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If you can identify all the employes, I dub thee 'Mega Sega fan.'

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i think that sailer character is named vyse or something like that. then there the billy hatcher girl. then Nights. the anthro i don't recognize. i do recognize tails of course that chicken girl looks so familiar but i can't remember who it is.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
nice try! the sailor is from vyse's game, but not him.
thanks for playing! heh
smhuddy's avatar
damn, then i guess it can only be lone wolf lawrence he,s the only other one i can think of. unless it was that bratty kid that stowaway on the ship when you leave that place in your new ship with the prince
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
nah, it's Hans, the quite minor character. ^^;
TheTimeTraveler's avatar
What, No Toejam and Earl?! Seriously no, I don't recognize any of them, hmm, except the first one, I recognize the outfit from Billy Hatcher (What where they thinking making that game?!) Seriously this was funny!
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
never played any game called toejam... or earl. ^^; yeah, billy hatcher was a weird thing indeed.
komaru6's avatar
he he i wont say them outloud but yeah i got alot of em ^^
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
ok, I'll have to trust you on that!
XxdarknayruxX's avatar
if i could identify them all id have to slap myself and go outside ^^;
HHog's avatar
Just reading through... Let's see, there's that girl from Billy Hatcher, erm... is that a dude from Skies of Arcadia? Then there's Red Ring Rico and Nights, and finally Alef from Shining Force. =D
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
hey, congrats, you got 'em all! nice job
HHog's avatar
Well, I got the names of all the games, at least. I can't remember -which- guy from SofA that was, nor have I ever really played Billy Hatcher enough to know the little girl's name. ^^;

And I guess this is a silly place to mention it, but I just finished reading through what's there now of the comic, by the way - and I think I'll want to keep an eye on what's to come. =P
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well, getting the names of the games right is something at least. no one's done that before!

Yes, thanks for reading my comic! and i shall watch you in return! (not much of a favor, but...^^;)
SallyTheRabbit's avatar
tails got fired X3 it's well drawn! X3 I dunno who any of those characters are :D but its a good page!
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
thanks! all the other people are from other sega games. not many know about these games....
Midnight-el-Gatito's avatar
Ummm...'Nights'...that first girl looks like she's from 'Billy Hatcher'...:shrug:
Squall179's avatar
is the one with the red on the one side and white on h other Red Ring Rico? DOES say Tekker next to her....
CG-Wolf's avatar
O-o I identified the majority of them.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
Yeah, there are a couple tough ones.
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