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Unpublished TF Energon MTMTE 2

Back on late 2005 (just right before its demise) Dreamwave Productions started project for a Transformers: Energon profile book.
Here you can take a look at some of the pencils I've produced for this never published book.

Medium: no.2 pencil on copy paper
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i was soo looking forward to this book when it was originally going to come out, so i was bugged when it didnt due to Dreamwave falling apart.

it's topnotch of you to post these designs Guido, i lov them
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thanks! I should still have a few to share BTW
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(wipes away drool) :) i'm really looking forward to them. Battle Ravage was the first Energon figure i picked up and despite some fans likeing the cartoon and others not.... I think that serise had the potential to be a hardcore TF-War serise.
I'm a little bugged at what happend to IDW's Beastwars Guidebook, out of all of the characters i drew for it i was really pleased with how Transmetal Rhinox came out
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ah you're right... you too were onboard for BW profile books... I'm curious to see what you did for it!
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It was a blast drawing some of them....but like manythings, once youve handed the work in and waited awhile you begin to start thinking you should have drawn somethings differntly :) my style for drawing TF's has already come on. I drew -
Cohrada (that one was quite fun since he's a snake)
Diver (arrgh thats one of the ones i wish i could go back on)

a fair few for me since i did them back when i hadnt done any paid work before
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You certainly brought out his bad side very well.
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Awesome Command Ravage
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Ah, Battle Ravage! Looking quite savage indeed!
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Nice work! I really like how menacing he looks. :) Well done!
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