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Transformers Devastation SDCC 2015 Poster

By GuidoGuidi
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Courtesy of Hasbro and Activision, here's a clear view of the 18x24 SDCC 2015 Transformers Devastation poster!
It was given for free at San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro's booth, hopefully will be released again in the next future.

Medium: pencil lineart, digital colors.
(for those wondering, left leg of Menasor is drawn as Offroad)

image property of Activision/Hasbro
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That game is awesome
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I just got the game to day for my birthday and it was amazing
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I really want a Transformers Devastation sequel.
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This is a pretty cool poster. A friend got it for me from the con.
ChrisCmoney's avatar
I managed to get one of the posters on the last day.... and then I left it on a table at a nearby booth!

I was so mad at myself for that.
DEMarq's avatar
    Sweet art. =^_^=
Battledroidunit047's avatar
I had hoped that it would be like Dynasty Warriors, but I guess I was only half-right.
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Now I want Masterpiece Megatron that turns into a Tank...

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The very best version of the Transformers ever.

Devastation is some kind of an brand-new released Episode of Season 2 from the G1-Series.

This time without animation-glitches, color-mistakes, or size errors......etc. etc. etc...........

Drop of bitterness is: Not all Autobots & Decepticons are seen.

TILL ALL ARE ONE!                 To the bext G1-game.
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Damn right G1 is the only one that is TRANSFORMERS
kmcbest's avatar
So glad you bring back the long-awaited G1 style into Devastation!
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Thanks! but actually I only did the packaging art and the promotional poster!
The game was developed by Activision/Platinum Games' crew I didn't had any involvement in the actual game!
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!Wow, what a great poster!
Jee-Youn-Lim's avatar
Wow, just WOW..! :o
ArwingPilot114's avatar
Seeing this poster makes me super hyped for this game :D
Excellent job on it!
WargodARTS's avatar
A good friend of mine grabbed me one of these from SDCC for my Birthday.

A just knew it was you who made it.

Beautiful job.
darkwarrior's avatar
I am so looking forward to this!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Phenometron's avatar
These G1 Transformers look very glorious.
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welcometothedarksyde's avatar
Can't wait for the game
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