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Art of Swords 7

Ooh, now we're getting into pretty extreme inner-battles! I'm glads I don't have to draw those fights, too, this comic's gonna have enough fights as it is.


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that'll be a though choice, really. Awesome job though =D
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poor guy, well, i'd wonder what he'll choose.
honestly intresting story! :) can't wait to see the next page ^^
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thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. ^^
animefluffykitty's avatar
of course i do! swords, fights, swordmen and aprentices and stuff like this, wat can be better ;3
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well.... just between you and me... there's no magic in this series at all. that's how it could be better! :XD:
animefluffykitty's avatar
well, there's no magic in Sonic too and i like the series O.o
plus i love any samurai related stories without being any magic there X3
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
sonic's got plenty of magic! like, da chaos emeralds. heh
but whatever, the point is you like my story, and that is good. :XD: =D
animefluffykitty's avatar
oh yea i forgot that! D:
yesh i rlly like it c:
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I'm looking forward to all the fight scenes though~ :P You do an awesome job displaying them.
Love the nighttime effects here~
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
*thinks* ah, yeah, a few more fight scenes in the future. heh
and thanks so much, that's nice of you to say. :hug:
footnoodles's avatar
The plot thickens~! XP
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
mhmm! just like it did in my last comic, sometimes! :XD:
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aaaah...tough choices....well atleast he gives them a day and doesnt demand an answer right then and there
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
...and that's the silver lining thing, I suppose! heh
Wolfox-of-life's avatar
wow thats a different thing to think about Owo
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
there are many differences in the world of swords!
jemini-R's avatar
oh dear, kinda sucks, doesn't it?

well, aside from the situation, great job on the art!
might i ask what you did to get that darkish effect on the last couple of panels?
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
life sometimes does...

oh that, it wasn't hard, I just have a drawing program that came with me scanner... called photostudio, and I selected the parts i wanted darkened, and just went to "brightness and contrast"

anyway, glad you like it!
jemini-R's avatar
true, true.

ah, i see. simple technique. =D

no problems~ :heart: :glomp:
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