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Guiler-717's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Mahtlactli-omome Malinalli (Uxi ivi Qhi)*

(a.k.a Zamahel, itzamahel or Itztlacoliuhqui)

Here you'll find both professional work and studies / stuff I do for myself.
I work with both traditional, digital (and mixed) art, and am currently more focused on 2D character design/illustration and Comics.

My work is usually centered around my personal project, a mythopoeia titled IXIPTLA, constantly put on hold due to my academical, social life, and the practice of other art-related activities.
IXIPTLA means "impersonator" in nahuatl, and refers to a specific category of sacrificial victims, usually war captives, who lived luxurious lives in their last days, "impersonating" gods before their fate at the altar. This concept plays a major role in the story I'm developing. As you may notice, I have great interest in the culture, history and cosmology of a variety of pre-hispanic cultures of the American continent, and this is reflected in some of my art.

I use this account to store and organize all my art, from the most humble to the most elaborate. It's also a place to store detailed descriptions of elements from the story of IXIPTLA. I keep this gallery since 2011, so there's some 7 years old art here! I've grown more satisfied with my style over the years, though I still feel I have a long way to improve my techniques.

Constructive feedback is always welcome!

Comissions, requests, art trades:
CLOSED for indeterminate time


NECOC YAOTL - "Enemy of Both sides"
Both the Feathered Serpent who brings culture and the Lord of the Morning Star who destroys it, both the Ancient Sun that shines its deceiving light upon the earth and the God of Blindfolded Justice who punishes its life with bitter cold and misery.

* the day 12 Movement in the Tonalpohualli, or 260-day Mesoamerican calendar, in Nahuatl and Ñuù Savì/Ñuù Dzahui (Mixteca) languages. My birthdate according to the Ruben Ochoa correlation of the Tonalpohualli

Other Stuff about me:

  • Listening to: Crybaby by Agraph
  • Reading: The Biological Evolution of Pain
  • Watching: Devilman Crybaby
  • Playing: World's Scariest Police Chases (PSX)
  • Eating: Banana, Mango and Granola
  • Drinking: Coffee
From here to eternity by Guiler-717
Anna Philopator and Plasmaex, a couple of robot girls from the future.
Technically, Ann's a cyborg with a human mind and Plasmaex a synthetic android with her own A.I. Both may look cute, but they're dangerous.

    It's been a while since I haven't written anything around here, perhaps because I'm already used to update my situation elsewhere (instagram, for example). Still, I'm still very active posting my art here and giving it (over)detailed descriptions, whether they're part of my current story (IXIPTLA) or derived from current modifications of my past stories (BYDURAK). Overall, I haven't stopped producing art - either drawings with traditional ink and pens, or digital painting with a tablet - since October, and I've practically doubled my production in relation to last year, what means I've never produced so much in so short of a time. That's quite a challenge, and despite by itself it doesn't neccessarily mean I'm evolving my technique, it does display some evolution, and that's only natural, because this habit, of practically locking myself up in a dungeon and drawing/painting 8-9 hours a day is the way/alternative I found to develop my technique, given the fact that at work or at college I'd spend most of my time in useless activities. You see, when you think about it working for others, and others' works often clash with your own, and your own progress. An example? Just as I'm writing this, there's someone on the other side of the window of my building, working on its' "maintenance" (an aesthetical one), messing up my work with this noise and all. How am I or anyone supposed to produce under such poor conditions? Ironically, because you've got to rest and eat, you also need others to do some work for you while you're working for yourself. This sounds obvious, even obnoxious, however there's a deeply harsh sense of reality to it. That's not what I was going to tell, however.

    Every artist get tired sometime, and can choose to stop or not to stop, or in some cases, like mine now, to helplessly continue working, even under difficult conditions (and not only "lack of inspiration" or "lack of time", I'm talking about lack of resources, when you have to stop just because you've got nothing in the fridge). I always carry an A4 and an A6 sized sketchbook with me, and it's impressive to see how much detail you can put into an A6 sized drawing, even more after you scan it and start to paint it on the computer. And that's where I'm headed at: I've just finished a series of drawings and paintings featuring OCs, some which I finished sooner than I wanted, but I'll just leave them at that. I'm really tired of wasting so many days here. Whether or not I'll get some positive, constructive feedback, I don't care anymore, it seems that in the end, the difference between working for someone and for yourself are not only blurred, the only point here is that no matter where you are, even in a crowd, you'll always be alone.

Valentines by Guiler-717
You find this heartwarming? This personal piece means a lot to me, and was made during a particularly difficult time. But no, these people (or OCs, it really doesn't matter now) aren't valentines, and only one of them is enamorated. Can you tell which one? Looks may be deceitful.

Force Field by Guiler-717
The answer is there.

Plasmie by Guiler-717

So, there's more of Plasmaex (and her spirit guardian, a mutated, moth-like "Jockeymorph" Alien Queen). This is a preview, one of the A6 sized drawings I was talking about earlier. I'm on my way to have 500 "deviations" around here, and after that, I can only say I'm not going to be active in the future. Only sporadically. The hardest part of creating universes on your own is communicating them to any who lack not only basic references (of history, culture, life, science, not only entertainment), but also major interest. There's nothing social about "social networks". It could be used to amplify general knowledge, but it's only being used to amplify the reach of misinformation, and the economical system play a major role on it. Who gets to pay higher gets to be more seen, there's no impartial information in this. That's why I use and encourage the use of adBlocking.


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