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Agents of Destruction

These are two OCs, TOPA and SPECTRO (though SPECTRO here look more like ATLUS' Persona 5's Ryuji Sakamoto, a.k.a the Skull. I'll explain why, eventually), originally from BYDURAK (a series of stories I used to draw, write and "role-play" as a kid, in the past decade) - specifically introduced in 2004's story arc. I've already painted another illustration featuring them, who are without a doubt the series' greatest antagonists, and also another featuring them, among more characters from this story.

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TOPA (named after the 15th Century Inca ruler, Tupaq Yupanqui, a.k.a Topa Yupanqui) is, in BYDURAK, the incarnation of the Elemental Spirit of Darkness, whose name is Ai Apu Qon (named after the Inca creator deity, Apu Qon Tiki Wiracocha. The "Ai" prefix is derived from the name of the pre-Inca Moche deity Ai Apaec). He's been exiled in the Forbidden Universe (a parallel dimension) for centuries, alongside his people, the Moche (named after and inspired by the eponymous pre-Inca culture, and the actual people from the northern Peruvian Coast). In BYDURAK, like several other stories that I''ve been creating, some pre-hispanic peoples play some major roles in fictional ways. With the Moche it's the same.

    In the 8th Century of the common era, reputedly devastated by series of inner conflicts, poor resources management and severe weather changes like the El Niño, the war-like Moche civilization, that has endured its hardships for centuries by then, hasn't really ended or broke up. Some of its inhabitants' descendants would remain on Earth and carry their legacy through other later civilizations, societies, communities and cultures - like the Sicán/Lambayeque and eventually the Chimú, who would later come to face the Tahuantinsuyu, or "Inca Empire", but the majority of the Moche have actually escaped through Tiwanaku's Sun Gate into the Forbidden Universe. What were they escaping from? Possibly an invasion by Byduraks, reptile creatures associated to the Cebolitic Confederation (despite named after the mythical Cibola, the "Cebolitics" were culturally and politically inspired by the Mexica and their ancestors, the Toltecs). Among the Moche, Topa, their ruthless leader, has also followed deep into the Forbidden Universe.
    When the Moche finally reached the Forbidden Universe, they've conquered or mixed up with locals, as they rebuilt an empire, which capital is the metropolis of Mochicopia, thriving away from the sight of Topa's enemies for centuries, and waiting for the right time to come back to Earth and conquer what they've left behind.

    Topa, however, would only be introduced in BYDURAK after several story arcs which featured SPECTRO as one of the main villains. Topa was first introduced as "The Moche Cyborg"
(in case you didn't notice, he has prosthetic legs), and was initially believed by Byduchi (the story's protagonist, a 14 years old able to transform into a reptile "BYDURAK") to be one of the many cyborgs working for SPECTRO, while actually, he was the one pulling the strings.

SPECTRO is an ancient, alien-made A.I. who works for the elimination of sentient life and the automation of a synthetic sovereignty in the universe. He has created many cyborgs and androids in past and future, and as well in other dimensions, and not only he seems to be particularly disgusted by reptiles (like BYDURAKS - some argue it may have something to do with the fact that his original form was more arthropod, specifically insect-like, but his original form was a jelly alien with a powerful telekinetic brain), he's also obssessed in hunting down "the BYDURAK", among other reasons, for having given him some of his powers, as he originally planned to convert the Bydurak into one of his cyborg soldiers, but, helped by an alien spirit, the BYDURAK escaped his clutches. For once, as his life turned into a living hell.
    SPECTRO is arguably Topa's second-in-command, or right hand, and has been instrumental in paving the way for his return into this dimension, which led the Moche Empire to conquer Peru and nearby cities, installing an "alien" (albeit mostly populated by humans, or man-made machines) Empire that has since then threatened the UN sovereignty a couple of times, with their unparallel technology. Topa rules supreme in Mochicopia, and his way of enforcing such power acts accordingly to SPECTRO's dystopian vision of a future.

    Very well, SPECTRO is more like a brain, an A.I. or some waves and data rather than a body, what means, he can exchange bodies whenever he's defeated, and his countless minions, found in diverse parts of the universe, often make new bodies for him. Ryuji Sakamoto is just another of them. In BYDURAK, SPECTRO used to hold a great influence in the world, but specially in Japan, where he has a large building.

    Ultimately, Topa has been a major inspiration for his current incarnation in my latest story, IXIPTLA, as has been SPECTRO. Their roles in this series are substantially different, as are their forms (Topa isn't blonde, instead, his human form is a man of Huilliche ancestry) - save for SPECTRO, perhaps, whose form still hold many similarities - yet all their essence is still there.

You may have told this already, but in case you didn't, Topa really is a look-alike of Blade Runner's Roy Batty meets Star Wars' Snoke.
And Ryuji Sakamoto doesn't have dreadlocks, or at least he didn't, before SPECTRO took over.
For some reason, BYDURAK's "bad guys" were fully into the late 80's and early 90's industrial music vibe. Or it's just me.
And "Agents of Destruction" may or may not be a reference to a song by Fear Factory.

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