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Another digital painting over a sketch from some weeks ago. This is a recurring OC (Original Character) from some of my stories - she has been referred to as Pacasna in IXIPTLA (my current story, which current title means "impersonator" in nahuatl) and Plasmaex in BYDURAK (a collection of past stories or rewritten stories loosely based on stuff I created as a kid and teenager), although none of these names are official. She's an usually deadly A.I who need no name, albeit she has a personality and is 100% sentient. Perhaps it will do fine if I just refer to her as "13" for a while.

    Why? she is the 13th major Artificial Intelligence created by SPECTRO, who is in turn an artificial intelligence created by Aulta'Tal, an ancient, immortal alien cyborg who has used the name SPECTRO as his own during a part of his life. He's usually distinguished from his creation by being referred to as SPECTRO, the Elder. As for the 13th A.I, she's been created by the 10th SPECTRO and is arguably fated to succeed him as the head of the intergalactic Saqraruna Organization (native from the K Pacha Solar System, founded by SPECTRO with resources earned by his creator) if anything goes wrong to SPECTRO - which is unlikely, as he's escaped death more times than his superbrain can count.

From her initial designs, she's been equipped with the greatest database of her time (the 90's), with knowledge from several individuals of several solar systems, and she's virtually aware of everything. She's also been designed to work as a researcher, a spy and a fighter, and is able to alter some of her parts to fit in certain environments and missions. She's been walking on Earth for decades, looking for the legendary Spear of Time (which she's holding, in this picture), that besides an ancient and powerful weapon able to manipulate time surrounding its user, has also been the only mean to destroy Topakhon, an ancient, Black Hole powered mass destruction mobile satellite which used to be a planet - Aulta'Tal's homeland - before it was converted into a weapon, and the inhabitants chosen to survive, converted into cyborgs, inhabiting this fully automated machine, responsible for the continuation of intergalactic conflicts and genocides throughout rhoughly 1200 years, in the dark era referred by some as the Topakhon Wars. Most have forgotten, save for immortal beings and actual gods - when legends of different worlds refer to this time, they do it partially and in metaphorical ways.

    Crafted by the extinct Anunnaki, and also by different groups of Cuetzpalin (meaning "lizard" in nahuatl, in IXIPTLA they're humanoid reptiles native to Aztlán, but who have also inhabited "Anahuac", a.k.a Earth) and Vok (humanoid birds with distinctive telepathic abilities), the Spear was lost for centuries, having fallen into the hands of competing Mayan dynasties, the Toltecs, the Chichimeca and later finally becoming a prized possession of a Zuni tribal chief, who eventually passed it to one of his allies, a Cuetzpalin named Montezuma. Alongside other two Cuetzpalin, Montezuma was one of the last Cuetzpalin roaming earth, but also actually a human able to transform into one. Since he got the Spear, he started to experience lucid dreams of a Vok (unaware of its actual nature) known as The Crossbill, who instructed him and another Cuetzpalin, Paynal ("fast" in nahuatl) to prevent the plans of Tupaq, the First Dragon and Elemental God of Darkness from coming to fruition.
    Tupaq impersonates the expanding force of the universe, the hypothetical Phantom Dark Energy and seeks to accelerate the universe's expansion until he causes the Big Rip, the eventual dissipation of all matter. He argues, after an experience which had him travelling to the dimension of Absolute Darkness and surviving, that only those with consciousnesses strong enough to overcome the Absolute Darkness will live in the post-Big Rip world, which will be like the dimension of Absolute Darkness, albeit filled with memories of all who have gone before, and this data will be read and re-experienced by the survivors, who will enjoy eternity in complete harmony with his omniscient rule.
    Tupaq is, needless to say, the force behind the development of Topakhon, though Topakhon has only been made possible by the employment of figures such as Aulta'Tal, whose objectives may ultimately differ from Tupaq's, but only after his plan is advanced to a certain point. SPECTRO, Aulta'Tal's creation, as does his Saqraruna agents, likely follow the same overriding command: not merely to eliminate most of a planet's sentient life, but first forcing it to fit into a proccess known as "Automation", and on Earth, just look around, it has begun in an international level a long time ago.

    The 13th AI, following her commands, has eventually stolen the spear from Montezuma, and SPECTRO, who's a known enemy to the Cuetzpalin, has claimed that "the Crossbill was an illusion he cast on the Spear a long time ago, to help him locate and look after the Spear through its users after he lost it, let's say, a "camera bug" of sorts. Whether or not he's bluffing has yet to be revealed, however the pressing concern is that the Spear was the only weapon able to destroy Topakhon, and... guess what, behind the scenes, SPECTRO and his minions have been working on creating a new Topakhon for Tupaq. And Earth is one of the planets on its way. Why does the 13th AI do that? She doesn't hope SPECTRO will ever be defeated, so she won't become the head of the Saqraruna, and really doesn't need to be. It's also not for the power of the Spear alone. Yet, the Spear holds more secrets than even SPECTRO know - it's one of the ME, legendary Gifts of Civilization, which contain memories from the late Anunnaki King Anu from the time of the Topakhon Wars, in the form of dreams. It may even be possible that Crossbill is actually Anu? One way or another, linking the dots, "13" would understand much more about the universe than her creator, and that would give her not only an advantage, rendering him obsolete, but also give her a new purpose - or not? Can she proccess thoughts as independently as she believes? Either way, arguing that she possess such a great general knowledge, is it true that she has no moral concerns about the role which Topakhon may play here afterwards? Or she actually has, and reasonably stands for the elimination of sentient life?
    Her position is known to her alone, albeit it is still up to debate. Perhaps someone may be able to convince her otherwise? But what would be the results if she turned against her creator?

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