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Why MP3?

An unused concept sketch I did for the upcoming series "All Hail Megatron": a modern days cassette recorder Soundwave!
(because microcassettes and recorders still exist).
Well, at least it's good as fanart ;)
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megatron's got to hear his music
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Love it! Maintains the classic look and updates it nicely!
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Is that Sonicron?
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Works for me. Updated yet traditional!
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What do you think of the third party figure that was based on your design?
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And there there is a 3rd Party toy of this design!
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For some reason I want to see Soundwave turn into something that can play MP3s from a smartphone. XD
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Anybody else think a 3rd party group like Fansproject should be all over this design?
I just stumbled across your picture today, and was reminded of the Sonicron toy by BTS Toys: [link] Were you involved in the toy design at all?
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you know they made a toy of this?
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This could work. I would love to see a Classics/Generations figure based off this design. It just seems like a fitting update for the good ol' communicator. Bonus points for including Laserbeak and compatibility with Ravage!
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awesome. YES! thats the coolest part of Soundwave! It makes Soundwave like a carrier for a small army!
thats a awesome redesign!
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great design! yeah you can totally still buy these!
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thought u might wana see this bro
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yep... I was aware of that - thanks anyway
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they took that and made a figure just to let you kno

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Ah, a modern design that still keeps it's traditional elements alive. Well done...
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