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Transformers 20 cover creation

Cover creation process - all done digitally with Cintiq and PS

First I did a low res (72-100DPI) rough sketch using a simple round hard brush set on low opacity and flow (in order to get a gray tone, like a copic marker)
(now I prefer to do the first sketch on actual paper, so I can have the whole composition without having to zoom or to work in low-res)

Adjusted composition and other stuff with lasso and free transformation tool

Increased resolution to 400dpi (if working 11x17; 600dpi if at print size)
Inked on a new layer with round hard brush/pencil (100% opacity and flow)
You may want to switch pressure sensitivity off for more control while inking lineart on robots (F5 on PS, shapes dynamics) and reactivate after to add line weight or other fx.

Transformers #20 out in comics stores 6/15/2011

Do not use without permission
Transformers © Hasbro, TakaraTomy
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I foam at the mouth at your mastery. Also, you only make my want for a Cintiq even more so. Thank you for the walkthrough as well. I usually use SAI for my inks but have been "attempting" to play with PhotoshopCS moreso. It's a pretty wonky process as the lines just are not as smooth as I can get with SAI and that makes me sad face.

This is gorgeous, hands down!
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This is all awsome! I don't have any digital tablet as of yet nor a PS program. All I got is tradional style and that's all I have for now except Gimp if I did want to draw digitaly. It's better if I did have a tablet though if I am to draw digital work.
wordmongerer's avatar
Amazing work GG, thanks for showing us the process.
Blackvegetable's avatar
A kickass process! :w00t:
Ccamang's avatar
Ah... I see how you worked on digital.
Great job!
QueenofHell0666's avatar
god thats just doing comic stff to but i ve no idea what to do for inc but i guess my tablet could work. lol ur so talented :)
BDixonarts's avatar
very cool and thanks for the tips :)
BrenGun's avatar
great job!!!
Teyowisonte's avatar
dyemooch's avatar
Wow! Amazing work, Guido : D!
leokearon's avatar
Nice, love seeing the creative process
ladyofwreck's avatar
Spectacular! Can't wait to get my issue.
SoundWaver1984's avatar
How to make lines less further except opcacity and flow are all tweak to 100%?
Toxitron's avatar
You must have great patience and skill to make such brilliant works of art. I wish to draw like you someday.
GatheringStorms's avatar
Awesome work Guido! :D Definitely my favourite Ongoing cover since Wildman's ones :)
rachaelm5's avatar
It is always so interesting to see an artist's process at work. Thank you for showing us. :-)
marble-v's avatar
Awesome!! I love your inking work so much! Thanks for sharing it^^!
markerguru's avatar
thats pretty cool. personally i can't do that nor do i like just drawing it on the computer. for me i like doing it all the traditional way. still, pretty awesome looking :)
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Thanks - Well, now I'm limiting the digital part mainly to editing sketch/layouts, because is where it really helps me, while I'll do final lineart traditionally, since I'm faster that way. And because I miss the feel of the pencils on paper. Hopefully will get the best of two worlds :)
markerguru's avatar
i like that feeling too.
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Somvold's avatar
Neat and thank you for sharing with us here.
Jedi-Knight-Dave202's avatar
I never realized how many artist's now draw their composistion's via a computer now. The cover looks good, can't wait for this issue to come out
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