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Art of Swords 5

Basically, the fight. Took lots of work to draw, so why didn't this page take a month to make? Hmm...
And, we learn what the request is!

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He put up a decent fight! Get off his back peoplez!!!:threaten: JK JK XD
Nice page!
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
yeah, at least he didn't get beat with the first attack!
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Aw man, that fight scene must've been hard... unless you had the whole thing in your mind. I mean like, everything. ... um, good job. xD And that's a pretty bad request...
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
fight senses are always tricky for me, but that's why I wanted to do a series with a bunch of them. to force me to get better. (and so far, as far as I can tell, it's working!)
what's so bad about that request?
animefluffykitty's avatar
omg great job on poses and perspective!
wow Ryu seems kind, even if Jonathan lost he'd still grant it wow.
great job on this page :) (sorry for late comment)
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well, I guess that a bunch of the point of this series is for me to practice drawing poses and perspective.
animefluffykitty's avatar
:3 it's good to practice, lol, i should practice too X3
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
if you think so! probably wouldn't hurt. heh
Marth179's avatar
awwww poor guy.....
i hope he gets his vacation...
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
you'll soon see! or, you already did, because I've already got comment messages from you on those pages.
footnoodles's avatar
I thought I missed a page. DX *bricked*

Idiot. You don't get a vacation...
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
right, I thought it odd that comment on #6 was 20 minutes before #5... don't give it away! :XD:
footnoodles's avatar
You got it sir XP Mah bad >..>"
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
eh, is ok. they just have to click on one thing to find that out anyway.
footnoodles's avatar
Chyeah really XP
Safaiia's avatar
Really good job on the poses. :)

Heheh, vacation. . .
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
thanks, those poses were tough! heh, and the rest of my family must have though i'd gone all mad when I was posing myself to try to see positions, and such. ^^; (the things I have to do for you people!)
c0nkz's avatar
WHOOO FIGHT SCENE! :dance: I think that was well done! =3 Moved the blade over a little more, and that guy would've been decapitated. D:
Poor guy just wants a break~ D: Hope he gets it though.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
yeah, I was trying to show how Ryu-sama is in complete control, and COULD decapitate him IF he wanted to. ^^;
ah, you'll see what happens next in the next page! ...but I guess you could have figured that out on your own... rather obvious. :XD:
oh well, thanks for the comment, Shinon.
felousefarnayne's avatar
a vacation? that sounds like a marvelous quest lets hope the master grants it XD anyway looks well drawn this page nice work and keep it up ^^
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
hm just wait and see but recall all the master was talking about in page 2...
Annomaniac's avatar
Holiday... *sings*
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
yeah, holiday, vacation, break, time-off, recess, long weekend, ya know. all that stuff. *sings*
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