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Voici ma troisième participation à un défi du groupe des "Photomorphers". Nous devions avoir pour thème la magie. J'ai joint une histoire à cette scène, alors j'espère que vous aimerez!

Un couple en voyage pour New York visitait les rues de l'île un matin de novembre. Dû au froid qui se levait, ils décidèrent de se rendre dans au café le plus près, ayant recours à Google pour trouver le commerce le plus près.
Arrivant au café dénommé Catffee, selon l'enseigne. Ils entrèrent dans le commerce et furent accueilli par le seul homme présent dans la grande salle vide. L'homme les invita à s’asseoir où ils le souhaitait. Le jeune couple choisi une place sur une banquette près de la vitre à l'avant.
-Tu trouve pas étrange que nous soyons seuls à cet heure? dit le mari à sa femme. Ça devrait être bien rempli pour un grand commerce comme celui-ci.
-On est mercredi, les gens travaillent. répondit sa femme.
-Tu as raison.
Le serveur qui les avait accueillit reparu avec les menus, puis s'exila de nouveau à l'arrière.
-Tu prends quoi, chérie? dit le mari. Il y a tellement de choix.
-Je ne sais pas trop, je crois que je vais prendre la spécialité de la maison. Ça doit pas être mauvais, c'est la spécialité.
-Oui, si tu veux. Moi, je prendrai un simple moka.
-Si tu veux.
Le serveur reparu à ce moment, pris la commande, puis disparu de nouveau à l'arrière.
-On dirait qu'il te regardait drôlement en partant, dis l'homme. Je crois qu'il souriait en secret.
-Arrête de t'imaginer des choses. Profite de ta journée.
-D'accord, tu as raison.
Peu après, le serveur arriva avec les boissons. Il déposa le moka devant l'homme, puis l'autre boisson devant la femme, puis les quitta de nouveau pour l'arrière, un sourire en coin.
-Regarde moi ça, s'exclama le mari. On dirait un mélange en poudre.
-Tu as raison. Par contre, je crois que je vais aimer ma boisson.
La spécialité de la maison était en fait un mystérieux café dont émanait une légère brume verte et jaune.
-Tu veux vraiment boire ça? Ça m'a l'air douteux.
-Bien sûr que je vais le boire. C'est ce que j'ai commandé.
-Combien on pari que tu ne le finira pas?
-Je sais que tu es assez têtu pour tout boire peu importe le goût que ça a pour gagner, mais j'accepte le pari. Tu vas craquer cette fois, j'en suis certain.
-On verra.
Elle débuta à boire le café qui, au final goûtait terriblement bon. Elle réussit de peine et de misère à arrêter de le boire à mi-chemin.
-Oh mon dieu chéri, c'est tellement bon! s'exclama-t-elle.
-Euh... chérie...
-Quoi? Tu es surpris que je l'aime ou que j'en ai bu que la moitié? C'est trop bon!
-Euh... aucun des deux. Tends ta main et regarde.
-Oh... mon... dieu!
Sa main était couverte de fourrure. Elle saisit son cellulaire et regardait son visage dans l'écran de l'appareil photo.
-Je suis à moitié chatte! Comment est-ce possible?
-Je vais chercher le serveur, reste ici, je reviens.
L'homme se mit à la recherche du serveur et trouva la porte pour la cuisine. Il tenta de l'ouvrir, mais celle-ci était verrouillée. Il remarqua une note et la lut:
"Désolé, nous sommes fermé définitivement. Merci de votre compréhension."
Il retourna à sa table en furie. Il ne s'attendait pas à ce que le cauchemar n'empire d'avantage: Sa femme n'avait su résister à la tentation qu’exerçait la boisson sur elle et l'avait bu en entier. Elle avait maintenant une apparence de chat.
Depuis ce jour, l'homme tente désespérément de trouver la somme nécessaire à un voyage en Égypte, étant convaincu que la solution est lié à leur culture ancestrale, eux qui vénéraient les chats.


Here is my third participation to a challenge from the Photomorphers. We needed to do a magic themed work, so here is mine! I added a short story to it, so enjoy!
Credit to 
:icontransformationhub: for the English translation of the story.

A couple on a journey in New York were visiting the streets of the island one morning in November. Due to the cold weather, they decided to head to a café for a warm beverage, resorting to Google to find the nearest coffee shop.
"There's one about five minutes from our location." the dark blonde haired girl called.
The couple smiled at each other as they began to short walk to the warm comfort of the shop.

Arriving at the coffee shop called Catffee, according to the sign, hanging above the door. They entered Catffee and were welcomed by the presence of the only man in the big empty room. The man invited them to sit down wherever they fancied. The young couple picked a place on a seat near to the window in front.
"Don't you find strange that we are alone at this the hour?" the husband asked his wife. "This place should be filled with hundreds of people."
"Well it is Wednesday, people do have work." Answered his wife.
"I guess your right." smiled the husband.
The waiter who had them welcomed reappeared with the menus, then exiled himself again in the back.
"What do you fancy love?" the husband quizzed.
-"I don't know." came the short reply from his wife as she browsed the menu, "I believe that I am going to have the speciality of the house. After all, it can't be that bad." 
"Yes, if you want. I'll have a simple mocha". the husband smiled.
"Same as always." the wife chuckled.

