitrinus, Red-fan Parrot, and a number of other names) is a bird native to the Amazon Rainforest, found in territories of several different States of Abya Yala ("mature land" in Kuna, or Tawantinsuyu "Four Regions" in Kichwa, both referring to the known world to these pre-hispanic First Nations, or what we also call "South America").

This is an illustration I've worked on, featuring this animal, meant to be published as part of a children's book. It displays a perhaps simpler, more flat style of illustration than what I'm generally used to - despite the use of textures and gradients, and some details from the original lineart which I chose to preserve - and was largely worked as a vector illustration... before adding gradients, textures, and other elements to give it more depth. Also an activity from an online course.

While the Red-fan parrot isn't considered an endangered species, individuals from this species still are unfortunately subject to capture, imprisonment and trade by local breeding businesses and run by external demand. Selling and buying any kind of animal promotes abandonment, trafficking of wildlife, and the accelerated destruction of many different populations of wild animals, not to mention that caging birds directly harms their integrity. Animals are sentient beings with their own wills and needs, and not property or objects for our use, or mascots for our entertainment. We should help them and take responsibility for our actions towards them, and not "own" or use them.

Anacã is a word common to different languages of the Tupi family spoken across Brazil and other states, and means "dance" - or in this case, "bird that dances".

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Wow, this is quite wonderful. I really like how you drew the colors, and I'm glad you explained what it is, especially given they're subject to capture still :(

Hope you have been doing well, btw :)

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Thank you! And I have been doing fine! =)

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That's great to hear :)