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Ai Apaec

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AI APAEC is a name which has been generally used to refer to the fearsome "decapitator" deity shown in different murals, ceramics and art of the Mochica people (which flourished in the northern coast of Peru between the 2nd Century b.c - 7th Century CE, and whose descendants include the Chimu, contemporary to the Inca, and many people in nowadays Peru, especially in the northwest).
     Alternately, Ai Apaec is a deified Cie Quich (how the Chimú, descendants of the Mochica, called their polities' leaders, and likely, how the Mochica did before them) or culture hero who fought mythical creatures representing chaos, or even natural phenomena (depicted with characteristics from land and sea animals common to the region). But despite Ai Apaec is a name in the Mochica language, it's unlikely to be the precise name of that deity, instead, it means "maker", and was used in a 17th Century Spanish translation of a Catholic prayer into the Mochica language. Another epithet for the same figure is Chicopaec "creator". Regardless, "Ai Apaec" has been adopted by modern archaeologists to refer to that figure which is represented thoroughly in the material culture of the Mochica people

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This is also an original design for a character who plays a role in my original story, IXIPTLA (Nahuatl for "impersonator").

In IXIPTLA, Ai Apaec is a very ancient (about 7 thousand years old) being from the Yantsekaen species which inhabited the sea and land of the island continent of Ñisikán on the southwestern hemisphere of the planet of Tupaq Qon, in K Pacha. Approached by the primordial dragon of darkness, Tokoyrikoq (also known by many other names, later, more well known as Tupaq), he, who was already a warlord and necromancer, was made one out of eight Tokoyrikoq's immortalized apprentices in mastering the power of the obscure element known as Enqhaychu (and later, among different cultures, known by different names, such as Darr, Iztactecpatl and the Philosopher's Stone), in particular, its' use for telekinesis purposes. With his mind accostumed to processing the hard task of moving eight limbs at a fast rate, telekinesis, in his hands, made him even more powerful, and one of the eight Tuathal who propelled Tupaq Qon's SAL CAPAEC ("Legislation of Darkness"), alongside the shadowy Nokpalek (uncanny creatures, 400 in quantity, made out of the hypothetical phantom dark energy, or invisible light, wounds in the fabric of space and time who followed Tokoyrikoq. Also known by other names among other cultures, such as Centzonmimixcoa or daeva), into an era of intergalactic expansion, dominance and warfare between 2840 b.I - 1658 b.I, when the planet of Tupaq Qon - turned into a self-sustainable, Black Hole powered mass destruction mobile satellite with its own artificial atmosphere and inhabited by cyborgs of different species - was destroyed, and Tokoyrikoq & the remaining Nokpalek were sucked by the Black Hole which once sustained, and then, out of control, destroyed Tupaq Qon (which, in turn, had destroyed its own sun and all life in its solar system, K Pacha, centuries before).

Ai Apaec was one of the Tuathal who either escaped from Tupaq Qon or weren't there in the moment of its destruction. Indeed, Ai Apaec was on Kimsa Chata ("Three Mountains" - from Kimsa "three" in both Kichwa and Aymara languages, and Chata "Mountain" from the Pukina language), the name he and his fellow Yantsekaen gave to... Earth. Ai Apaec was one of the main, if not the main post-Tupaq Qon Wars Tuathal survivor who saw it that the legacy of Enqhaychu manipulation didn't die out alongside the Mimixcoa and Tupaq, as he and his few followers who managed to settle in Kimsa Chata have come to coexist with the local peoples, like those we now call "Chavin", an ancient pre-Inca civilization from nowadays Peru. For centuries, Ai Apaec made covenants with some select humans, in some cases being met with resistance, as some anticipated the possible disasters of Enqhaychu mining and manipulation. Regardless, in the 1st century b.I Ai Apaec's fellows have waged war against local Wak'akuna (in IXIPTLA, another name for a kind of beings a.k.a Quiname and Yax Winikob. Drawn from a Kichwa concept, hispanicized as "Huacas") near the Titicaca Lake, after a southward migration, and from there crafted, with Enqhaychu, a portal to the last remaining city of Tupaq Qon, Apuqochan, some 9,6 parsecs away from Earth, and managed to reunite with another Tuathal escapee who was infiltrated among the Nuun Ni' civilization not so far from the former original location of Tupaq Qon (the K Pacha system, destroyed for centuries), Ajaw (read as Ahau, "Lord", common among different Maya languages), whom Ai Apaec informed about Kimsa Chata. Ajaw and Ai Apaec returned to Earth's southwestern hemisphere, the western portion of "South America" in specific and became involved with locals, earning support from some independent Moche / Mochica polities, and enmity from others, as well from the Nazca peoples, who also opposed a group of Nuun Ni which rivaled Ajaw, and sought to denounce him to an intergalactic judiciary system. They failed, however, when the Nazca trapped them underground.
Still, as the local lords sponsored by Ai Apaec and Ajaw grew in power (and at that time, not only humans or Yantsekaen manipulated Enqhaychu - there were, too, Cuetzpalmeh descending from those who started a southward migration from central America back in the 9th Century b.I, and who were then known as Ssántekaen, completely unrelated to their Aztec origins), despite other local groups opposed them, this new hub for a Tupaq Qon level of "military development" was noticed by PARYAQAQA ("reddish / copper rock") the "elemental God of Water", followed soon by HUN RAQ'AN ("one legged" in K'iché Maya, a possible origin for the name hurricane, an aspect of the elemental god of wind and air), who descended upon the locals, destroying a civilization which they believed would have destroyed the planet and forced its' denizens to live under an artificial atmosphere and under a single rule while destroying other planets.

Ajaw and Ai Apaec barely survived their conflict with Hun Raq'an and Paryaqaqa in the 7th Century, but returned to the Nuun Ni' civilization and resumed their labor - to free the Nokpalek and Tokoyrikoq, which a group of Darr manipulating humans and dragons, the "Order of Palarokhiel" (named after a Tupaq Qon country in the planet's southeastern hemisphere) managed to do in 14th Century Poland, 3000 years after Tupaq's defeat - but for him, those years immersed within himself and his consciousness passed in the speed of light. Ai Apaec and Ajaw would join their fellow Tuathal Halal Ek' and Finchin alongside Tupaq to eliminate the last traces of the Ateotl substance (extant among the Cuetzpalmeh and Aztec in origin, not only deadly to the Centzonmimixcoa but also an obstruction to the process needed to convert the planet, any planet, into a Black Hole powered super weapon), taking centuries manipulating groups of locals (humans, such as the colonial invaders from Spain since the 16th Century) until Earth itself was at the brink of becoming a new weapon run by cyborgs. In the modern age, it's Cuetzpalmeh, again, such as Paynal, who turned out to be the main foes of Ai Apaec once more.
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Wow, a really impressive design. Love reading about the mythology behind it as well! :D