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The Journey to Closure

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Since DAeclipse does not have a place to list your sex, and only does that weird thing where you say pronouns and make people infer what you mean, I'll just put it here. Sex: Male.

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Cloverfield, Princess Mononoke
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The Killers, Muse
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All Zelda games Fire emblem4 Mario64 Smash brothers Metroid fusion Earthbound Hotel dusk 999
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Anything Nintendo!
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The power of my mind?!
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Video games, jujitsu, drawing my comic, writing my stories

Midnight Madness??

Midnight Madness??

Ok, late night confession time. Bit of a vent, but not a rant. I think I've come to realize something about myself. Self reflection is good, but try not to get too obsessed with it... like catching yourself hitting refresh on your subscriber count, or whatever. But no! This has nothing to do with that. I think I have an issue where I'm probably more hard-working than I perceive myself as. Like, I don't think I'm super lazy, but I think I kind of am. As a result, I beat myself up for not doing more than I actually do. And although I can play videogames and watch youtube for hours on end, extreme feelings of guilt come to me some time after I do. I wake up quite late, and am not all that productive at night time. It's a lot of pressure and I'm stressing myself out over it. But when I take a minute to self reflect and actually like look at what I have accomplished in any sample of time... let's say... this year. It's not a small amount of accomplishments. Not major milestones but more

Situation: You get punched in the face! What do you do?

  |  5 votes
  • I punch back at who did it!
  • I call the authorities on this assailant!
  • I run off as fast as I can!
  • I just take it. I probably deserved it.
  • Whine about it on social media some time later.
  • I call my lawyer and sue this attacker!
  • I bide my time and seek out tenfold revenge later.
  • Escalate the situation: bring a gun to a punch fight.
  • Enjoy every moment for I am a masochist.
  • I just cry.
Klaus why you actin sus?

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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist

Made a blogpost about A'sG and shared it on SocialGalactic, here is response. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

Very thoughtful and cool! What is this blog site?

FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist

The blog post is here:

And SocialGalactic is a closed social network place; I shared it there.

nice nice, and cool.

vlowerHobbyist General Artist

i randomly came to your page to say


like for real their are so many deviantart accounds that are in here for so long and dont get any badge at all.

i think you deserve one by this point .

Hey, wow, I definitely appreciate the thought! DA's never done anything for me though... no daily deviation or anything, so don't get your hopes up.


vlowerHobbyist General Artist

wel it would be nice if deviantart would give the older member at least some sort of badge or somthing .

becuase its deviantarts foundation .

thats the most loyal group of poeple from deviantart and they act as if its trash .

for a period i wanted that badge but then realize that their are soooo many deviantart accounds that are in here for such a long time and no one is giving them anything for their support to deviantart.

its verry sad to see. but i think deviantart should give you at least somthing.

your a long term member your not one of those accounds who only uses deviantart for 2 years and then leaves your way more then that.