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Art of Swords 8

And so, Ryu-sama weeds out the weak willed people, leaving him with... well, you can figure it out, it's not hard. You just gotta look at the page.

Really not much for me to say about this page, actually!

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lol i wanted to read this series again for some strange reason (other than its an awesome series like that)

and i just noticed in that one panel (like panel 9/10?) one of the other students look just like Cedric! :XD: lol that all i wanted to say~
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first of all, I really appreciate you reading it again. that doesn't seem to be a thing people do often! means much to me.

and yeah, that's probably because it IS Cedric. Most of the characters in As'G existed LONG before I started that comic, and when I started drawing comics and started needing extras for backgrounds, I needed to get their designs from SOMEwhere! :XD: =D
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KrisiChiki's avatar
honestly i believed that jonathan will choose to stay :D
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
did you? well ok, you were right!
....wouldn't be much of a sword story if everyone had left the dojo. heh!
footnoodles's avatar
Huh. They're all very tunnel visioned. *nods*

I spelt that wrong I think.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
many people are these days! that's the moral of this whole series, things were better in the old days when you had to work for what you want.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well, saying that phrase like that might not make it sound good, but you get what I mean. heh!
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Gie's avatar
This is really intriging. I can't wait to see what will happens next!!
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
thank you lots! glad you like it. :hug:
Gie's avatar
no problem =)
Marth179's avatar
Yohanna is leaving
Oh well
Good job!!!!!
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
why does this make you so sad...
oh, wait, I see how it is... heh ;)
:XD: thanks!
animefluffykitty's avatar
intresting character Ryu =O
only Ryu and Jonathan, XD

wonder what will hapen next, i bet this is going to get veeeery interesting. btw, i can't figure out the main character, Ryu or Jonathan? or both? or i have to wait for the next pages |D
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
thank you lots! um, I think I'd say that they're both the main character. though, that's a bit weird. If I really had to choose one, it'd be John, I guess.
animefluffykitty's avatar
=O that's interesting, i'm looking forward to see wat hapens next! ;3
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
eh, next one won't be up for a while though, I think...
animefluffykitty's avatar
D: aww, too bad...
well , we all need time when comes about comics XD;
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
yeah, that, and I have no internet anymore. :XD: (am at a wi-fi place that's not my house right now.)
animefluffykitty's avatar
no internet?! D8 well internet is evil after all :|
wi-fi is not your house? i thought it is :o


ok, ok, i'm not serious, i was trying to make a joke :|
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
oh well, that's ok. I've found a way around no home-internet. heh
c0nkz's avatar
Well, this is interesting. =3 Jonathon's gonna be all alone with the crazy guy. xD Hope he'll do all right.
I love the "next morning" panel. The scenery looks beautiful. <3 And the comic altogether is turning out wonderfully. Keep it up. Definitely can't wait to read the next page. =]
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