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Art of Swords 9

And so, we bid farewell to all the extras who never had any lines. Oh, and Yohanna, too.

All I have to say. Don't concentrate on my comments here, concentrate on the comic itself!

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Dude, his face XD
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Haha, it's great to see him finally soften up.
Sorry for the late comment, btw. I've, uh, been really inactive lately. ^^; I still love your comics enough to comment though. x3
At least they don't have to worry about all the others slowing them down and annoying them and whatnot. Hopefully they can put up with each other for the time being. xD It'd be terrible if they couldn't. The comic's looking great as always. =3
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ah don't worry about lateness, I don't mind just as long as you do comment one day! :XD:
heh, it's cool to see that you're thinking about what could happen so much! well, I just submitted the next page, so that'll answer a few questions.
thanks much! :glomp:
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The comic is preety cool, bob! :D
can't wait to read more!

seems that ryu-sama likes him ^^
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thanks very much, glad you like it!
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no, really, though, it's nice to see Ryu-sama smile like that.
Y'know I don't get chores 'cuz my parent don't believe in 'em. :XD:
great job once again! i've been looking forward to this page for some time. can't wait for the next one! =D
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heheh, glad you like it! ^^
your parents don't believe in chores?! ... now, THAT'S why pigs are flying, man.
heheh, the next page's gonna be good. =D
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no problem! =D and 'course i like it!
:XD: no, they don't. i used to have to make my bed but then we all got lazy so nobody does it. my parents are the only ones doing the chores that my brother and myself should be doing.
really? well i can't wait to see it, then! =)
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and good!
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xD That's cute. I like Ryu-sama's smirk at the end =)
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great, glad you noticed that! it's important, 'cause he rarely shows emotions, and such.
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Gotta love the smirk Ryu-Sama has on his face in the last panel. :XD:
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oh yes. glad you like that. ^^
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that must be a really good joke then XD looks really good how you drew the characters in this page so well done nice work and keep it up ^^
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thanks! though, I don't know what you mean by "it must be a really good joke." you can judge for yourself!
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