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TF Regeneration One #84 retro cover - October 2012

Here's another "retro" cover I did for the Transformers Regeneration One series (a direct continuation of the old Marvel series from the '80, with the same Writer,penciler, inker from the last run)

Inks on A3 bristol
Digital Colors

Transformers Regeneration One #84 (due October 2012)
by (w)Simon Furman, (p)Andrew Wildman, (i)Stephen Baskerville and (c)John-Paul Bove

Image property of IDW Publishing
Transformers © Hasbro, Takaratomy
do not use without permission
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© 2012 - 2021 GuidoGuidi
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Starscream keeps things interesting. ;)
CoralSnake's avatar
i MUST have this cover *A* STARSCREAM
Roeder's avatar
This was the first Transformers comic I've read. Brings me joy to see it re-done in such splendor.
Doctordid's avatar
oh cool is this a continuation of g1
Inferno933's avatar
Well done, I love how you have drawn this cover. Keep up the excellent work sir!
JazzKitty1205's avatar
What's wrong with CMO?
Grimbot's avatar
They ought to give you an entire issue to draw, ink & color! :)
GuidoGuidi's avatar
There won't be an entire issue but...
tommasorenieri's avatar
mooolto bello, grandissimo!
GuidoGuidi's avatar
Mr-Alexander's avatar
Oh man! Awesome.
IzumiJihChan's avatar
That is an incredible cover.
DarkPanik's avatar
Wow...I love you you do the "retro" style. It looks amazing! I especially love how you make their expressions. :3
GojiraFan96's avatar
is this what comes before that "hElp Us!" one where they get combined?
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Seems we're revisiting the Megatron/Ratchet shared mind plot again. Also I was wondering where Starscream was in Regeneration One, so it's good to see him back.
Leon13th's avatar
leokearon's avatar
Excellent work, things don't look good for Ratchet
Somvold's avatar
Great job on the cover for sure especially the layout.
dcjosh's avatar
still love the way you draw megatrons face like that :D

another epic pic man!
GuidoGuidi's avatar
StriderSyd's avatar
I always did like that black helmet on Megatron.
whatwazthat's avatar
WOW- brilliant, and a flawless homage to the original style. Really incredible.
MapleSamurai's avatar
All that's missing is a sign reading, "HELP US!"

...although something tells me Ratchet's the only one who'd need it.
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