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This is some quick promotional and awareness-raising art about the fact that Adventurers' Guild now has its own webcomic site, for those that may be watching my art, but ignoring my journals. Not that I blame you for that or anything, in fact I didn't want to just give you some throw-away image already on my computer and write about it in the description, so here's some new art of these four As'G party members!
...Need to do more work on backgrounds, though.

So, visit it here if you have not already. I'm currently partway into uploading episode 1.

...Now I just have to figure a way to reach the people who look at my art, but not my art descriptions...
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*Mentally inserts Avenger's theme music here*
Klaus looks so cool here.
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I must find a way to get my own epic theme music....!
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"Prepare yourselves!!"
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Fight for your friends!