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Transformers Generations Comic

By GuidoGuidi
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Lineart from a japanese comic done for Million Publishing.
Published on 2009 in their beautiful "Transformers Generations" book series.

Story by Simon Furman, art by me.

Transformers © TakaraTomy, Hasbro
Do not use without permission.
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Poor Onslaught. XD
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"Hi, Decepti-wrecks! Don't mind us 'dropping in' to your party, do you? 'Course not!" Meanwhile, it looks like Onslaught is about to cook off a few chips there. Seeing the apparent manifestation of Galvatron (y'know, the Unicron-forged crazy who tried to end the entire universe because he could) does that for you.

Your art is brilliant, by the way. This is very much how I visualise the G1s myself - not the nearly-random moving metal of the movie-verse, the animated toys of the toon-verse and the weirdly rubbery machines of the laughable early UK strips. These are obviously articulated machines but still have the smooth finished feel of unthinkably advanced technology.
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Blue guy in last panel: I got the Spirit of Galvatron in me! ALL PRAISE THE HOLY GALVATRON MAH SAVIOR!
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Really love to see the text in it.
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Your into drawing bots, I couldn't do it.. Too frustrating to figure out how to place the facial figures..
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looks great!!!
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I see that Mirage came in pretty handy this time! :D
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is that...mudflap and skids?
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more or less... Screech and Skids actually ;)
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