"Ready to order?" the waiter asked returning to the table.
The couple informed him of their choices.
"Excellent choice madam." he cheered upon hearing the woman's choice.
"Did he just look at you funny?" the husband whispered.
"Relax and stop imagining things. Take advantage of your day." the wife said.
"Yeah, your right." muttered the husband.

After a short space of time, the waiter returned placing the mocha done in front of the man and a shiny cup in front of the woman.
"Enjoy." the waiter called, retreating for the back as a smirk crossed his face. 
"Look at that!" exclaimed the husband. "Mine's that horrible powder mixture."
"On one hand your right but I believe that I am going to like my drink." the wife giggled.
The speciality of the house was, in fact, a mysterious coffee housed in a shiny cup that emanated a light green and yellow mist.
"You really want to drink that?" the husband asked.
"Of course, I am going to drink it. I love trying new things out." the wife smiled.
"How much do you want to bet that your not going to finish that?" the man quizzed.
"Twenty dollars." came the short reply.
"I know that you are rather stubborn and can eat or drink everything no matter the taste just to win a bet but I accept the bet." the man began.
The woman just nodded.
"I just know you going to crack this time." the man finished.
"We shall see." came the wife's sweet reply.

She began to drink the coffee which, in the end, tasted better than she thought. She managed with ease to get about halfway before stopping.
Her eyes sparkled as she beamed a smile from ear to ear, "My god this is amazing. Best coffee ever!"
"Euh... Darling..." the husband called, a concerned look crossing his face
 "What? Are you surprised that I liked it or that I drank that half? It is too good!" the wife giggled.
The man remained silent for a few seconds watching as his lover's ears poked through her hair. A thick coat of brown fur covering them as they reshaped into points
"None of those two just look will you!" the man cried out as his wife's face began to coated in brown fur.
"Oh my god!" she shrieked, noticing the fur sprouting out of her hands.
She looked at her husband, to find he was pointing to the top of her head. 

The wife grabbed her phone and quickly pulled up the camera. Her eyes widened as she watched her own hair darkening to matching her face and ears.
"I'm half cat! How is that possible?" she screamed, recognising the shape of her ears
"I'll fetch the waiter. Stay here." the husband told her.
"The wife let out a small cry out in agreement.
The man put himself in a search of the waiter and found the door to the kitchens. He tried to open it but found it was locked. He noticed a note and read it:
" Sorry, we are definitively closed. Thank you for your understanding. "
He returned to his table in fury. 
He didn't expect that this nightmare could get any worse. The wife seemed unphased by his fury and resumed drinking her beverage, her concerns and fears of her furred form seemingly disappearing as if something was controlling her, willing her on to finish her cursed beverage.
Her husband's cries fell upon death ears as a long ropey tail grew out of her tailbone, tearing through her jeans.
The wife let out a small "meow" as whiskers poked out of the pores in her cheeks.
"This can't be happening!" he sighed
She purred in delight as she finished, her eyes an emerald green colour.
"Oh no!" the man cried out.
His wife, his once tall, beautiful wife was now the size of a five-year-old child. Her clothes were much bigger than her.
"Let's get you home and figure a way out of this mess." the man sighed.
Quick as a flash he bundled his cat wife up in her leather jacket and made for their hotel on the other side of town.

From that day forth the man travels the world to reach Eygpt to seek the wisdom of those who worshipped the cats while keeping his kitty wife in a box, hidden from sight unaware of who she once was, her mind that of a humbled housecat.
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shinypoopaproStudent Artist
is the first part in French?
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. I always write in the description part in both French and English, but it is the same message. The story is a little bit different, since I asked someone else to rewrite it in English to be sure there is less mistakes.
You can see there is always - - - between the two versions to split them.
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shinypoopaproStudent Artist
Ah, merci madame monsieur 
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Monsieur, haha
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shinypoopaproStudent Artist
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Bloody hell thats well done, definitely the best one ive seen ive you've got it very well done. I may furfag but damn sorry i just can't resist she's pretty lol
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
I am not sure what furfag means, but thanks a lot for your kind words. I have worked hard on that one and I am happy to know there is other people who like the result. 😊
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I honestly think this is one of my most fav photo morphs. I really think everything is purrfect with it. So good. 
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Yes same here I've only just noticed this and it's definitely one of the best photomorphs, ive seen very well done
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, thank you! 🙂
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I hope you don't mind some feedback.
It's perfectly blended, her furry fingers look ready for turning into paws. I love the face and ears the most. I'll look forward to seeing more
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
I do like feedback. It’s hard to progress when nobody tells you what they think about your work, so thank you for telling me what you think of it.
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Phenomenal work Guiguicoul!
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
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mrtboyHobbyist Digital Artist
WOW, incredible work, teh face is amazingly detailed
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
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GuiguicoulHobbyist Digital Artist
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