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Art of Swords 10

Yes, I finally get to upload the funny page! Heheh! Way better training than Rocky Balboa. :XD:

My apologize to those of you who liked Johnathan's old hairstyle, but I felt like re-doing it!


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oh my god the part with the manga was great :rofl:
Samalamalove's avatar
Nice, almost forcing child labor... um, well, you get it...

Like the new 'do, too.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well, ya know, Ryu values hard work and stuff, and Johnathan WANTS to get better. and he's not really still a child, I don't think.
ah well. glad you like da 'do. :XD:
vlower's avatar
vlower's avatar
you welcome =P
footnoodles's avatar
If I got a haircut like that... Homan. That would be awesome XD
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
homan? now who's tha- oh wait, it's an expletive. :XD:
well, glad you like it! heh
footnoodles's avatar
Of course! XD
jemini-R's avatar
heh interesting training. and i absolutely love how ryu-sama makes him do the work :XD:
heh, girl's swimsuit magazine?
... that's actually pretty good training. ;p
johnathan doesn't look as good without the spikes.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
heh, yeah, thanks! I'm proud of this page. =D

hm, you think so? .... and that's all I can think to say to that! :XD:
jemini-R's avatar
no problem! :heart:
x3 heh, yeah. in my opinion. i'll get used to it.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
ok, just so long as you don't throw a fit going "I want his OLD hair baaaaaaack!"
but, I trust ya not to do that. :XD:
jemini-R's avatar
I WANT HIS SPIIIKES!! *shotshotshot* :XD:
seriously, all it takes is a little getting used to. =D but if his hair was like that at first and then he grew spikes i'd have to get used to them. y'know? =]
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
ah, I see... makes sense.
jemini-R's avatar
yeah. so that way, when people change something about their appearance i picture it the other way around... or something like that. actually, i don't even know what i'm saying :XD:
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
well say no more, in that case. I know what you mean. :XD:
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Oh, that's smart! Bringing in chess.. that's really smart. xD I guess they'll learn more about surrounding enemies without much risk and such? lol at the will power bit too. xD Those are all just sheer torture.
Awesome. New haircut. He didn't have to pay anything either. xDD

Well, I seriously bet they're both happy that there's no one else around. That means Johnathan can hog all the training to himself, lol.

I'm glad to see some more humor in your comic. Keep it up~~ c: I'm really enjoying this.
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
yep, there's more to training yourself than just doing the same thing over and over! gotta be creative, and I'm trying to say that Ryu knows all the tricks of training. Heh!
and that will-power one, just something I came up with on the spur of the moment. :XD: (but heck, I'VE had to use willpower against things like that!!)

glad you like it. ^^ and, as Shakespeare teaches us, even the most serious tragedy needs SOME comic relief. heh
felousefarnayne's avatar
yeah doesn't have to chop wood and get water XD anyway looks really good how you drew this page so well done and made me giggle a little nice work and keep it up ^^
GuildmasterPhill's avatar
thank you glad you enjoyed it ^^
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