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Transformers Regeneration One #85 - Retro Cover

Here's another "retro" cover I did for the Transformers Regeneration One series #85 (a direct continuation of the old Marvel series from the '80, with the same Writer,penciler, inker from the last run)

Inks on A3 bristol
Digital Colors

by (w)Simon Furman, (p)Andrew Wildman, (i)Stephen Baskerville and (c)John-Paul Bove

Transformers Regeneration One #85
due November 2012

Image property of IDW Publishing
Transformers © Hasbro, Takaratomy
do not use without permission
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© 2012 - 2021 GuidoGuidi
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Optimus prime said "at last Megatron is my trophy I will feed the rest to grimlock"

Destin2003's avatar
I've read the comic
neneza's avatar
Epic-wrecker's avatar
Reminds me of Batman death in the family
Nategold0410's avatar
The pathos in this is incredible; sad commentary on the wastefulness of war...
Phenometron's avatar
A very sad cover. :(
LliaOlsen's avatar
Awesome, I still have a few transformer comics including the first issue.
CapMoreno's avatar
It still makes me feel sad.
GenmaNoOu's avatar
Everybody bashed AKOM for painting Prime's backpack white, yet it works so much better when IDW does it...
Budmaloney's avatar
What's AKOM? Was it not white also in Rebirth cartoon?
GenmaNoOu's avatar
AKOM is a korean animation company. They're responsible for 3 episodes from the 2nd season, 16 from the 3rd and all 3 parts of the Rebirth. They were infamous for shoddy animation and wrong colour layouts, including giving Prime a white backpack when it's supposed to be the same red as his body.

Budmaloney's avatar
wow I didn't know, thnx for the info. I knew something was up with Animation changing. So the other regular episodes were japanese studios?
GenmaNoOu's avatar
Yes. Toei animation, to be precise, except for Call of the Primitives (we're still not sure, but people have guessed Studio OX).
JoeTeanby's avatar
Absolutely brilliant! I love this cover. The composition is superb and after all that Prime and Megatron have been through, it's actually quite a touching image. Great stuff!
Plunketta's avatar
Reminds me of a painting in Arkham City "Cain and Abel - the Duality of Man"
tommasorenieri's avatar
Guido... Guido... GVido...
Bello eh, ma non sono inscritti in due cerchi... :D
redconvoy's avatar
I never noticed your signature on the bottom right on the tomb stone XD Good touch!
jackarcher12's avatar
Wow... I might get int this story line.
I wish these were the A covers. So awesome.
ArwingPilot114's avatar
If you don't mind me guessing on who the shadow is... I really want to say it's Kup just because of the shape of the head. But for all I know it could be Megatron. Which would make the most sense... but then again, we'll just have to wait and see!

Very sweet cover if I do say so myself! :)
Idigoddpairings's avatar
It's Megatron if you look his head is peeking over the top of primes shoulder not the side, that part at the side is a part that's on his back and everythang XD
ArwingPilot114's avatar
Ahhhhh... gotcha! XD I should have known :doh:
Still, nice pic! :D
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