Tatakae! Cho Robot Seimeitai Transformers!

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Yep, Japanese... Why? 'cause I'm working on my first japanese TF commission, a comic strip for that amazing series of books known as TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2009
published in japan by Million Publishing.
You can take a look at their page here: www.millionhero.jp/tfg2009/ind…

I'm a huge fan of japanese Transformers (especially the old G1 series) so this is a dream project that became true.
And I won't do only the lineart, but the colours as well!

Script for this short story is from TF-guru Simon Furman, who describe this new experience on his blog too: simonfurman.wordpress.com/
The comic will follow events set in the 2 previous TF Henkei installments... but with a Furman's twist ;)

Book is scheduled for August, 17.

...Look at the gallery for a sneak peek ;)
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I am really glad your participating in a Japanese TF commission!!
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Congratulations on breaking into the Japanese market! Hah, it's ironic I just ordered those two Generation books, even before I saw your journal!
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Excellent news! Congratulations and best of lucks for both of you!
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Wow are you the Guido Guidi famouse TF comic artist?? If sooo im honored to meet you here on DA!!! :faint: I have DK "You can draw TransFormers" book for referance and tips,even though i have been drawing TransFormers since it came out!
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Thank you, glad you enjoyed the book!
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"Squeeels" Eh-hem sorry about that squeel,but yes its amazing! Im sorry i got a little bit frusterated there,its not everyday you can communicate with awsome famouse legendary TF artists such as yourself.Im pritty shure your a very busy artist and i can understand your tight schedual,and answering back can be a while. :)

I am very very welcome and its my pleasure! :bow:

One more thing,its because of devoted diehard TF artists like you that im imspired i draw so good now,though right now im only got MS paint. >.<; But i shall get something going some time. :D Hope you have a awsome 4rth of July!
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Congratulations and good luck.
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man it's great, try JapaneseXD
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Congrats man!
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Bella soddisfazione!
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grazie... lo è :)
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Awesome, man! :D! Hopefully this will only be the start of more Japanese collabs between the Japanese TF media and you two :D!!
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Heheh... I would love that!
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Here's hoping : )!!!
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woohooo never happen before!
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