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Here's a sneak peek from my first japanese commission, a comic strip for the amazing series of books known as TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2009
published in japan by Million Publishing.
You can take a look at their page here [link]

Script for this short story is from TF-guru Simon Furman, who describe this new experience on his blog: [link]
The comic will follow events set in the 2 previous TF Henkei installments... but with a Furman's twist ;)

Book has been released on August 17 2009.
Buy or preorder it here: [link] [link]

Transformers ©Takara Million Publishing

Do not use without permission
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The upgrades Mirage and Ironhide have to themselves is pretty incredible to behold.
sonicxjones's avatar
is that ironhide and who is with him?
Novastorm73's avatar
Looks great. Love classics Mirage.:mechabug:
Tyrdyquinn212's avatar
My mind came up with this dialouge:

Ironhide: So I sez to 'im, 'What shortage? This's how'n ah' talk all the tah'm!'

Mirage: -nods as if listening-
lowman-x's avatar
Ah... so Mirage stuffing his wheel into Ironhide's face was the reason Ironhide whooped his butt in AHM...


Nice lookin' work there dude. :D
BrenGun's avatar
wow great job!!!!!!!
Somvold's avatar
The finalised version is rather impressive.
IggySeymour's avatar
FRAGGIT!! Man this is nice! This is quite a treat! :w00t:
FirebirdTomonaga's avatar
Looks like Ironhide is telling Mirage off about something.

Your work never ceases to amaze or inspire.
DriftingWolf's avatar
So is it a Japan-only release? (Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but i only have 2 IDW comicbooks so far, and I'm still new to the comicverse(s) of Transformers.)
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Yep, these books are produced for japanese market!
Blackvegetable's avatar
I see full funky colour!
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I've watched this your comics in the magazine some days ago, both story and art works were absolutely cool! I'm really glad that you drew that comics for this magazine:D
IggySeymour's avatar
I loved the Kiss player series! ;) Anyway i cant wait to see this colored! :)
lonegamer7's avatar
W00T Can't wait!
StarSaider's avatar
O.o Spectacular
Wildchild300's avatar
You even liked the Kiss Players series?
GuidoGuidi's avatar
No - when I talk about japanese TF I mean G1 (Headmasters-Victory)
GuidoGuidi's avatar
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WOW. Congratulations Guido! I hope you'll be doing more Japanese G1 related works soon!
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