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Transformers Ongoing 20 cover

By GuidoGuidi
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Got a very quick break from work, just to show one of my first artworks produced 100% digitally with my new Wacom Cintiq:

The cover for IDW Transformers Ongoing #20
(on sale June 15, 2011)

Despite being a digital piece done really in rush, it's cool that I can't see really a difference from my previous pieces done on actual paper (maybe looks more "sharp"), my style is still there.

And here's the colored version by Khaamar

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Can't wait to get my hands on this!
Breakman-In-Red's avatar
Awesome Work! Wish I could do that well with a tablet! ^.^
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Mmmmm... still don't like this redesign at all.
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BRUTAL is the only word I can think of that can best describe the sheer awesomeness of this piece!
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Great job man! One of these months when we get a chance, it'd be awesome to have you come on the Underbase man!
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LOL at wheelie with his pea-shooter of a sling-shot, yes he may have good aim, BUT THIS IS GALVATRON WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!
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I knew Hot Rod was going to be back. Awesome cover!!
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so... somebody finally got to Wheelie! poor guy xD I still remember when his help message was ignored =D
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awesome job!!!!!
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Yeah Galvatron!
Recently I'm tring to use digital, but it's quite difficult to use still....
The pic really looks almost same as your traditional ones :)
You're awesome!
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both works both as the painted lines are amazing..

Galvatron ... that fear gives jejeje
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Great work !!!

And Wheelie... why he thinks he can harm Galvatron with that?

And a Wacom Cintiq, congratulations!
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Well it's great to see rodimus is still alive, but how the heck did Wheelie get there!?

Nice work Mr. Guidi
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Holding a sign until he was frozen numb, he hitchhiked by sticking out his thumb!
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Cool, Galvie's back.
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Oh my sweet goodness OwO I'm finally going to see Galvatron in the ongoing comics! This guy means serious bussiness!! :eyepopping: Yay! I'll be looking forward to it :D

Gosh Megs and Galvy in the same place! X3 haha I love the sound of that!

BTW.. Been a little outdated with the comics.. May I guess this means a sharp turn of events?? >w<
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Grande Gvido!
Tutto bene?
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Great cover, it looks like Hot Rod has a good reason to be worried
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Have to agreed with you that you managed to retained the style despite the change of medium and great job as always.
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